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8 nursing essentials…

8 Nursing Essentials

8 Nursing Essentials

Lately I'm living in a dreamy/messy world of breast milk and baby spit-up. After our post-baby Dressing the Bump video, I received more questions about nursing favorites so I wanted to share a short-list of some of my favorite nursing essentials…most of which I use every day…

1. Fast Food nursing bra by Boob / I wear a few different nursing bras, and this one combines the best of both worlds. It's soft and comfortable—yet actually cute—which is a nice little bonus when you're covered in spit-up and wearing the same clothes everyday in those early newborn days! (To purchase in the US, click here)

2. Nursing kimono by Milk Snob / When you need to cover up, I love that this piece has bottons to help cover up your babe. And, when you wear it, it doesn't look like a typical nursing cover. 

3. Milkies milk saver / When you're building up your supply in the first couple months of nursing, every drop of milk counts. While nursing on one side, this collects extra milk on the other side that would otherwise get wasted or leak through.

4. Lansinoh Nursing pads in pouch / I've tried a bunch of different nursing pads (from washable to disposable), and these are my favorite because they never leak through. They're also easy to carry around and have extra on hand when you need them.

5. Nursing tee by Boob / These tees make it so easy to nurse both at home and in public. No more of that awkward pulling up your whole shirt to feed your babe. (To purchase in the US, click here)

6. Medela breast milk bags for pumping / For when you're pumping, these attach right to the pump and make it easy to pump and then store extra milk without taking up too much space in the fridge or freezer.

7. Honest x Piece & Co. nursing scarf / This piece doubles as a chic scarf and another way to keep covered up.

8. Baby Log app / There are tons of feeding/nursing apps out there that help you time your feedings, but this one is my favorite (I used it for Ruby, too) because it also includes sleep and diaper logs too. And it has a handy chart that lets you compare the days or weeks and how your baby's patterns change over time.

Also, this doesn't have to do with nursing, but as something that many new mama's experience (when you laugh or sneeze, if you know what I mean) these period panties are great for that post baby issue we sometimes experience!

What are some of your favorites that you love using?

P.S. Did you know you can usually get a free breast pump through your health insurance? And lactation supplies are now tax deductible?

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy} 


  1. I actually love the johnson and johnson nursing pads. The lanisoh ones had a crease where they fold and that was a little rough on my extremely sensitive nipples in the first days of establishing nursing. The downside is that they are not individually wrapped so they are a bit harder to tote around.
    Target’s Gillian O’Malley line also had some really cute sleep nursing bras!

  2. Great list! Will definitely purchase a few of those when we have our next baby! I loved the milkies milk savers! I fortunately had a big supply of breastmilk so this was so helpful when nursing to catch it all.

  3. I have been hesitant to try the milkies as some moms have said they experienced plugged ducts while using them…I really want to invest in some Boob products if we ever have another child. And seriously those nursing scarfs from Honest! Im not nursing anymore, but I don’t care…I want one! haha

  4. Hi Ashlee!
    That’s odd about the Milkies. All it does is collect any milk that might leak on one side while you’re nursing on the other. As long as you still nurse the side you use it on, there shouldn’t be any issues. It collects just an extra ounce or two that would otherwise get wasted.

  5. I have that exact Boob nursing top – and the matching dress. I’m all about the nautical stripes!
    I like to wear dresses most of the time but it’s not always easy to nurse while wearing a dress – I once found myself having to nurse in a changing room with my dress pulled ALL the way up! I discovered Au Lait nursing dresses when I was pregnant with number three and they are the best. They’re a little pricey but they’re such good quality and very stylish. They’re also really comfy. The Tee Dress is my favourite.

  6. Check out great nursing tops from I have been thrilled with quality, color selection, and styles!

  7. Great list, thanks for sharing. I like the bras and kimono top. I too found the lasinoh nursing pads to be the best. I also really like my madela freestyle pump, pump ease bustier, lasinoh pumping bags and landline ointment.

  8. I completely agree about the Johnson & Johnson nursing pads! theyre the best by far. Target has the best nursing tanks too!

  9. Great list! I am a huge fan of the Freemie cups (just the cups, the pump is junk) instead of the traditional horn situation. We’re exclusively pumping and being able to slip the Freemie cups in without having to disrobe/feel exposed six times a day makes a world of difference mentally. I even use them in the car all the time.

  10. I am so with you on Boob Design shirts! They are the best – I already have three and will be getting a few short sleeve ones for summer!

  11. Hi Joy, we’re excited to let you know that we at Kinwolfe Breastfeeding Apparel just launched our e-commerce site yesterday!
    And for your readers, the coupon code
    will take 50% off all orders through 2/2!
    Our 50% Off Grand Opening Pre-Sale is running now through next Monday. Quantities are limited and we won’t be running many sales, so this is a great opportunity for your readers.
    You were kind enough to feature our Kinwolfe Vibrant breastfeeding top in Emerald Green in your post-baby “Dressing the Bump” video while we were still just in our Kickstarter campaign, thank you again! We won Kickstarter Staff Pick with that Emerald Green top and a link to your great video with you wearing it!

  12. For nursing tops I actually LOVE the Bravado nursing tanks! They are so easy to unclip with one hand and it’s a top and nursing bra in one. I use it like an under tank top, so I just lift up the shirt I’m wearing, unclip one side and nurse. I literally have one on every day for the first year while I’m nursing, even while I’m at work (so I don’t have to change once I get home, haha :)). I am curious about the Boob shirts, but then I’d have to get a nursing bra to go underneath that…

  13. Hi, Joy!
    Great post! I´m waiting for my baby to arrive (37 weeks!) and love to see whats working or not for other moms! 🙂
    Do you know the app “Dotting Mom”? It´s a great app for organizing the baby info and schedule, I´ve downloaded it and loving it so far!

  14. thank you so much for sharing all the baby posts. I’m due with my first in June and all of these posts have been so helpful (and stylish!) :).

  15. That boob shirt is so cute but a bit pricey for me. I actually really liked the H&M Maternity/Nursing tops. They’re super affordable and come in lots of basic colours and stripes and things. I don’t know if this line of stuff is available in the U.S. though, maybe just in Europe? Does anyone know?

  16. Thank you for treating nursing with the same design love and attention as all of the other prettier topics you post! I nursed for a year, and at the beginning, it definitely felt like a huge commitment and anything but glamorous, but it was really important to me. In the end, I look back so thankful it went well for my daughter and I. I appreciate that this post is practical, straightforward, and really refreshing!

  17. Thanks for this! LOVE the nursing kimono by milk snob! Is the one pictured short sleeve? I only see long sleeve on their website but since I’m due in Dallas in July I think i would opt for short sleeve if they make them!

  18. Hi Meredith!
    Its like 3/4 sleeve. Since its a kimono its kind of wispy, light sleeves but longer than short sleeves.
    Congrats to you!

  19. I liked the avent nursing pads the best. I found the shape fit under my bra the best and never leaked. I like the sprout app for tracking sleep and feelings. It’s really easy to use and easy to see patterns which really helped get my little one a schedule.

  20. Hi, thanks for sharing. Currently I’m feeding my breast milk by using bottle. Due to my son accidentally “bite” me, since then I’m using bottle to feed him. Also because he get hungry very fast and sleeping time not according. I’m very depressing due to lack of sleep…. and I plan to stop pump my milk.
    But after u post the 8 nursing essential, indirectly encourage me to continue feed him breast milk.
    Can u please share your tips of when u r away with ur daughter while u still have to pump milk.. how do u do that..If there is not fridge to store milk after pumped …
    appreciate ur help and reply.


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