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dressing the bump / a re-cap!

Dressing the Bump - Maternity Style Series

Dressing the Bump - Maternity Style Series

One of my favorite projects last year was this Dressing the Bump series we created that chronicled my second pregnancy through video and provided style tips on what to wear through every stage of growing that beautiful baby bump. I honestly feel like my best and most beautiful self when pregnant, and I loved helping other mamas out there embrace that bump while we're lucky enough to have one.

Here's a re-cap video (below) we made to give an overview of the series which I hope you'll share with your expecting friends, family members, and co-workers!

From 12 weeks to post-partum, this series covers:
-how to mix maternity with non-maternity pieces
-how to choose the best sizes that will last throughout your pregnancy
-what style and cuts flatter a bump the best
-how to emphasize your best (pregnant) features
…and more!

I get teary watching this and seeing the evolution of how my body changed and grew to create a new life. You can see all eight videos in this series by clicking the thumbnails at the end or by watching this full play list


  1. I really enjoy the dressing the bump series. Very helpful tips, makes me happy to see that dressing the bump can be fun & fashionable!
    Thankyou ?

  2. I love your maternity style. When I was pregnant, I bought a capsule wardrobe from Isabella Oliver that included a black dress, a tunic, pants, a skirt and leggings and then I mixed and matched them with stretchy non-maternity pieces and that’s how I got through two pregnancies. I loved those pieces and passed them on to friends afterwards, so they were a great investment. This was so moving to watch and I’m sharing it to inspire my pregnant friends!

  3. I loved this series, Joy. It helped me during my pregnancy and now that our little girl has just arrived (Jan 23) I’m really enjoying your Dressing The Babe series. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  4. I loved this series Joy. I already had 2 pregnancies behind me when you posted this, but I am thinking about my 3rd. I am in total awe of your attitude towards the pregnant body and love that you share this joy with us readers. I hated being pregnant and actually felt my worst. I love fashion and it was hard for me to not access most of my closet and also just not look the way I wanted to. I just felt huge the whole time. I also am a marathon runner and triathlete and it was really hard on me to not be able to exercise at the intensity level and frequency I was used to. So all in all, I love your sunny take on it all, it reminds me to be so grateful for what’s happening! Thank you for sharing this, it’s super inspiring on multiple levels! 🙂

  5. Thank you! That means a lot. I am sure being an athlete makes it even harder to have your body change like that and like you said, not be able to physically do everything you’re used to. But remember some day, your kids will be older and you’ll be able to get back to your exercise routine (if you haven’t already) and your kids will get to be inspired by what an awesome athlete their mom is!


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