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a farmer’s market haul…

Farmer's Market Fruit on Waffles

Farmer's Market Fruit on Waffles

Farmer's Market Fruit

Some people get excited about a makeup haul or clothes haul, but one of my favorite things to bring home is a big 'ole batch of the fruit from the farmer's market. This weekend, I found green figs, golden raspberries, and cherriums (a mix of cherry and plum), and I was in fruit heaven… 

What kind of summer gems have you guys found at your local markets?

{Photos by Casey Brodley and Styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}


  1. I am obsessed with farmer’s market hauls, I love when people post their bounty on Instagram or other platforms! It’s great to see what is fresh and local around the country and internationally. They are all different, and it’s kind of refreshing to see the different shapes, sizes and colors rather than the typical boring orange carrot or perfect red tomato. Xo Em.

  2. one time my chef cousin took me to her fave farmer’s market (where she knew like, all the people there) and we went home with around $100 of fresh produce. i ate so much fruit i was so deliriously happy and bloated. 😀

  3. Such a pretty and simple breakfast!
    I’ve never heard of green figs. I’m always interested in trying new types of fruit so hopefully I can find them in my neck of the woods (NYC) soon.

  4. beautifully styled! Going to my local market is my favorite activity! I actually work for a bakery that has a stand there and I love working the stand. The community at Market is almost better than all of the goodies 😉

  5. Gorgeous food! I always get too excited when I go food shopping – even more so when I go out to a lovely farmers’ market!

  6. hi, um lets see I just moved to the west coast so i havent found anywhere yet but when i was back home in the east, I went to a lot of markets. from kimichi to hobanro cheese I had it all. I always bought things at markets in brooklyn and in washington dc. I miss it I hope to find something here. though this hot weather doesnt permit such growing of things, but the whole foods here have locally made things. so thats a plus.

  7. Oh the golden raspberries! They remind me of my summer spent road tripping in California. We always ended up finishing half of our farmers market loot before preparing it, as it was too good to wait up.
    I have never seen those golden rasperries over here in Europe. Any tips on whether/or where they are available?


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