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oh joy for feed diaper bag

Oh Joy for Feed Diaper Bag

Oh Joy for Feed Diaper Bag

Oh Joy for Feed Diaper Bag

Ever since becoming a mom, it's become more important than ever to help other families whenever possible. I'm thrilled to partner with FEED to bring you this very limited-edition FEED + Oh Joy diaper bag. Covered in a colorful and whimsical Oh Joy pattern, the bag holds all of your little one's daily essentials. And, the best part is, for every bag purchased, 1 mother and 1 child will be provided with micro-nutrients for 1 year.

Here's a special video we made showing a peek into our adventures and the making of this bag

Brought to you by FEED + Oh Joy
Art Direction by Oh Joy
Video by Jenner Brown
Music is "Together" by Natalie Prass
Photos by Casey Brodley


  1. Your sweet little babies face in that first picture is precious! Love your blog, so beautiful and an inspiration to new bloggers like me! 🙂

  2. I love it! I really love how it looks in the video where the background looks pretty white and the straps are gray. But pictures on the site where you buy looks much darker. Off-white or cream background and brown handles. Anyone know which it would be when you order?

  3. oh your blog is back! so glad 🙂 I’m a typepad user too and kept checking your blog to see if it’s back hahah. This look like yet another awesome design collaboration. You’re such a talented mama!

  4. this is so great! and it looks so beautiful. i was just wondering (pardon me…couldn’t seem to find it on the FEED site), but what does ‘micro-nutrients’ refer to?

  5. The bag is adorable and I’m so happy to see you are working with FEED. I am assuming its machine washable since it doesn’t appear to be coated. The video is awesome too! I love to see my purchases in use.

  6. Hi Lian!
    Heres more information on the micronutrients for you!
    Impact Information:
    The right nutrition during the first 1,000 days between a womans pregnancy and her childs second birthday can ensure a child has the opportunityto grow, learn and thrive. Improving nutrition during this critical window is also one of the best investments we can make to break the cycle ofpoverty.
    Micronutrients for Children and Pregnant and Lactating Women
    Small packets of innovative nutrient powders were developed for families to easily sprinkle over food at home, instantly transforming it into anutritious meal. These nutrients will help provide the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to grow and thrive, and are especially important fordeveloping children. Pregnant and lactating mothers receive a version of this micronutrient to help supplement their nutrition intake.

  7. This bag is lovely!
    May I ask where Ruby’s golden shoes are from? I find them adorable!

  8. Hi Jillian!
    They current set is completely sold out. But there may be more coming in the fall. Stay tuned and Ill def. post when if they do!

  9. I’m also hoping more come out. I hadn’t seem them until now and I need a new diaper bag. This one is perfect! Too bad there aren’t more available for the summer.

  10. Hi Nikki,
    There will be more available in Sept. If you want, we can email you when they are available for pre-order!

  11. Joy, i would love to recieve an email also in september when more bags will become available. I am extremely interested in helping other mums and families when i get the chance . Thank you for sharing these posts . I love all of your collaberations with target and land of nod, its great to support small business ventures such as yours but when it can also aid a family in need i definitely want to support it . Thanks so much.

  12. hello joy!
    sorry this is such an old post but i was wondering where i could download the natalie prass song? i’ve looked on iTunes and clicked on your link but its no where to be found.
    thank you so much,


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