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a sleepy slumber {giveaway} (now closed)…

Slumber Giveaway

Slumber Giveaway

One of my favorite things in the world is sleep, and I can tell you that I appreciate it so much more now after having two kids. Two of my favorite moments are when I get into my PJ's and wind down for the night and when the kids climb into bed with us in the morning on a lazy Saturday.

So we've partnered with two of my favorite pajama brands to give away (1) $200 gift card from Maison Du Soir and (1) $200 gift card from Little Auggie to one lucky reader to outfit yourself and your babe in the softest PJ's EVER…for a total of $400 in pajama love!

Slumber Giveaway

To enter, simply visit Maison Du Soir and Little Auggie's website, and then leave a comment here on the blog post telling me which items you'd pick from each if you won. I live in this Barcelona set and Tulum dress and my kids love their soft robot PJ's.

Entries must be posted by this Friday, May 1st, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. One winner will get a $200 gift card from Maison Du Soir AND a $200 gift card from Little Auggie. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Monica from Bishop, TX for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to anyone in the US or Canada. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $400 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. What a comfy giveaway! I love the Menorca in pink and for Olivia I love the fringe pjs and robots in pink.

  2. Love the baby robot pj’s! Would love them for my daughter. For me, I love the Petunia and the Ibiza pj’s.

  3. I love the Stockholm set, but kind of want everything. And the baby boy robot pyjamas are so cute. Thanks for the giveaway; we spend a lot of time in our pjs these days!

  4. I love the Menorca in Black Stripe and I would love that Robot March Blanket for Baby with matching Robot Pajamas, precious!

  5. The Menorca black stripe or tulum grey stripe pour moi and the robot pj’s for my son and daughter. I love how light and airy the nighties look.

  6. I could sleep really well in the Ibiza floral and my daughter would not wake up while clothed in robots!

  7. Thanks for this great give away! Its time for me to up my pj game! I’d pick the Stockholm in grey stripe for me. I’d also pick the pink robot pjs for my little bear! I’m glad they have smaller sizes!

  8. I’d love the Tulum for me and both the robots and boy stripes for by babe. Both brands are so cute! I really need to up my pajama game.

  9. With $400 I’d share the love . . . The pink robots for my daughter w/ the matching baby robots for my sister’s brand little girl – I can picture the cute cousins pics! The black stripe Petunia/San Sabastian for me and the pink Petunia/San Sabastian for my sis:)

  10. Menorca for me, and pink stripes for the kiddo. Although I’m loving the back pattern on that blanket.

  11. For Maison du soir, I love the classic look of the Stockholm. For little Auggie, the blankets look phenomenal!

  12. From Maison du Soir, the Ibiza nightdress in floral is absolutely gorgeous, and as for Little Auggie, my kid would look cute in any of them but I’m enamored with the fringe pyjamas.

  13. from maison du soir, i would get the pink camille top and the peony short.
    from little auggie, i would get the queen duvet cover in pink flutter

  14. What an awesome post! I love the heather grey knit sleep dress for myself, and the little robot pj’s for kids are adorable! Actually, I’d take the robot bedding too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Id like the Sophia – Light Pink for and PINK ROBOT BABY PAJAMAS for the little ones.

  16. The San Sebastian in red stripe looks so comfortable! And I love red! The kiddos would love the robot pajamas!

  17. Definitely the Tulum dress for me- I’ve been hunting for something comfy, cute, and good for nursing. And anything with robots or the babe. MY husband LOVES the robots.

  18. The Petunia Black Stripe and Florence Kimono for me! The Boy Robot jammies for my little boy and the pink Robot Baby jammies for his sister – coming in September!

  19. Ah the Ava and and the Blank Anglet for me fro Maison Du Soir and the girls bring pajamas with one of those beautiful cross-stitched pillow cases from Auggie as well!

  20. I have a confession to make. I’ve been wearing the same pjs for more than 10 years (clearly they must be stretchy!) so I would love a new pair. I’d pick the Barcelona set for me and the girl’s pink fringe pjs for my daughter.

  21. You look so cozy!
    The Florence Kimono in Floral looks great and the colbat robot baby pajamas looks too cute!

  22. I would definitely get the Menorca in Pink and the Florence Kimono Floral design, and for the kiddies, I’d get matching sets of the striped pajamas, one in blue and one in pink for the little man, and baby girl.

  23. I love the kimono robe, the stockholm and the tulum dress. Really, how could you go wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚ And for my little one on the way, I love the pink robot pjs.

  24. I would love either the Barcelona set-Black Stripe or Greta-Black Stripe. For the baby I would choose the Pink Robot Baby pajamas.

  25. the tulum FOR SURE- what a lovely treat that would be as I’m soon-o-be a nursing mom again! and the girl’s robot pjs for my little birdie! yahooo! LOVE!

  26. Clover constellation set for me and the robot collection for my god daughter!

  27. Well, I don’t have a little one of my own, but I’d be able to buy some robot PJ’s for two of my closest friends’s little ones! I would also love the black stripe Barcelona set! Thanks for offering this giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Wow, these are wonderful! I’d definitely pick the PINK ROBOT BABY PAJAMAS from Little Auggie for my little lady and Tulum Gray Strip sleep shirt for mama (looks nursing friendly)!

