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what to do with those overgrown bangs…

French Braid Bangs and Bun

French Braid Bangs and Bun

I love having bangs and will probably have them for the rest of my life. But sometimes (eh, often) I need a bang trim…badly. Weeks pass and before I know it, I can't see from underneath my fringe, and my hair salon doesn't have an appointment available for another couple weeks (I know I should try and trim them myself but I feel like I would totally mess it up and hate myself for even trying). So what do you do when you're overdue for a bang trim or maybe even growing out your bangs?

Here's a sweet little 'do I tried recently— with Danielle's help—that helps tame those way-too-long bangs. It also makes me look like a totally different person but in a very fun "let's look like a different person" kind of way!

Here's how…

What to do with those overgrown bangs

1. Section your hair from ear to ear, separating the back half of the hair into a ponytail.

2. Using a hair brush or comb, brush your bangs backwards towards you ponytail blending your bangs in with the rest of the front section of your hair. Start french braiding the front section of your hair towards your ponytail. You can braid on whichever side you prefer. My bangs tend to go a little off to my right side, so that was the better side to braid since the hair is going that direction anyway.

3. Once you’ve braided up to your ponytail, gently lift one loop from the elastic that’s holding your ponytail, and pull your braid through, joining the remainder of your braid with your ponytail.

4. Twist your ponytail into a bun, and secure with a second hair elastic or hair pins.

French Braid Bangs and Bun

What do you guys think? Would you do this in-between bang trims or when you're growing out your bangs?

{Photos by Casey Brodley and hair tips by Danielle Walch for Oh Joy}


  1. love it! I’m in the process of growing out my square bangs into side swept bangs (not going to lie, Taylor Swift inspired!) so this is perfect!

  2. I love love love this hairstyle. It’s such a great alternative to the normal messy bun. I have to say, I am loving these beauty posts that you have been putting up!

  3. Love this, Joy! Your lipstick is also fantastic! What color are you wearing? Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Just wondering what the side without the braid looks like? Is there a part where the hair was separated or was it covered up somehow? It looks really cute though!

  5. That’s interesting, I tried a wig on with bangs (we call it a fringe actually in the UK) and it really didn’t suit me however as a child, it looked super cute! Lovely to have discovered your blog via Pinterest a few weeks ago-such a pretty place!

  6. That style looks great on you. I had to laugh at your post…I was in exactly that same state last night (bangs too long, can’t get an appointment until Jan 24…..)but….I read this idea too late and trimmed my own bangs for the first time ever last night. And, while, not too bad, next time I will try your suggestion. Thanks!

  7. Very pretty! I always have the extra long side swept bangs, so this would work perfectly for me on those days that I just feel like having that mess out of my face! My salon does free bang trims, but I almost never make it in for one between appointments!

  8. Oh I love this look!!! It’s so hard to break out of a bang rut, or even grow them out……but this is such a good look on you! Now if only I had bangs to grow out…………………!

  9. I’m so glad you posted this – my bangs are growing out way too long and now I know how I’m going to do my hair tomorrow! This looks great 🙂


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