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little indulgences…

Oh Joy Family Holiday Card

Oh Joy Family Holiday Card

As we prepare for the end of the year, I can't help but look back and think about how much life has changed this year. I finally started to learn how to let people help me (both personally and professionally), we made some progress on looking for a new home (more on that soon), I launched one of my biggest career goals, and—most importantly—our family grew to just the right size.

I used to think that I needed to go on fancy vacations, stay at five star hotels, or be decked out in really nice clothes to have that sense of satisfaction that life is good and to feel really, actually content. But what I've realized this year, is that it's the smallest things that feel special to me now—those things that make my life a little easier or feel like a special treat after a busy week…

…long weekends, groceries delivered to your door, massages at home, getting breakfast with friends, a gel manicure (because it actually stays on more than two days), sleeping in a bigger bed, and eating a big bowl of ice cream in said bed after the kids are fast asleep. Maybe I am just getting old, or maybe I am just becoming more content with who I am and what my life has become. There's less "grasping to get there" and more just being "happy to be here".

Our holiday card this year pretty much sums it all up. So, friends, as you reach the end of your year, I'd love to hear…what little indulgences make you feel content?

{Our holiday card by Artifact Uprising. Family photos by Katherine and Luke Griffin.}


  1. This is an odd one, but I really love going to 6am gym class, getting my butt kicked (while complaining ha), but then having the time to actually blow my hair fully dry before going to the local coffee shop and leisurely drinking coffee while reading my latest library find. I feel accomplished and indulged, all at once!

  2. Going out for a morning workout, even if its as simple as walking for a few miles in the fresh air! It sets the tone for my entire day. Such a great feeling!

  3. My husband and I have started taking the kids to daycare early one day a week so that we can go on a breakfast date. That extra half hour alone has been so nice, like dating again or life before kids. It really makes me feel cherished. At night, after the kids are tucked in, I pour myself a small mug of eggnog, put my feet up and bond with my baby bump. It’s the perfect ending to my day. 🙂

  4. you couldn’t have said it better. bravo. it really is true. “the best things in life arent things.” my little indulgence is decorating my house with everything ohjoy and throwing parties for friends and family. 😉

  5. Friday night after the kids are in bed drinking wine on the couch with my hubby.
    I too used to think doing something flashy was the way to happiness but now after having kids, getting older, and, frankly being so tired (babies are exhausting! mine are 3 and mos) it’s the simple pleasures that make me happiest.

  6. This couldn’t be truer for me too! This past 18 months I’ve learned to love what I have and am grateful for the little things which have been added (including the newest baby bump!). Love this post! X

  7. Amen on the realizations that the “simpler” things in life also bring much happiness and satisfaction! I have been learning this as well; what a difference from 10 years ago when it was the latest designer bag and gadgets that made me happy. Now, nothing beats when my toddler says, “Mama, I had fun today” after playing in the sand at our local park.
    Congratulations on your little Coco. Wishing your beautiful family a very Happy Holiday!
    -Chanelle ::

  8. Home cooked meal with everybody at the table and not rushing to basketball practice or piano lesson or even to the ding of a text message! Just simple family interaction, face-to-face.

  9. This post kinda cracked me up -“it’s the small things: getting groceries delivered, massages at home, gel manicures…”
    The small things for who? These are major indulgences for normal people, I’m sure a significant majority of your readers. I’m not trying to be snarky, I normally love your blog. But this seemed a little detached.

  10. That’s a beautiful holiday card, Joy!
    I have too many little indulgences to name; most of them involve comfy beds/couches, loved ones, food, and movies. I used to think the same way you did, and looking back now I’m like WHAT? Was I insane? It’s crazy how your perspective can change.

  11. Your Xmas card is beautiful! And I couldn’t agree more with you on the little things. Those other things only provide excitement and happiness for a short time, but the other little things really last andbring joy to your face.

  12. April… I had exactly the same reaction! Those ‘little’ indulgences are big for me! I’m not being a hater, Joy. I’m just in a different socio-economic bracket (and that’s ok)!

  13. Well said. I am with you on just the “happy to be here” thing. I too welcomed a second daughter this year and I feel like the beauty of life is just in the little things! Mine are: getting into our super comfy bed with a glass of wine and a good book after the girls are in bed, sitting by the fire with my husband listening to records, and taking walks in the cold winter air. It’s definitely less about “things” and more about enjoying the moment! Maybe it’s because we are in our thirties now, or maybe we’re just getting wiser 🙂

  14. I adore those Christmas cards! They really do sum up what life is all about. This post really touched me as well because I also get caught up in the materialistic things that ‘define’ success. It’s nice to see the actual moments of your life can become the definition of success.

  15. I just really admire the fact that you’re contented with the little things because it’s easier said than done. Trying to get myself on that path each and everyday and just really appreciate the things and gestures that matter, instead of lifeless material things 🙂


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