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oh joy videos / what’s next?

Oh Joy YouTube videos

Oh Joy YouTube videos

One of my goals for 2014 was to create more video content this year. It was something I was scared to do, but found it to be a good challenge to get more comfortable talking in front of the camera and to bring content to you guys in new ways within personal style, entertaining, DIY, and behind-the-scenes of my product designs.

I have a couple more videos left to share with you this year, but then I'll start planning for next year. So, I'd love to know how you guys are liking the videos and any requests for types of videos you'd want to see more of next year? I appreciate and value so much your thoughts and feedback!

P.S. See all the past Oh Joy videos right here and subscribe to the Oh Joy YouTube channel to see them as soon as they're posted!


  1. I love all your videos! They are so well done! Some of the DIY seem like Pinterest ideas that would be hard for me to recreate as well as your examples but I always love your ideas! I’d love to see some haul videos or hits and misses videos featuring either products you use or baby/toddler products. 🙂

  2. I love all your videos. I enjoyed the cooking video. I would like to see more of those. It was quick and easy to follow. I love the video for Rubys room. There isn’t a lot of focus on kids rooms. I would like to see more videos about your fashion. I love your personal style. Also all the oh joy party videos are great.

  3. The day you announced you were pregnant with Coco, was the day we learned we were pregnant 🙂 So I thoroughly enjoyed the “Dressing the Bump” series, as this is my first time around with belly fashion! I, too, would love to see a video on your PP wardrobe/ideas for nursing/pumping-friendly outfits. I think the video lengths are about perfect – long enough to be informative, but not so much that they keep me from my work for (too) long. 😉

  4. I love the variety and also the length of the videos are just right. Maybe some behind the scenes of your studio, your team in action working on a project? Looking forward to more!

  5. Would love videos on professional, creative dressing. I often get in a rut, and even though not pregnant myself, your bump videos had really nice suggestions.

  6. I’m due any day now myself, so I’ve been loving Dressing the Bump! Post-partum/nursing friendly dressing videos would be great.

  7. I loved loved loved the videos and please keep posting them. I love DIY content. My favorite is the one of the fall centerpiece with ice-cream cones!
    BTW. I am Italian and we don’t have Target over here, so I had my American host mom from when I was an exchange student back in high school buy your entire collection and ship it to Italy!!!
    I can’t wait to host a dinner or an aperitivo and use it all!!!
    U rock! Keep up the amazing work!
    Benedetta from Italy 🙂

  8. Thanks Melinda! We’re actually prepping a PP video as the last in the Dressing the Bump series, so stay tuned for that 😉

  9. Hi Joy
    I don’t really watch any (youtube) videos, except yours. Keep doing the variety and style that you’ve been doing. My favourite one was seeing your studio transformation – I’d love to see more behind the scenes style ones of your work. And maybe outfits to wear to meetings with buyers or at trade shows – creative smart outfits that says professional but still creative/fun. Oh, and the processes behind making your new book – that would be great to see!

  10. Thanks so much Elizabeth! Congrats on baby! We’re actually prepping a PP video as the last in the Dressing the Bump series, so stay tuned for that 😉

  11. Thanks so much Malia! Congrats on baby! We’re actually prepping a PP video as the last in the Dressing the Bump series, so stay tuned for that 😉

  12. I love your personal style videos so much! You have a great sense of fashion and you give me a lot of great style ideas. I hope to see more post pregnancy. 🙂

  13. I love your styling videos for parties and events with your Oh Joy for Target collection! Behind the scenes stuff would be cool too, and more fashion videos – loved the dressing the bump series!

  14. i love all your videos, they are always fun and well made! i have watched your dressing the bump videos numerous times as i’m pregnant now. would love to see more fashion videos, maybe some simple cooking ones, what goes on in your studio, decorating…love your style all around!

  15. Joy, I’m so glad you took the courageous jump into developing video content. As much as I use your site for developing ideas for my wife’s gifts and nights out in LA, I think I also hope to engage my own design lifestyle. I appreciate the food oriented shoots because I love to cook, but I’d love to see some more unisex content. And to be clear – I don’t want less of everything else.
    Thanks for inspiring us all!

