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cool kickstarters…

Oh Joy desk

Oh Joy desk

It might be the business lady in me, but I am obsessed with watching Shark Tank and watching Kickstarter campaign videos. I love seeing a good idea come to fruition and the reasons that made it viable or not. It's amazing how one idea can turn into a whole business simply with a little help. Here are a few of my favorite Kickstarters right now…

Fly Tot

Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion that helps little ones sleep flat on an airplane which is tough to do on a regular seat once they've reached toddler age.

Dear Kate

Dear Kate yoga pants allow you to go commando (yep, commando) while being active. It's one of those things I never really thought I'd need, but after watching, I can see why it's so useful.

Beacon and Lively

Beacon & Lively have created a blue-tooth enabled cuff that alerts you when important people call, text, or email you so that you don't have to constantly check your phone and will be alerted with a simple vibration or illumination.

Reading Rainbow

Finally, my favorite childhood show wants to bring back Reading Rainbow in a web version for every child everywhere and at no cost for those children and schools in need.

Have you guys ever funded one? I've contributed to a handful, and I'm always so excited to see the ones that make it…it's like supporting a friend that you don't know but are really proud of anyway..


  1. I backed Veronica Mars because I loved the show and hated the ending so I wanted the movie. I gave to Reading Rainbow, of course, I loved that show growing up. I also did the Sous Vide circulator because that’s an awesome idea. No one wants to spend the money for the huge machine or have the storage.

  2. yes! i just supported my sister’s sea salt kickstarter ( and they DID it! they were able to raise $25,000 which will allow their business to grow. it was SO exciting/nerve-wracking to watch, but it’s amazing that they raised the money through friends/family/strangers little by little… all on the “magic” of kickstarter!
    kinda addicted to shark tank and now kickstarter too! thanks for sharing these links 🙂 i do love reading rainbow!
    happy weekend!

  3. I LOVE Dear Kate! Julie is such a visionary. I have one of their products and already I can see how the go commando yoga pants would be so smart to have.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love Shark Tank. I love seeing the passion that entrepreneurs have for taking their ideas to the next level and working it on out with the sharks! Great blog!

  5. I love kickstarter & similar platforms that encourage/inspire community–I just backed one that you would probably be interested in, actually as it’s Philly-based! It’s “Radical Hospitality and the Rooster Soup Company” & is Federal Donuts + Broad Street Ministry joining together to help those in need/hungry. Here it is if it’s something you’d be interested in!

  6. I’m obsessed with Shark Tank! I watch it all the time! I just did a couple posts on stuff I saw on Shark Tank, Susty Party, Plated, and Cousins Maine Lobster (food truck!). Dear Kate looks so cool! I’ve thought about investing in some of their cool products. I will always support Reading Rainbow. Happy Friday!
    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  7. I too am obsessed with Kickstart initiatives! It always blows my mind how innovative people can be in a world where it seems like almost everything has already been done.
    I LOVE the fly tot and wish it every success…if only it could come in adult size (but plane seats would need to start coming in adult size too)!
    Thank you for sharing Joy. 🙂

  8. I did my own crowd funding campaign to launch my line of customizable espadrilles for girls.
    I used Moola-Hoop, which is focused on funding for women owned business.
    It was the hardest thing I think I have done in my business to date, but we achieved our goal! I recommend this platform for women owned businesses, the founders partnered with me and helped enormously!

  9. I couldn’t be happier about the possibility of Reading Rainbow returning. Such nostalgia for that show. I had a babysitter who would playfully suggest that she had a huge crush on Levar Burton — it may have been my first instance of hearing the word “sexy” and not being sure if it was a bad word or not 😉

  10. My friend Kara is launching hers today!
    Her film, “39 ½,” tells an important story, of a single independent filmmaker pushing 40 who wants to have a baby while maintaining her professional career.
    Although the film follows the plight of one women, it depicts the challenges that many women face in carving out a path that allows them to remain true to themselves, while battling cultural scripts and dealing with issues such as infertility.
    Unfortunately – this story is beyond the mainstream, which makes it almost impossible to fund, but even more important to share.
    Please help us get this important story out! Any amount of support is meaningful.


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