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you guys…

Oh Joy for Target on Instagram #ohjoyfortarget

Oh Joy for Target on Instagram #ohjoyfortarget

I am seriously loving all the #ohjoyfortarget photos you're sharing on Instagram of how you're celebrating the everyday with the Oh Joy for Target collection! I am constantly floored by how creative you guys are and appreciate the support more than you know. I had to share some of my favorites…

Above: Look at these gorgeous parties by doctorsclosetericapattoncomfycozycouture, and ecodivabeauty.

Oh Joy for Target on Instagram #ohjoyfortarget

I love seeing the vases in a group or in singles from cometothesunshinepippinpearlmumloveseee, and vividot.

Oh Joy for Target on Instagram #ohjoyfortarget

Cuties in party hats! Thanks for wearing them so well thegracechonemilyoomilyginnychase, and curlygirldesign!

Oh Joy for Target on Instagram #ohjoyfortarget

And finally, just a few more images that just scream happiness…

(via ohhappydayphiandmemaraboudesignjvonvpittr_pattr, and ginnychase)

The spring collection will be available for only 4 more weeks! Thank you SO much for all the love! 


  1. Joy, we just went to Target this weekend and cleared out the shelves! We’re using your decor to celebrate the completion of our sons’ adoption! I cried in the checkout lane! So excited to use your special line for our special celebration!

  2. Ah! Will have to try our Target again, or try the one in my hometown. Walked all over the store to not find any of your stuff. We are throwing my mom a party next month and want to use your colorful goodies!

  3. A few days ago I saw your products out in Target and hit my boyfriend on the arm and said, “WOW! IT’S JOY!” Hahah so cool seeing you in stores!! You deserve it! 🙂 <3

  4. ah! dogs and babes in party hats are the best! i just snagged your ‘happy day’ banner but the rest of the selection was almost gone! it’s all so cute!

  5. Adorable! I love the cute kids wearing all of the party hats. The vases are adorable with paint brushes and plants in them. I adore everything about this collection! I go to Target so many times a week, I’ve purposely walked by your party section just to see all of the pretty colors and party decor.

  6. I’ll be honest,it’s been no too long ago since I found your work/blog/social media…I stumbled with it. But starting with the brand’s name…you got me. It really defines what you do, the designs, the style. I’m loving it all. Currently I’m no living in C.A. or anywhere close, I’m from Mexico, but soon I’ll be moving to CA. A while ago when you post about needing an intern…I died! LOL I would have like to apply. Just wanted to take time and say: congrats, everything seems JOY in your work, pictures and environment work.
    This comment is just random. Cuz isnt just about your post I guess 😉
    Have a nice day

  7. I snagged almost the whole collection for my baby’s first birthday party this summer. Never too early to start planning. Do you know if balloons ever made it to shelves? They were listed as unavailable online and in stores from day one. I really want some!!

  8. I am so in LOVE with your spring garden party collection for Target! I just bought the cake stand! And, I recently posted my favorites on my blog 🙂

  9. Your line at Target just made my day!!! Hands down, the most stylish and affordable party decor out there!!! I can’t wait to see the next 3 installments!

  10. I love the collection so much, you seriously did an amazing job on it.The only things that are left on my list to get my hands on are the vases and a tote. So much of the collection keeps selling out at my local target! I’m so happy for you that it’s such a success.


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