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a makeup bump-up…

A Makeup Bump-Up

A Makeup Bump-Up

A Makeup Bump-Up

With the little time I have these days for myself, I'm always looking for quick ways to enhance my daytime makeup to something that feels more festive for night time. So, if you're headed from work to a holiday party or out to dinner with friends, here are two super easy ways from my beauty guru, Danielle Walch, to bump it up with a simple eyeliner trick (using a business card) and a sparkly gloss (using makeup grade glitter)!

A Makeup Bump-Up / Eyeliner Flick

A Makeup Bump-Up / Eyeliner Flick

Eyeliner Flick 

Here's an easy way to add a kitten eye if you're nervous about doing it by hand on your own. Using cream eyeliner, a small angled brush, and a business card…align the card under your bottom lashes, angling it up towards the corner of your eye, and press the edge flat and firm against your skin. Dab your angled brush with a tiny bit of cream liner and with a steady hand, draw your flick to line up with the card's edge. Repeat the same technique on second eye. And, voila, you have quick and easy kitten eyes!

A Makeup Bump-Up

A Makeup Bump-Up / Sparkle Lips

Sparkle Lips

Using makeup-grade glitter, squeeze a dollop of lip gloss onto a palette, and sprinkle with glitter of your choice (we used gold). Mix with lip brush and apply for a subtle touch of festive sparkle! 

P.S. You can see more from Danielle at Inside Out Beauty and her website right here.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, floral styling by Julia Wester, and hair tips by Danielle Walch for Oh Joy. My top by J.Crew.}


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