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10 family-friendly natural body products…

10 Family-Friendly Natural Body Products

10 Family-Friendly Natural Body Products

I really never cared too much about what body products I used until I had kids, and now I'm all about using high-quality natural products for our bodies as much as possible. Here are a few of my favorite natural beauty/bath/body products right now (with something for the whole family)…

1. Ilia lipstick, 2. One Love Organics Coconut Salt body lotion, 3. Babyganics night time baby lotion, 4. Honest laundry detergent, 5. Tubby Todd orange bubble bath, 6. Tata Harper hydrating floral essence, 7. Priti soy nail polish remover, 8. Babyganics dryer sheets, 9. One Love Organics gardenia and tea body serum, 10. MOP basil mint unisex shampoo. 

P.S. I have updated the description of these items to be called "Natural" vs. "Organic" as not all of them can be considered organic.


  1. I’ve never really cared for organic things because usually i can’t tell the difference it makes. Joy curious to know why and how kids changed your stance? Why did you decide to go organic for them and not for yourself to begin with?

  2. Oooh the basil mint shampoo looks super yummy! I recently discovered coconut oil and have been using it for face wash and toothpaste and moisturizer and cooking, and I absolutely love it.

  3. I am pretty sure that Babyganics products aren’t actually organic. I think the name just wants to sound that way. Although I think it’s nice they don’t use parabens, petrolatum, etc., I don’t believe there is anything actually organic in their products.

  4. THANK YOU!! I have insane fragrance allergies and it’s so hard to find products I can use, and my little guy’s skin is sensitive. This is so helpful. Do you think you’d ever make a makeup-specific natural product list?

  5. Please check out Sparklehearts! I buy the lotion and bubble bath for my nieces and they love, love, love it! It’s all natural, safe and has mica in it which makes the girls sparkle a bit (they LOVE this the most). Just wanted to share this great product. 🙂

  6. Hey Lauren! I know you’re asking Joy, and I haven’t used the Priti polish removers, but in case they do have a stronger scent… thought I’d post this. I’ve tried Karma Organic Spa’s lavendar nail polish remover and it doesn’t have that horrible nail polish remover scent. I absolutely love it and feel like my nails are being hydrated when I use it… and I have more sensitive nails that like to peel. (

  7. I absolutely love Tubby Todd products! They are perfect for any kid, including those with sensitive skin. I’ve even found myself using the Tubby Todd bubble bath. It smells great and is so gentle and refreshing.

  8. Joy, I was the same way! Never paid much attention at all to my personal care regimen until I got pregnant. Then I started researching and looking at labels — scary stuff! I will gladly err on the side of caution when it comes to my babies. thanks for this list 🙂


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