  29. They are adorable! I love the white Ibiza and the fringe for my little one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. the fringe pjs for my daughter would be adorable!the begonia in red for me would be wonderful although the milan robe would be nice to add to my wardrobe.

  31. We love lounging around in our PJs! The Barcelona set and the Milan robe both look so comfy! For my kids, I know they’d love the robot PJs for sure! Thanks for having this giveaway, Joy!

  32. I would love anything with a location in SPAIN and my kiddo would love anything with a robot!

  33. So many cute PJs to choose from! I love the Clover – Constellation for myself. So simple and sexy. And for my little one, the robot baby pajamas.

  34. I love the Sophia in light pink and the Camille in pink for myself. For my bebe i like the pink robot baby pajamas. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I love the Menorca and the robots. Not to mention the Little Auggie sheets and blankets. So cute!

  36. I LOVE the Menorca dress in grey stripe for me and the striped pj set for both of my boys!!! All so lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I would choose the Begonia – Pink for me, and the girls robot PJ’s for my daughter. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  38. I love the Stockholm and the Jane in Grey Stripe. And for both my little girls- the pink robots!

  39. Oh they have such great stuff! I would absolutely love the Floral Ibiza and Florence Kimono from the Maison du Soir site. I don’t have any cute little kiddos to share the pj’s with, so I’d just have to treat myself.
    Awesome giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I LOVE the Petunia black stripe set for me and the pink and white striped fringe PJs for a little one!

  41. Love the Menorca for me and the stripe/fringe pj’s for my littles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I would pick the Girls Fringe Pajamas and for my littles, and the Florence Kimono in Floral for myself.

  43. I would like the blue stripe auggie pajamas for my pajama snob son. Only the softest cotton will he wear. Te Barcelona set in red stripe looks up my alley.

  44. Great giveaway! I would pick the Barcelona set for me, and the girls robot pajamas for my little girl, who’s supposed to arrive June 8?

  45. So cozy! The Menorca dress in the black stripe looks so comfy from Maison Du Soir along with that floral kimono! For the Auggie selection you can’t go wrong with the blue robot shirt and striped pants!!

  46. that tulum dress looks all kinds of dreamy and i love little auggie for my toddler.

  47. I’m having a baby in June so the Menorca looks like something that would be super comfy to lounge around in with baby. AND my son would look pretty darn cute in those robot pajamas!

  48. Love these! The Stockholm is super cute and would make nighttime feedings a breeze. And the boys robot is precious, my little dude totally need those. Heck, I’d wear the robots if they were in my size!! Xoxo

  49. This would be so timely with a week old babe, a 2 year old, and my birthday on May 1! We’d choose Robot jammies for the boys, and the Sophia Constellation set for this nursing mama!

  50. I love the Florence Kimono and the Ibiza nightie in floral! So many beautiful things. For my boys the soft pj’s in blue Stripe.

  51. I love to be cozy in the Greta set! And, of course, I’d choose the blue robots for my boys! Thank you!

  52. How to choose?! The London – pink nightgown is so stunning & the girls fringe PJs are so sweet! Thanks for the chance. xo

  53. It’s so hard, I love them all! I guess the florence kimono – floral and the girls robot pajamas.

  54. The San sabastian black strip or jaclyn pink shorts for me and girls fringe pjs for my munchkin!

  55. Great giveaway! I would love the stockholm and the tulum pajamas for myself and the fringe and girls robots pjs for my little one!

  56. The Ibiza floral for adult and girls fringe for the little one would be so wonderful and cuddly.

  57. Love the Barcelona set and the girls Fringe pjs. Everything looks so cute and comfy!!

  58. How comfy does that Menorca black stripe night shirt look?!!!
    And that cross-stitch grey pillow cover is so simple but great!!!

  59. The Stockholm set looks perfect for California weather…and for my daughter I would get the boys stripe pj set (we don’t do pink).

  60. I love the idea of a white dress shirt with shorts so the Stockholm is perfect. And then the pink robot pj’s for my toddler and newborn on the way!

  61. I love the Tulum grey stripe, Menorca black stripe, Peony in every color, and Dahlia and Lucille in heather grey. So pretty! I’d also love to get a pair of those fringe pajamas for my niece.

  62. What a fun giveaway! From Maison Du Soir, I love the Begonia in Pearl and the Stockholm in grey stripe with the matching shorts. From Auggie, my daughter would look adorable in the fringe pjs, but they are look cozy.

  63. Yes please! I’d love to live in Tulum dress all summer long! Cobalt Robot Baby Boy is on my list too!

  64. I would pick the Barcelona set in black stripe for me and the cobalt robot baby pajamas for my little boy (and I’d probably order the grey cross stitch quilt I’ve been eyeing for so long, too!)

  65. I’m in love with the Florence Kimono from Maison Du Soir and my little guy would look adorable โ™ฅ in the robot pajamas!

  66. The London in Pink would be heavenly to lounge in and the girls robot pjs would be adorable on my 3 year old. Thanks for introducing these brands to me.

