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  1. For those in the LA area, check out A Real Treat Candy Boutique. They have the most amazing selection of natural and organic candies (and caters to those with food allergies). I can’t control myself in their shop…

  2. Hooray, go QUIN! I live in PDX and love QUIN candies, such a great company! I recommend the lollipops – my toddler loves the blackberry – and the caramels are amazing. If you ever visit PDX again you’d love their tiny, modern storefront.

  3. Do you know what else is sweet? I just spied the sweetest photo of Ruby on the back of my Land of Nod catalog! Love her gray striped romper with that gray pokka dot teepee–wish my big-girl teen daughter was still small enough to fit inside one, I know she would have loved hanging out in that many years ago. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Yummy, that reminds me. My mom used to make candies when we were kids. This is inspiring – would be fun to try that again with some more authentic ingredients. We would always use flavoring out of these little tiny bottles. Brings back memories.

  5. What are these beautiful countertops made of? I know your post wasn’t about the countertops but I couldn’t help but ask!


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