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one desk, two ways…

Oh Joy / 1 Desk, 2 Ways

Oh Joy / 1 Desk, 2 Ways

I like so many styles that it can be hard to decide which way to go when decorating at home. One area that’s always easy to change up is your work space. Whether it’s a home office or your personal office at work, simple accessories can transform your desk from one style to the next so easily without having to change your desk completely. To show you how I’d do it, here’s a look at two of styles I’m really loving right now…

First up, is what I like to call my Whimsy Pop desk. You guys know I love color so this desk incorporates a ton of vintage accessories, prints by independent designers, and colorful desk accessories. I love using vintage pant hangers to display an ever-evolving range of inspiration right in front of me.

Oh Joy / Whimsy Pop Office

Oh Joy / Whimsy Pop Office

Oh Joy / Whimsy Pop Office

Sources for Whimsy Pop: Desk by Office Depot. Vintage office chair from Sunbeam Vintage recovered in two fabrics. Solid desk accessories include: See Jane Work white stapler and tape dispenser, decorative storage boxes in blue and white, and green wall file. Others include: small 3-ring binder from Urbanic, sticky roll notepad from Urbanic, and acrylic pencil holder from Urbanic, bunny vase from AnthropologieCB2 file cabinet, Block Chromatics vintage mug, Illume candle, Studio Sarah notebook, Ferme a Papier prints, Claudia Pearson calendar prints, and vintage pant hangers.

Oh Joy / Mad at Midnight Office

Oh Joy / Mad at Midnight Office

Oh Joy / Mad at Midnight Office

Oh Joy / Mad at Midnight Office

Now, onto the more sultry side of me is my Mad at Midnight desk. This one is mostly monochromatic with accents of sunny yellow and shiny gold. It’s sultry but not too serious. It includes a vintage bar cart, accent lamp, and dotty wall decals that give the space movement and charm.

Sources for Mad at Midnight: Desk by Office Depot. Chair by Industry West. Solid and patterned desk accessories include: See Jane Work white stapler and tape dispenser, wall file, striped magazine file, striped pencil cup, striped letter tray, dotty binder, writing pad, and expanding file. Other decor includes: Wee Gallery dotty decals, chalkboard calendar from Urbanic, Kate Spade Saturday desk container, mousepad by Think and Ink, lamp by Robert Lewis, And bar items: bar cart from Sunbeam Vintage, Kate Spade Saturday mug, ice bucket and glasses from Sunbeam Vintage, candle by Hand in Hand, “Today is the Day” card by Tattly, and rug from Domino.

So when your interior mood swings, just remember that your desk is a great place to change up every so often for a new dose of inspiration. What do you guys think? Which style would you love to have in your work space?

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Office Depot. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy.

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy.}


  1. I’m loving those wall hangings in the first one! Also, it’s very important to dress according to how your desk is layed out, esp. If you are taking pictures. 🙂 That polka dot dress looks so fun!

  2. Joy, I love both of those desk chairs (especially the reupholstered vintage one). Are they comfy as well—with good back support? I’m on a mission to find a good-looking, yet ergonomic, desk chair and it’s proven to be a tough one! Thanks in advance.

  3. I have to say, I’m partial to the Midnight desk but both are awesome! I love the playful business that you styled in both. That desk is awesome – I’ve been eyeing a similar one at Target for a bit. Great inspiration for me though because I’m in the process of redoing my work area!

  4. Oh how I love both work spaces equally as much! I always play around with my desk space depending on what mood I’m in. Right now it’s very minimalistic with tons of blue and gold hints — I have to say this is probably my favorite way it’s ever been 😉

  5. I love the Whimsy Pop desk set up. The bright colors are so pretty and inspiring! Ohhh… and that globe. Recently, I have become obsessed with globes, but am afraid to display it out of fear that my 2 year old will kick a hole in it. That Baby Godzilla!
    PS – Congrats on your Target line too! I can’t wait til it’s available!

  6. I love the whimsy pop office! I wish that exact chair was available for purchase somewhere. I love the fabrics you chose to redo it with! If you ever want to sell it please find me 🙂

  7. They are both styled so beautifully. And I must say, I really appreciate and admire the way you handle a sponsored post. I never know they’re are such until I get to the fine print. Kudos to you, Joy!

  8. My Imac died yesterday taking all my photos with it so I am a little down today…This has inspired me to go clean and pep up my office! Life goes on and a pretty workspace helps A LOT! Thanks!

  9. Thanks so much Gwen! That means a lot. I try really hard to make sponsored content something Id want to share with readers anyway and it be something that people can learn from and be inspired by.

  10. I love how they are both whimsical and fun but for two very distinct personalities. you do never know with sponsored posts how sincere the author is being as they are compensated for their opinion, but these seem quite true to your personal style and not forced or fake. One question: i didn’t see mentioned the little striped, woven wastebasket from the first style…it’s super sweet and i would love to know the source. thanks!

  11. I love both of these styles so much! However, the polka dot one is to die for. Also, where on earth did you get that beautiful black and white dot shirt/dress?

  12. Can I ask where you got the black and white scarf from that is in the Mad at Midnight desk?
    Also, I love how you make the sponsored posts just like all of your others- they never feel out of place. I am looking to start doing sponsored posts on my blog, and I think taking a page from your book (literally?) on how you handle these is a great start! Any tips/tricks for finding great sponsors?
    Thank you for your always and forever inspiring ideas!

  13. Hi Elizabeth,
    The link to the rug is at the bottom of the post. It might not still be available, but it will link to the brand.
    Hope that helps!


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