  67. Definitly the stockholm and the pink robot jammies! So Cute! I really never look cute when i go to bed.My husband would be so excited to see me in something at night! pick me!

  68. Love the brigette in black, or the Sophia in pink, or petunia…….how about the whole store? ? for the little one I’ve got to have those blue stripes!!!

  69. What great timing! I’ve been needing to get new pajamas for myself! I’d get the Barcelona set for me and girl’s fringe for my daughter.

  70. The London dress looks like it can do double-duty both day and night! Also the little girls’ fringe pajamas would be the perfect gift for my sister-in-law. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Love the Petunia-pink top and San Sebastian’ short combo, so cute! Also the boy-robot PJs for my little guy.

  72. I would get the Milan robe for myself, and the baby robot pjs for my 5 week old boy Otto.

  73. Oh, Joy! You always introduce me/us to the best things in Life! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would adore the Barcelona set- Black stripes (all of them look so comfy) & those darling Pink Robot jammies! What is not to Love in both of these beautiful clothing lines?! Loving their websites! Thank you for the Awesome opportunity to win such generous & lovely clothing items! Hopefully the computer robots will choose wisely! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luck of the draw. Thanks! XO

  74. Aww… I am all ready for bed! I love the Menorca Black Stripe and Pink Robot PJ for the little one!

  75. I love the Petunia set from Maison Du Soir, and obviously the girls robot pjs are a winner. Thanks!

  76. So many great options! I love the Petunia Black Stripe set for me, and the baby robot jammies for both my son and baby girl on the way!

  77. LOVE the Ibiza nightie for me and the blue stripe pjs for my little guys. Thanks for the cozy giveaway!

  78. I would get the Anglet-Off White from Maison Du Soir, and the Queen Duvet Cover Pink Flutter from Auggie.

  79. My son would love the robot pjs and I’m in love with the Florence Kimono and matching nightgown.

  80. I would love the Barcelona set for myself! Perfect for nursing ๐Ÿ™‚ I also really like the Magnolia Floral top – pretty sure I would wear that not as PJs! I’d get the robot jammies for my son, although they look like such big boy pajamas ๐Ÿ™

  81. The Pink Robot Baby Pajamas would keep my little one cozy, comfy and looking cute while The Florence Kimono would be a little piece of heaven for myself! What a delightful giveaway!

  82. I love the boys blue striped pajamas, and for myself, that florence kimono looks pretty amazing!

  83. I don’t know how you could beat those kiddo robot PJs.
    For myself though, I really like the Florence Kimono in floral.

  84. I would want the kimono and the Stockholm set! And for my little’s I would want the robots in girl and boy for sure! So darn cute!!! Hubby would definitely be jealous!

  85. The Petunia PJ’s look so comfy and cute! I’m a huge fan of Little Auggie. My kiddos each have one of their quilts…my son actually has the robot print. Matching his/her robot PJ’s? Perfect!

  86. The Ibiza in the Grey Stripe is so far outside my current bedroom attire that I would LOVE to give it a go. Its so beautiful. And for my little turkey I would totally go for the Cobalt Robot Baby PJ’s- too cute!

  87. Such luxurious sleep items! Love both brands and will be ordering a few things. My favorite items are the Begonia – Pearl from Maison Du Soir, and the boy’s stripe pajamas from Little Auggie are so whimsical! The velvet quilt set in Lilac from Auggie is amaZING, too!

  88. The Light Heather Grey Barcelona Set from Maison Du Soir and the Cobalt Robot Baby Pajamas from Little Augie are the things that dreams are made of!

  89. The stockholm grey stripe PJs from Maison du Soir look so comfy and chic, and I love the boys stripe PJ’s from Auggie!

  90. Ooo! The Milan Robe looks divine! I’ve been searching for a robe to wear post-baby (due in June!)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. I would definitely choose the Madrid in the light grey… Looks so cozy! Love the pink fringe for my two littles. Nothing is sweeter than babies in matching jammies!

  92. Stockholm set from Maison Du Soir (hands down!) and the pink robot baby PJ’s from Little Auggie <3

  93. From Maison Du Soir I would choose the Barcelona set, and from Little Auggie I would choose Boys stripe pyjamas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. I hate to sound redundant…but definitely the Menorca for me! Although the floral kimono is also very adorable. As for m daughter, she would LOVE the pink robot pjs. The strips with the print are so cute.

  95. I like the Greta and Madrid in black for Mr because it looks like something.. I can just wear all day (no shame ?). I like the cobalt robot baby for my son.

  96. Grey stripe Stockholm for me, and the cutest little robots for my tiny lady! Snuggles for all!

  97. I would get the robot pjs for my daughter and the Sofia pj set for me! Thank you!!

  98. Oh! such lovely choices. I’d take the Sophia Constellation set from Maison Du Soir and the Velvet Throw in Cornflower Blue from Little Auggie.

  99. Loving the Ibiza and Florence. Also, the Barcelona set. And I agree, the Tulum looks comfy too. The Cobalt Robot Baby Pajamas is too cute

  100. I looooove all of the Petunia sets and my daughter would look great in the fringe pj’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. My little is due in 5 weeks and the Ibiza gown looks heavenly. Baby would look so squeezable in the Pink Robot Baby PJs.

