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Oh Joy | Ruby's Gold Shoes

Oh Joy | Ruby's Gold Shoes

The other day as I was putting away Ruby's old clothes, I came across some of the old shoes she's outgrown. I had to share this sight with you as my ovaries literally just jumped out of my body…

{Photos by Oh Joy. Shoes are (smallest to biggest):tiny gold shoes by FilamentSaltwater sandals, Pons sandals, boots from Tip Toey Joey. }


  1. I have the hardest time giving away the things that represent the little years. It is so fast! Books are a big one too. Oh and tiny dresses. Gulp. A friend of mine made a quilt out of iconic little outfits and shirts her daughter wore and one for her older boy made from all the school t-shirts throughout his elementary school years. A great heirloom idea!

  2. You dressed her so well. So what do you do with her clothes after she out grows them? I don’t mind hand me downs!! Unless you are going for another girl! Ruby can use a sibling 🙂


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