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ruby lately…

Oh Joy / Ruby ballet class

Oh Joy / Ruby ballet class

Oh Joy / Ruby ballet class

At almost two and a half, this girl is full of life and sass. And she loves to keep busy. When we're not playing at home or outside, we try and take her to the abundance of kids classes that L.A. has to offer… 

Oh Joy / Hip Hop class

Oh Joy / Ruby swim class

Oh Joy / Ruby swim class

Before I had kids, I had no idea how busy a toddler's social calendar could really be! From ballet to hip hop to swim class to gymnastics…it's pretty darn cute…and a nice way for all of us to change up our normal playground routine.


  1. Ruby is the cutest of cute – it is great to have toddlers in classes, for it builds so many skills. You all are such good parents. Wishing y’all the happiest of weekends.

  2. oh gosh, 2 and a half? i guess i need to start looking for some classes for my toddler! much to my husband’s protest; i’m planning on putting him in ballet too. like mama like son!

  3. I have a little girl that is just about that age, too. It’s such a fun age. I love cute and sassy little girls! Thanks for sharing the cuteness!

  4. My daughter is a few months older than Ruby, and we do gymnastics, story hour at the library, and Music Together. I especially love music together-it’s a curriculum that is taught all over, I bet there is one in LA! My 6 mo old loves it as much as her big sister!

  5. I was looking for a ballet class for my toddler daughter. I finally found one that fit my work schedule, but the class was all boys! My daughter at the time DID NOT like boys, so I didn’t sign her up for the class.


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