  102. What a cozy giveaway! I really like the Lucille in Heather Grey (and they are on sale!) or the Greta in red stripe for me. For my kiddos, I would choose the stripes….pink for my 4 year old and blue for the 2 year old. They love when they match!

  103. Thank you for sharing these gems! Blue robots for my baby girl Zoe because I love her in blue and the Tulum dress for sure, easy to add leggings for cooler mornings in Brooklyn….

  104. I also love the barcelona set and for my little guy, the robot pjs are just the cutest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. I am CRAZY for PJs!
    The Barcelona Set in Black Stripe look amazing, as do the robots or the stripes on Auggie!

  106. I would pick the Barcelona Set in Black Stripe and my kids would LOVE the Robot Pajamas!

  107. The Ibiza dress looks so comfy and beautiful and the robot pajamas are darling! Love that they know that robots are for girls too!

  108. It love this! My pajamas need a spring makeover after living in mine for so long with the baby. I love the pale pink ones and the stripes for my son.

  109. Beautiful pjs! I would love the tullum or menorca.
    For my sweet boy the striped pjs.

  110. The Tulum dress is perfection! Also loving the cozy Milan robe. And pink robot all the way!

  111. just adore the sophia & jaclyn in light pink! also love the anglet in off white. from maison du soir. i don’t have kids of my own, but i would get my niece the boy’s robot pj’s!!

  112. They are all SO adorable! So hard to choose…for me either Menorca, Sophia (one of my three girls’ name!) or peony. Definitely punk fringe for my baby Lucy! Pick me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Girl robot pajamas for my girl and Greta and Madrid in New Black for me please ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. I love it all – but that kimono does really stand out AND my daughter would love the robot pjs!

  115. I love the Greta PJs and Florence kimono, and my little guy would look sooo sweet in the blue stripe pajamas.

  116. Those girl robot pajamas from Little Auggie are definitely a winner, and for me, the Stockholm Grey stripe set from Maison Du Soir would be awesome!!

  117. I love pajamas! I would choose the Menorca Black Stripe from Maison Du Soir and the Girl Robot pajamas from Little Auggie. I love that its robots and not princesses

  118. I have been in LOVE with little auggie! We love the robot March sheets- but I would get my new little munchkin the Pink Robot March Jammies and the Malorca jams in pink for myself! What a treat!

  119. how exciting. would jump into bed in the grey stripe tulum & pop my 11 month old in the adorable blue boys striped pajamas. <3 <3 <3

  120. I love the Ibiza for the hot summer days to come and the little auggie stripe pajamas for my 3 girls

  121. Oh wow – the Barcelona and the Ibiza for me. Then, the blue strip pj’s for the kids. So lovely!

  122. The Begonia or the Greta & Madrid in the red stripe looks lovely and I love the pink flutter queen duvet for my daughter’s bedroom and the pink robot PJs!

  123. The Stockholm set for me definitely! How beautiful. And the robot pjs – the blue for the boy and the pink for the girl, they would be adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. How cute are those robot PJs? My daughter would love those! For me, difficult to choose but I think it would be between Sophia Constellation and Ava black! So many beautiful choices–wow!

  125. I would choose the gorgeous barcelona set in heather grey from Maison Du Soir, and my 3 year old son would adore the boys robot pajamas from Little Auggies! Thank you so much for this opportunity and all the design inspiration; I LOVE your blog!

  126. Ibiza Floral for me and matching Robot PJs for my kiddos!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope I win! I LOOOOVE comfy pajamas!

  127. I love your choices, so I’d say Barcelona set for me and a cute little auggie pink robot set for our little one due in about a month.

  128. I love the Petunia and San Sebastian shirt & shorts set, but I’d have to get the Marilyn top and Grace shorts since they would suit me so perfectly (my middle name is Marilyn and my nickname is Grace!)
    From Auggie, I’d get the cozy grey pebble duvet cover to snuggle up with!

  129. From Auggie, the COBALT ROBOT BABY PAJAMAS are my favorite, and from Maison du Soir I would definitely have to pick the Florence robe and the greta red stripe.

  130. I would love to have Ava red and robots for the little ones. Love their product!!!

  131. I would take the Menorca in the grey stripe with that awesome kimono robe in black. For my daughter probably the blue striped pjs, my son would get the robots.

  132. The Ibiza & floral matching Kimona are dreamy!! I’d definitely get myself the set. I was tempted by all the comfy pant sets but I deserve something fancy that also makes me smile! From auggie definitely the robot pajamas for my Luna. I love their bedding too.

  133. I LOVE the Ibiza or Dahlia…I’m in dire need of some actual PJs that aren’t old tees haha. And obviously the robot pjs!!!

  134. I’ve been crushing on the “Magnolia Floral” for awhile now, but “Anglet” in off-white.
    From Auggie, it would be the classic boys striped pjs. SO CUTE.

  135. Tulum would make the perfect nursing nightgown! I love the tomboy element.
    Cobalt Robot Baby pajamas for the wee one.

