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happy friday!

Oh Joy / Mama love

Oh Joy / Mama love

I had to share this outtake from our recent shoot for our cover of The Land of Nod catalog. I just love this photo and this moment so, so much. I hope your weekend is full of pure joy…just. like. this.

P.S. Thanks for having a good laugh about my little April Fool's post. See the bottom of that post for details on the real deal 😉

{Photo by Sasha Gulish for The Land of Nod} 


  1. You know what makes your meteoric rise in the past few years extra-special for *me*? That you are an Asian American woman! It’s has always been so rare to read blogs/open catalogs/etc. and see woman like you. So, kudos to you for breaking barriers, too!

  2. Hi Joy! Beautiful, joyful photo. 🙂
    Where did you get your dress? I’ve been looking for one just like it. Great color for you!!

  3. Hi Joy… I really love your new collection for The Land of Nod. I’m pregnant and your blog, you and Ruby give me a lot of inspirations! as it is my first baby I have such a lot of thoughts in my head. Thank you! Greetings from Milan. Ida
    p.s. find out my brand new post about your collection on my blog 😉

  4. I knew that dress was from Sonnet James! Love her. What about Ruby . . . where is her adorable outfit from?


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