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the fanny pack…

cool fanny packs

cool fanny packs

For the last couple months, I've seriously been contemplating getting a fanny pack. I remember I used to rock an acid wash denim fanny pack with rhinestones back in middle school, but I haven't had one since. While being so active and chasing around a toddler, it sounds so convenient in theory but is it one of those things that should stay in the past? I don't know…these ones are pretty cute. Would you rock a fanny pack?

{Left to right, top to bottom: Clare Vivier dotty fanny pack, Raise Case fanny pack, Clare Vivier petite fanny pack, and Alex Bender hip bag.}


  1. Do you read the blog aint no mom jeans!? One of my favorites…she just rocked a fanny pack. 🙂

  2. No lie…I just bought one. I’m going to my 4th Bonnaroo and I’m so tired of carrying my backpack around at night when I hardly need anything in it but still don’t have the pocket space available for the few things I do need. Of course, I didn’t go with a nice fanny pack – just a plain black one from Walmart that cost $5 (because I don’t believe in carrying expensive things around at a music festival!) but I do have neon fabric paint to jazz it up and make it cute! 🙂

  3. What about using a small crossbody bag instead? I love my madewell mini tote. It hugs my body too. Are either of your boys ‘hip-riders’? It seems like a fanny pack would get in the way when you carry the kiddos.

  4. I had a similar fannie pack in middle school. Please, please don’t bring the fannie trend back. I still have PTSD from 20 years ago.

  5. I just vacationed with my cousin who wore a fanny pack the whole trip like it was no big deal. I have to admit that it looked so clever holding all her stuff without pulling down on her shoulder. That said…I just don’t know. Could I do it??

  6. These are pretty cute and all you need is confidence to rock them ! I like to think of them as a toolkit like for a production assistant or Bob the Builder instead of for a lumpy unfashionable tourist

  7. Maybe it’s just the name “fanny pack” that makes my nose shrivel up in disgust. That raise case one is pretty cute. Maybe they just need to be rebranded…. let’s call it a hands free clutch!

  8. Yes! All it takes is someone with style and confidence. I have the black Gucci one from when SATC was so popular and still wear it from time to time…so convenient!

  9. Well Mom used to rock a fanny pack. I would consider it if it was SUPER cool, like those above. But the question is could I pull it off? You could!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  10. Lady after my own heart! I’ve always said I want to carry a fanny pack, because Hello!, hands free storage 🙂 I have yet to actually do it, but these ones are really actually very cute! Nice finds!

  11. I say YES!! But I too think “fanny pack” is a really silly name, and “hip bag” or “hip pouch” sounds much better. I have a plain black one from American Apparel which I use when I’m taking 10 hour transatlantic flights. It’s so reassuring to know my passport is right there, and so convenient to have lip balm, hand sanitizer and eye drops readily available. I also take mine out hiking.
    I love love love the Clare Vivier ones but they are so pricey. Those are some nice Etsy finds. Maybe you could design a cool one, Joy?? I also think they could be inspired by those pouches that some hairdressers wear to hold their tools. The key is for the bag to lay somewhat flat and not do that bulky ledge thing that made fanny packs look so bad in the 90’s. And to wear them low on the hips, and place the pouch to the side, not in front. It has no relevance to one’s fanny!

  12. Of Course I Would! ❤ Sounds for sure useful while chasing a toddler around… but also for keeping money secure during a pop-up shop, for example! The truth is we are worried about people in the back while trying to show clothes or invite people passing through… This is a good find! Thanks Joy!

  13. I would DEFINITELY rock that adorable polka dot fanny pack! So cute! Personally, I think they’re great for vacations when you don’t really need to take much along with you except some money, a cellphone, and a camera (but that’s always slung across my arm anyway).

  14. I never thought I would see the day when fanny packs came back, but I must admit you’ve got me tempted! I love the idea of being hands-free, but these look a little petite. I’m the kind of girl who likes to carry a lot of stuff with me at all times. Is it possible to rock a full fanny pack without looking like you’ve grown a hump??

  15. I would do it if it was cute like these. I love crossbodies but I got a tan line from it last year! Ha! So I might be checking these out.

  16. I don’t have a child, but I do have a very strong rescue pup and I love my fanny pack. Its the only way I can walk him, have all the things I need and have hand-free to control and train him. I had a tough time the first few times I wore it, now, I wouldn’t go back to anything else! Do it!

  17. My friend and I were JUST discussing needing one on Saturday. Theme parks require them I say! We laughed that our parents rocked them to our discontent, but it’s a new day. It’s a new pack.

  18. I wear one when I photograph weddings, comes in handy! They started selling “cool” ones at American Apparel like two or three years ago. That polkadot one is cute, but if I ever spend $253 on a f-ing fanny pack, someone kill me.

  19. hey joy! haha! too funny! but you know what? i totally have one and use one. the past year i would find myself saying over and over, man, this would be so much easier if i just had a fanny pack. then i got one from herschel supply co (instagrammed it for you) and it’s seriously so practical. but these ones you chose are more you and more petit. and i call it a hip bag bc it goes on my hip, not my ass 😉 get one!

  20. Hey…I don’t see anything wrong with a fanny pack. Especially if you’re a mom with so many things to do it really comes in handy. Plus the ones you posted above are up to date and really cute! You may never know maybe you can bring the trend back haha! 😉

  21. With a toddler? The only way to go is fanny pack or backpack. The name may be lame, the look too but I always needed by hands free – and now that she is just about a senior in high school I have graduate to a cross body. It’s the only way to go!

  22. Some of those are pretty cute but I’m just not sure I could do it! I mean they are convenient and all but it’s just a bit 80s/90s for my liking. And they were pretty embarrassing back then too!
    I’m sure you’ll have other Australian or British readers commenting on this as well but for us “fanny” is actually a slang term for a vagina, not a butt! We call these things a “bum bag”. Admittedly, when I found out as a kid that Americans call these a fanny pack (but I still didn’t know that fanny meant butt) I thought “Well, that makes more sense as it goes on the front”! Of course, that was after my friends and I spent quite some time giggling over the name 😉
    Oh, and don’t even get me started on how hilariously rude we all thought the theme song for “The Nanny” was!
    Ok, enough childish giggling…

  23. A friend just brought me back one from Japan and I love it. So convenient with little ones.

  24. i remember reading a comedians’s observation about how we work so hard to flatten our pooch but have no problem clipping one on as in the case of the fanny pack! do definite no for me!

  25. Those bags are super cute. I think I’d only wear a fanny pack if it was nicely designed (like the one’s you share in this post) and worn to the side, more on my hip. I wonder if the fanny pack will make a big comeback soon.

  26. Def down w/the fanny pack!! My sister’s friend started a fanny pack business over a year ago and we love supporting her and rocking her fanny packs like it’s nobody’s business. I believe she just recently did a colab with Unique Camp too.
    the website –

  27. I have mixed feelings about this… especially with a baby bump! But some ladies can really pull them off!
    x Lily

  28. I run with one and love it… I started using it for non-fitness purposes like going to the park with the kids and it looks pretty silly. I would look so much cooler with one you’ve picked out! In the interim, I’m using a wristlet, but my phone bangs around in there too much.

  29. Hey, why not, I’d totally do it. I’ve actually thought about getting one, but I haven’t yet found one I like that isn’t like $100. It would be great for when I’m walking the dog.

  30. I have a fanny pack from Dean Leather in Silver Lake and I’m obsessed. I get compliments all the time!


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