  136. I adore the Florence Kimono – Floral, with POCKETS! And the Girl Robot Pajamas and matching pajama blanket. ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. My daughter would absolutely enjoy the Robot PJs. For myself I would either choose the Barcelona Set in Black Stripe or the Greta Set in Black, I need longer pants, I am odd like that hahah But I am also loving the Floral Florence Kimono. I can never say no to Kimonos or Caridgans.

  138. I would love to own the Florence Kimono from Maison Du Soir. I’d also get pillows and a jammies for my niece from little auggie. Cute pillows are a rarity!

  139. You had me at Kimono. Probably the black kimono over the floral Ibiza nightgown. As for kiddos, four matching robot girl PJs would suit the four girls I nanny (the only children currently in my life).

  140. That London dress and girl robot PJs. Yes please. Me and my girls could use a little something special.

  141. I’d get that Ibiza nightgown for me, and the cobalt robot Jammies for my 4 year old baby boo ???

  142. Love the Sophia and Stockholm set and for my girl, the robot PJs of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. I love the Florence Kimono it is right up my alley! The striped boys p.j.’s would look so cute on my two year old. I’m not gonna lie, I would also love the blanket for our little one on the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Both these companies have the sweetest stuff! I love the Tulum nightie and the girls fringe pajamas.

  145. love those greta and madrid combo in stripe for me and a blanket for my baby due in spetember!

  146. The Tulum Dress looks incredibly comfortable, and my nephew world probably enjoy those robot pjs. Thanks

  147. So beautiful! I would love the Petunia set and the Robot jammies for the kids are so sweet!

  148. Those are some good PJ’s! I would love the Clover Constellation set for me and the Girls Fringe Pajamas for my daughter.

  149. I would get the Sophia paired with Jaclyn from Madison du Soir which looks perfect for lounging at home and nursing my little 7 week old. Then I would dress my baby in the pink robot jammies!

  150. OH, I’m in love! I would get the Petunia- Black top with the Madrid- Black Stripe bottoms! And definitely the Pink Robot Baby Pajamas for my baby girl.

  151. I am all about comfortable AND cute pjs. As a new mama I’d love the Sophia set in light pink (perfect for late night nursing!) and my baby boy would look adorable in Colbalt Robot Baby PJs. Great post, Joy! Thank you!

  152. The Petunia and Peony set in black stripe looks so delightfully cozy and the girls robot PJs would be adorable on my kiddo. Thank you!

  153. The Ibiza Floral dress looks so comfy and I know my husband would approve of our little girl wearing pink robot pajamas!

  154. ibiza floral for me and girls robot and baby girl’s robot for my littles to match in.

  155. wow! Love the Menorca dress but really any of their pjs would be so sexy and comfy!
    And you can’t go wrong with robot jammies for boys or girls!

  156. What a dream come true! I am guilty of wearing whatever old sweatpants are no longer suitable for the gym to bed. I love the tulum dress and the robot shirt is adorable.

  157. The Ibiza and kimono in floral are so pretty, and I’d love matching robot pjs for my son and daughter!

  158. I love the classic look of the Ava set for me. The baby robot pjs would be perfect for my first due in 10 weeks!

  159. This mama would have to pick the Ibiza in grey stripe and the black Kimono, and pink robots for my little girl! And if there’s any leftover for my twins due in November, I’d have to pick once we know their genders ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. My favorites are the Sophia Constellation Pj’s from Madison Du Soir and the Cross Stitch Pillow Covers from Little Auggie’s. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  161. I would love to take a nap in the Magnolia Floral PJ set, or short set, and for a special little girl the pink robot PJ set would be perfect

  162. The Florence Kimono robe and the painted stripe grey sheets please! What awesome brands!

  163. I love the Sophia pjs in Constellation (pretty much s dream come true for this astronomy nerd.) For my kids I would get them matching blue robot pjs!

  164. I love all the shorts/tank top sets from Maison Du Soir!!! And the pillow covers from Auggie are perfect!

  165. I would buy the kimono robe in the floral print and the Minorca in pink! And the pink cross stitch quilt from Little Auggie!

  166. Love the Petunia tank with San Sebastian bottoms for me, and the robot PJs for my kids! So cute!

  167. Best giveaway ever! My sweet 4 -year-old son puts his PJs on as soon as as he gets home from preschool! (And I’m not too far behind.) He would absolutely love the boys robot pajamas and for meโ€ฆ Ah…the Menorca black stripe all the way! Feeling sleepy already!

  168. what a great giveaway! From Auggie, I would get a couple Cross Stitch pillows because they look so adorable.
    I would definitely choose the Sophia pajama set from Maison Du Soir.

  169. Robot pajamas from Little Auggie and the Petunia Pink pajamas from Maison du Sour! Love these brands. ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Milan and robots! I would love to spend the day together lounging in these!!!! What a lovely giveaway!

  171. The grey Milan robe! Seems perfect for early morning, to wear while enjoying a coffee.
    And the baby blankets are so adorable!

