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happy friday + around the studio…

Oh Joy studio

Oh Joy studio

Happy Friday guys! We've been busy working on some big projects coming out that are filling up a lot of space in my brain lately. I really, really want to tell you about them, but I can't. I'll tell you soon though…I promise! In the meantime, I will try not to feel guilty about my delayed blog posts lately and make sure you know how grateful I am that you stop by here daily or weekly or however often you do.

Here's a little peek at a video we were shooting yesterday with Jenner Brown. I keep doing things that scare me to challenge myself—it's terrifying but thrilling all at the same time.

{Photo by Jenner Brown}


  1. Hi Joy!
    Though I am a regular reader this is my first time commenting on your blog. I was wondering about the outfit you are wearing in this post. Could you provide more information to locate this or similar looks? It’s a really cute ensemble that I would love in my closet.
    Thanks so much!


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