  16. I’ve always appreciated your tidbits about the design industry and how you arrived at where you are now. I wonder if maybe you could occasionally expand on information from your book? Or maybe even posts about your employees, how they got into design, and what you saw in them. As a young designer, I love getting inside scoop from those who have been successful with their own business.

  17. I love the dressing the bump series…so you should just keep having more babies. Ha ha. Just kidding. But those were really fun. I like the idea of a video on creative, professional dressing. It’s so easy to get in a rut and have boring work outfits at the office.

  18. My favorite post of yours this year was a behind the scene look at your Target collection. I love learning about the process and seeing all the behind the scenes images. I’d love to see more of that, like what goes into styling a post, what goes into making a video, and what goes into designing a product. I also like the DIY videos. The dressing the bump videos are cute even though I’m not pregnant. I’d love if you could do a video series perhaps on styling your home, how you think about pattern and color, where you shop, and how to decorate.

  19. I loved all of your “dressing the bump” videos! Though you may not do that next year hehe I would love to see more “style” type videos! I love that you include the link of the exact thing you wear! I am also completely in love with your Oh Joy! line at Target and love the inspiration type pics/videos you do with your products. Maybe you can do some dressing the infant and toddler videos or pics? <3 it all!

  20. I really enjoy the clothing style videos as well. I usually end up purchasing pieces from your recommendations…

  21. I’d love to see a spin a toddler boy outfits. I find it much harder to dress a boy than a girl. Would be great to see your spin on that. 🙂

  22. Love your videos! Would love more DIY ones–my 6 year old daughter and I loved making the thank you DIY necklaces!!! Congrats on Coco!

  23. Your videos are always great! I like how bright and colorful they are, which always draws me into the content, no matter what it is. I would like more on the design process and more professional clothing options, like others have said.

  24. I really like your videos. There’s so well edited, the perfect length, and the music selection always hots the mark. I like to be able to actually see your smiley self in action, it’s just cool and adds a whole new dimension to your brand. I love your fashion stuff, the dress the bump series was adorable and I think you should keep up with the fashion videos, but I’d like to see some more videos on creative entrepreneurship and design process, work/life balance, etc.

  25. Could you do a go-getter video? I love your little blogging series that you’ve written out, but a sweet video would be awesome too! I’m not sure if you would want to go that way with it. But I would really enjoy it!

  26. I love the inspiration videos where you give ideas for how to make someone’s day. A bouquet of flowers by their door or writing a little song. I also love the “dressing the bump” series, but I’d *love* to see an East coast winter version!
    No matter what, though, I know it will all be well done and beautiful!

  27. Your videos are terrific. I like your style – from personal attire and home decor to your joyful and upbeat way of being. I’d enjoy more party prep. And a variety of clothing videos, from professional to weekend at the beach or in the mountains. Styling your desk to match your personality. Also, you seem like such a positive and motivated person, a life lessons video would be great…or 7 habits of highly effective bloggers? I also like travel and/or neighborhood exploration videos a lot . Your spin on any of these would be great.

  28. I really enjoy the videos! I would definitely love to see more DIY projects. But I also love your colorful sense of style and how you put outfits together, so it would be great to see more fashion/style videos.

  29. i loved the marbled necklace diy as well the dressing the bump series. would love to see more videos on toddler related style or activities would be fun. i thought that baby shower videos were fun too with all of the different diy tips.

  30. observing from your photos and videos, we share a similar affinity for both accessories and real jewelry. i would love a video on how to care for (depending on material), organize, and store my collections.
    thanks in advance! x

  31. I love your videos! So well done, and I know they take a great amount of time, but they are wonderful. Anything that is instructional or shares your thought process as to not only how you did something but also why…I love that. I love to know how you put something together. Hearing it on a video just feels more personable. Thanks to you and your team for sharing all of your time and talents with us!`

  32. Hi. I have never posted before and am not currently pregnant. Just watched your after the bump video. Very cute. I wish I had known about some of those tops after I had my little one! I actually would love to know where you got your jacket (in the part where you are hiking with your girl) and the dress that we see you in at the very beginning. Would you mind sharing some of the information?


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