  172. The Sohpia seems pretty great. And I would love the robot pj’s for my boy and girl- cute!

  173. Ibiza floral nightgown because it looks so glamorous and pink robot pjs because they’re so cute!
    I know the winner is chosen at random, but May 1st is my birthday so let me win, universe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  174. These look sooo comfy I am not sure I would want to wear normal clothes haha. How amazing of a giveaway! The Menarca looks like the cutest and comfiest nightgown and my little guy would love the robot set!! So

  175. Oh my gosh! I am due with a baby in a few weeks (!!) and I absolutely love the Madrid pant with the Greta shirt! It looks so comfortable! And for my baby boy, those robot pajamas look SO comfy! What a sweet giveaway!

  176. Love the Brigitte in Navy for me and the Rabbit Patch crib sheets for my little one. So cute!

  177. Absolutely love Maison Du Soir’s Ibiza- Floral and the Dahlia- Pink looks super comfy. Little Auggie’s robot pjs are too cute. *fingers crossed!

  178. I’m living in pajamas right now, and I’d love to try the Barcelona sleep set in Black Stripe. So classic and comfy!

  179. I was JUST looking for cute kiddo PJs. I’d pick robots for him and the ibiza nightgown for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. I love the look of the Menorca with San Sebastian in Black Stripe. My new little one would look so cute in the Robot Baby Pajamas!

  181. I like theBarcelona in Light Heather Grey for me and the Girls Fringe Pajamas for my two girls

  182. I absolutely adore the Girls Robot PJ’s & the Black Stripe Menorca PJ’s! ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the products on both sites look so airy, comfy & stunning!

  183. I would get the Barcelona Set – Black Stripe and the GIRLS ROBOT PAJAMAS
    thanks for the chance

  184. Awesome Giveaway! I always want to look more put together for bed. Daydreamin of sleepin in the florence kimono in floral or the anglet dress in off-white. I absolutely love the girl robot pj’s for my daughter Piper! Hope I win!!!

  185. love the Menorca & Menorca is one of my favorite places on earth so it’s serendipitous! I don’t have any littles so I’ll have to find a friend to give little auggie too. the girls’ fringe pajamas are so sweet

  186. I adore the Tulum shirt dress for me (perfect for steamy Austin summer nights) but I also love the Florence Kimono. I would nab the robot PJs for my nephews!

  187. I really like the London and Tulum dresses! my legs might be to chubby for the shorts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also partial to the robots for my niece.

  188. Looks so comfy! I love the Tulum dress and the robot PJs! We have Little Auggie sheets and love them!

  189. menorca for me and robot pjs for my daughter (or my best friend’s daughter who is obsessed with robots!)

  190. I love pj’s too!! I love the Sophia set for me and the girl robot set for my mini me! Loving this giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. For me, the Ibiza floral and the Menorca in black stripe. For baby girl, baby pink robot pjs and maybe even the matching blanket! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  192. I love the San Sebastian and Greta in black stripe. I get hot in the summer, but always want either a long shirt or long pants at night to combat the air conditioning my family loves. And apparently I’m in a grey stripe mood, because I love those flat sheets in that color (though getting my children matching robot pajamas would probably take precedent).

  193. Ooh I love the Ibiza floral and the girls fringe PJ’s. I’d feel so pretty and she’d be so cute!

  194. Robot jammies for the preschooler, a soft robe and a tshirt dress for mom! Such an upgrade from old tshirts and random leggings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  195. Super cute! Super cozy! I love the Stockholm Grey Stripe and Pink robot for my daughter!

  196. For myself I would pick The Ibiza dress in grey stripe and for my boy I would get the robot pjs.

  197. What a lovely give away!! I completely agree I also love to sleep and since having my first child a few month ago. Every little moment is precious. And so do it wearing beautifully comfortable pieces would be amazing. I would select the Floral Ibiza. And for Gabriel the cobalt robots.

  198. Floral Florence kimono for me and the blue robot shirt with the blue striped pants for my grandson ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. I’m love the florence kimono in floral, how dreamy. And my son would have really enjoy the robot pajamas.

  200. My daughter would LOVE the dark blue robot pajamas. I would live in the Barcelona Set – Black Stripe and the gorgeous Florence Kimono – Floral. xoxo

  201. I have to go with the Sophia! It’s kismet. For my niece, I would choose the pink fringe- she lives princesses and is so girly. Can’t go wrong!

  202. I would love love love to win this!
    I love the pink robot baby
    And also the Sophia in red!
    I’m having a babyin 8weeks and I know that
    Would be so comfortable
    Fingers crossed!!!!

  203. Oooh, thanks!
    I love the greta and madrid in black stripe and I think I’d put my girls in the boys stripe pjs.

  204. These are so stunning! Thanks for introducing these brands.
    From Maison, I love the bright red Sophia top and Jaclyn shorts. From Auggie, would love to gift my niece (due in October) the Robot March baby blanket ๐Ÿ™‚
    So precious!

  205. Would love the Sophia Constellation for myself and the pink robot jammies for my little girl due in May. ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. Maison’s Florence Kimono looks lovely for mama lounging, and the Robot March sheets or pj’s are very sweet.

