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oh joy for target summer / launches sunday!

Oh Joy for Target Picnic Basket and Mat

Oh Joy for Target Picnic Basket and Mat

The Oh Joy for Target summer collection launches online and in all Target stores this Sunday, May 25th! As promised, here's a look some of the actual products coming out. This collection was all about creating a fun summer picnic with extra special summer pieces like a picnic basket, picnic mat, insulated tote bag, tiffin box, and condiment holders—as well as summer party essentials like paper cups, napkins, lanterns, and more…

Oh Joy for Target Summer Collection

Oh Joy for Target Tiffin Box

Oh Joy for Target Summer Collection


Oh Joy for Target Summer Collection

Here's a sampling of some of my favorites from the collection, and you can see them all online and in-stores (in the US and Canada) starting Sunday! Like last time, some things will sell out fast, so get them while you can. The collection will be available for just 6-8 weeks (and get what's left from the spring collection on sale now)!

{Environmental photos by Thuss+Farrell. Product images by Target.}


  1. Eeek! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this! So excited to see pieces of the collection and can’t wait to add some to my picnics this summer!

  2. Is there a reason why so much of the Spring line is not sold online? Will it ever be sold online or mostly just sold in-store? Maybe I’m just too late on the Spring line but many of my local Target stores have zero products from that line left. Just curious. Thanks!

  3. I love it! You have a GREAT eye! I was wondering if you could tell me where those white wire chairs are from in the picture with the yellow table cloth? I love them and have been looking for some like that!
    Thank you!
    xox – Rachel of Saddle & Suede

  4. AHH! I’ve been waiting for this!! Summer is the best and I cannot wait to go nuts with this. Plus Husband likes the colors-added bonus! Thanks for being awesome!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  5. I think it’s really sad that you’ve partnered with such an unethical company. Cute products…made where? Sold by people who barely make a living wage…I wish more designers and artists would hold themselves accountable to how their designs and art affect other people in the supply chain and distribution facets, instead of having this naive “my designs make people happy!!!” perspective on consumerism. Of course they’re cute products, but they fit into a very problematic system.

  6. Hi K,
    Thanks for your comment. I completely understand your concern.
    Target and its vendors source from a number of countries. It has a comprehensive, industry-leading process to select vendors andfactories, and holds them accountable to their social programs, product quality and safety standards.
    Best to you,

  7. I just saw the collection on the Target website a couple of days ago ¬ it’s so fun! Congratulations Joy, it’s so awesome!

  8. Super cute! Are the condiment bottles BPA free? The description on doesn’t say, so my guess is no, but thought I would ask to be sure.

  9. Love your collection. I just wish it wasn’t all disposable and made of plastic. I work hard to stock my home and kitchen with items that speak to me while being timeless and long lasting, not to mention free if nasty chemicals like BPA. Love love love your style but I plead you, please partner with a company that can turn your designs into long lasting items that we can enjoy for years to come! I’d kill for some of your designs in glass!

  10. I’m a blogger/graphic designer and I’m dying to use this collection to throw a bridal shower for my best friend. I will be sure to blog about it and tag you and Target too! I am so excited about it!

  11. Hi Shannon!
    I completely understand where youre coming from!
    The pieces are actually all BPA free…hooray! I would love to design more permanent pieces. However, this particular set being a party collection, it is made and designed to be easy and yes, some disposable, but there are some ceramic and more permanent pieces coming in the fall and holiday collections this year.
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