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Gray Malin x Compartes Chocolate Bars

Gray Malin x Compartes Chocolate Bars

Is it just me or do you also keep a bar of chocolate in your bedroom's nightstand? Maybe it's the thoughts of Valentine's Day swirling in my head or the fact that my sweet tooth is off the charts these days, but I'm currently snacking on my own box of chocolate à la these Gray Malin x Compartes chocolate bars. The "Sweet Sea" flavor (milk chocolate waffle cone with sea salt) is my fave and anything called "Beach Sprinkles" sounds so sweet in so many ways…

Gray Malin x Compartes Chocolate Bars

…and this packaging? Compartes always nails it with these gorgeous boxes!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}


  1. Cuuute! Haha for me there is no such thing as “keeping” a bar of chocolate in the house. I never have sweets around the house, and it’s not because I’m super healthy or anything. Quite the opposite. If there is a chocolate bar on my nightstand it will get eaten, in it’s entirety, immediately.

  2. Yum! Is your sweet tooth out of control during nursing season? Mine is going crazy right now…but I didn’t tie the two together. Maybe I should embrace this sweet tooth phase and go all out.

  3. Oh my goodness – chocolate with beautiful packaging. Does it get any better than this? Somehow I’ve never heard of this company before but will be checking them out now!
    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  4. I love that you keep chocolate in your bed nightstand! Just reading that made me smile because chocolate is good anytime of the day. I do agree that the packaging of that chocolate is stunning! I wouldn’t mind taking a few nibbles of the “Sweet Sea” flavor before bed.


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