  207. Love the Sophia constellation for me and the girl robot PJs – Yes to a company who believes girls can like robots too!

  208. I’d choose the “madrid black stripe” for myself from maison du soir and the boys striped pajamas for my son jude from little auggies! ๐Ÿ˜€ lovely giveaway!

  209. Greta and Madrid in Heather Grey for me!
    Girls Fringe PJ’s for my new little niece coming in June!

  210. I love the Barcelona Black stripe and the pink robots and fringe PJs! How cozy of a giveaway! Perfect for snuggles!

  211. As a new mama and someone who NEEDS to get out of sweats i would LOVE those stockholm and my girls would be the cutest in the pink robots…finally girl ROBOTS!

  212. Ahh gimme the menorca black stripe set. I could sleep forever in those! And I love the boys robot pajamas. So stinkin’ cute!

  213. So hard to choose, I love pajamas! I love the petunia tank, looks so comfy. And I am digging the robot pajamas for girls!!

  214. I would love the Begonia in Pearl for me and the cobalt robot baby pajamas for my little one!

  215. I would pick one of the longsleeve options like the Greta. I’m always cold!
    The robot pajamas would be a fun gift for my nephew!

  216. Oh wow…! Peony, black stripe…menorca, black stripe…and a grown up bathrobe for me. The Auggie robot pjs are cute, but oh my goodness the rabbit patch bedding…

  217. Oh how fun is this. From Maison Du Soir I love the Vienna nightie and from Little Auggie those little pink robot jammies are adorable!

  218. I love the Bridgette navy set for me and am hoping for a boy in June that could wear the robot pj’s!

  219. i would live in the Stockholm set if i could!<3 and i would have my toddler wear the boys stripe pajamas. love the simplicity!

  220. I love the Menorca in Black Stripe…and those robot jammies for the kiddo?! So cute!

  221. Ooh the Menorca in any color looks amazing and comfy! And the robots are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  222. Awesome! I love the Greta/Madrid combo with some cute Jane shorts for me and the Girls Robot PJs (what!? awesome!) for my daughter!

  223. BOYS STRIPE PAJAMAS and the Florence Kimono – Floral and Ibiza Floral from Maison Du Soir!

  224. Such a generous giveaway! I would pick the Barcelona Set – Black Stripe for myself, and for my little one, I would pick all the boy pajamas so I can mix and match the robot and stripe patterns.

  225. Oh wow, I am really loving the Menorca White dress, I could throw on leggings and be ready to run errands first thing in the morning! From Auggie, I would get the velvet bedding – it looks so soft and perfect!

  226. I really love the Ibiza. It cute and sexy. I love the blankets and the robot pjs for girls sooo cute. Even if I don’t win now I have two new places to shop.

  227. These are so cute! All my current pjs have developed holes. I would love the following:
    Maison du soir:
    Greta + Madrid in black stripe.
    Sophia set in constellation.
    Cobalt baby robot PJs
    Blue robot PJs.

  228. I love the Ibiza and Stockholm styles for myself and would get one pink and blue striped set each for my 2 kids. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  229. I love the girl’s robot pajamas from Little Auggie’s and the Barcelona set from Maison du Soir!! I love that there is a robot print for girls!

  230. The Greta Black Stripe and the cobalt robot infant pjs…I have a baby girl, but we totally rock blue…and not boxes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  231. I love the Petunia in Pink and a yes, please! with the pink robot pajamas. Totally cool!

  232. Perfect Mother’s Day giveaway…I really like the Ibiza nightgown & the robot ones for my kiddies ?

  233. Love the floral kimono, tulum, & and all the girl pj’s plus my niece could have a matching set for sleepovers! xo

  234. I really like the florence kimono from Maison du Soir and definitely the girl robot jammies for my girl!

  235. I love the Florence Kimono for me and little one would love a pair of the pink girl robot pjs.

  236. I would get the Barcelona set in constellation for me and fringe PJs for girls for my daughters! I Iove stripes!

  237. For my baby – the girl robot pajamas would be perfect and I’d love the Camille or Menorca for me!

  238. barcelona set and kimono robe look amazing. any kids pattern jammies, but i really love the dog duvet covers!

  239. I am impressed by the Stockholm – Grey Stripe, which is both comfortable and beautiful. Also, the Girls Robot Pajamas look very soft and I am sure kids will like the small pictures of robots.

  240. With a 1yr old, a 4yr old & a 5yr old I am forever grateful for the coziness of my bed. Where jumping sheep can become Auggie robots and I can be in Ibiza drifting off to dreamland, instead of visiting it once I’m there.

  241. I like the Clover and Grace Constellation pajamas and my son would look darling in the robot pajamas.

  242. The Boys Stripe jammies for my little fella, and a Milan robe for mama for summer. (Much prettier than stealing my husband’s sweatshirts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  243. The robot PJs are adorable! I would love the pink ones for my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a T-shirt and shorts PJ sleeper, so for myself I would love the Petunia tank and the San Sebastian shorts!

  244. That Milan robe looks dreamy! And definitely matching robot jammies for my two little girls!

  245. Pink and blue robot pajamas. Stockholm or Sophia for meeeee. Love this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!!

