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the oh joy friend tote!

Oh Joy Friend Tote

Oh Joy Friend Tote

You guys know I've been working on lots of new Oh Joy products lately. Well, I'm excited to share a peek at a new product coming soon. You know when you're hanging out, walking, and talking with a friend and her feet start to hurt?

Oh Joy Friend Tote

Oh Joy Friend Tote

Well, have no fear…the new Oh Joy friend tote makes it easy to pick her up and let her rest her feet while you carry her the rest of the way. It has two handles for extra reinforcement AND it's insulated to keep her warm. I hope you're as excited about this as I am!

UPDATE: Thanks for having a good laugh with me! The real deal behind this tote is that it was an incorrect (and crazy oversized) sample for a very real insulated tote that's part of the Oh Joy for Target summer collection coming in May. It will be smaller and a much more managable size in the same fun fruity pattern. So stay tuned (for real) for that 😉

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. XD Nice photoshop!
    So funny, I was like…”Oh no, Joy’s lost her mind…”
    Then it hit me! You think I’d be used to this, my husband is a major prankster. Nice one.

  2. Haha at first I just thought, ‘Dang, that is a HUGE bag.’ I love that you play tricks on us! April Fools snuck up on me this year so I didn’t plan anything silly.

  3. I’m actually really disappointed that I won’t be able to purchase the friend tote 🙁
    I thought it was a great idea – love it!


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