  246. I love how comfy the Tulum dress looks and the robot PJ’s are just too cute! The Barcelona set looks so dreamy!

  247. Oh wow this looks dreamy and comfy! Those robot pajamas are sooo cute. The Menorca in black stripe, Dahlia in pink and the Florence kimono are all calling my name! I wonder if those nightshirts would work while nursing? Otherwise the Tulum looks beautiful too! I basically want everything in that shop…

  248. I love the Florence Kimono from Maison du Soir (looks so flowy and soft) and the robot jammies from Little Auggie will be perfect for my son!

  249. LOVE the Stockholm shirt with the jane bottoms, and the Ibiza nightgown from mds. From little auggie, the striped pjs are adorable but I love that they have robots for boys AND girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. The Greta and Madrid in black stripe look so comfy, my 2 girls would love the robot PJ’s!

  251. The stockholm sleeper set in grey stripe is just what i need. I’m tired of reaching for an old tshirt at bed time and think it would start my day off right if I woke up feeling more put together. For my daughter definitely the robot pajamas. How could I not. So precious!

  252. Milan Robe and Barcelona set – my son always wants to know where my pj’s like his are ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. PJs are the first thing I change into after work/picking up my daughter from daycare! These two brands look so comfortable! I love the Barcelona set, the San Sebastian short w/ Petunia tank, and the Madrid legging w/ the Greta shirt from Maison Du Soir. My daughter Avery would love the pjs from Little Auggie, especially the robots! The pjs and blanket look like they would be so soft for my soon-to-arrive baby boy too!
    Thanks Oh Joy!

  254. Wow so many PJs to choose from. Sophia Constellation looks comfy and my daughter would look cute in those girls robot pajamas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  255. Having a baby in November and would love the cozy-looking Milan robe for myself from Maison Du Soir. For the little, the robot pajamas are pretty adorable!

  256. Oh the Ibiza floral and for the little, girls robot pajamas! So pleased they made robots for girls and not just the boys!!!

  257. Oh my! What a comfy, lovely giveaway! I would love to win the Florence Kimono from Maison Du Soir. And I would have to get my nieces matching robot pajamas from Auggie!

  258. My favorite for me would be the Ibiza Floral, and for my little girl I love the Pink Robot Baby Pajamas! <3

  259. The little boys pajama sets are adorable! I love the blue stripe. And I love the petunia tank in red with matching shorts ๐Ÿ™‚ So comfy!

  260. I love the Clover-Constellation from Maison Du Soiur and the pink robot jammies from Auggie!

  261. Everything looks so soft! I’d definitely get the girl fringe pajamas for my little girl and the Menorca dress in black stripe for myself!

  262. I love the Tulum from Maison Du Soir and the Girls Robot Pajamas from Little Auggie. Those robots are sooo cute.

  263. I am loving the Milan robe and Menora nightie from Maison du Soir. Baby number two is due in November and they would be perfect for pregnancy and after! Anything from Little Auggie is adorable but I am partial to the robots. Thanks!

  264. What a wonderful giveaway! Love the Anglet and Sophia for me, and would love to gift a friend who’s expecting with the layette in gray.

  265. The Brigitte in Navy looks super comfy with a Milan robe overtop. And the robot pajamas are adorable!

  266. barcelona set + milan ROBE for me….and the pink robots for my little almost-1-yr-old!!!! <3

  267. I love the robot pajamas for my boys and the Tulum looks really comfortable for summer!

  268. oh this is such a lovely prize! the dahlia night dress from Maison Du Soir and pink baby robot pajamas would be so nice to snuggle my daughter with.

  269. I love the robo set (blanket + cobalt robot baby pyjama set), and the light heather grey Greta top with light heather grey madrid leggings. Looks so cosy I just want to curl up in bed!

  270. I like the Ibiza dress & robe… so flowy and pretty. and all of the blankets from Little Auggie look so cozy.

  271. Love love the Tulum for something comfy and cute and the Anglet for fancier days ๐Ÿ™‚ plus the blue stripes and pink robots for my littles!

  272. Absolutely love love love sleep shirts! The Tulum dress would definitely be the one for me! I would pick the Boy Striped pjs for my son from Auggie!

  273. I would get the girls fringe pajama from little auggie and the Stockholm grey stripe set from Maison du soir!

  274. I love the Jane shorts and Stockholm shirt combo. I also love the robot PJs for my daughter. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  275. For me any article of clothing that is potentially double-duty is worth it. I would love the Stockholm top in grey stripe for myself. As for the pj’s, I love that the robot print is in both girl and boy colors. I always like to coordinate my son and daughter’s PJ’s.

  276. I love the little robot pjs for my feisty 3 yr old girl and either the Menorca or the camille/peony, petunia, anglet for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Gorgeous sleepwear

  277. Love Sophia light pink for me and he blue stripe boy pjs and the robot pjs. So sweet!

  278. What a comfy and delightful way to celebrate a Friday morning! The robot jammies for my little girl and the Ibiza floral + Florence kimono for me!

  279. I love them all but if i really had to pick, it would be Girls Robot Pajamas from Little Auggie for my little girl and

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