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happy friday + teee veee!

Oh Joy on Access Hollywood

Oh Joy on Access Hollywood

Happy Friday guys! Earlier this week, I did my first live national TV appearance on Access Hollywood Live! It was really fun getting to share some ideas from the Oh Joy book for Mother's Day. When I moved to LA five years ago, I had NO intentions whatsoever of doing anything on TV. In fact, the idea of being on camera made me nauseous. But if you know me, I need to constantly challenge myself to do the things that I'm kinda afraid to do…TV being one of them.

So, here I am…dipping my toes in the TV waters. It's a little intimidating doing these live shows—no re-takes, no do-overs, no editing out your slip-ups! I always worry I'm going to totally freeze and forget what to say, but then I just try and pretend the camera isn't there. Sometime there's a word flub or two, but usually it's not too bad. And, more than anything it's a fun new challenge. And, life isn't interesting if you're not challenging yourself, right?

I hope you have a great weekend! And Happy Mother's Day to you mamas out there! I'm going to the New Kids on the Block concert this weekend with some friends and reliving the early 90's 😉

{Photo by Casey Brodley}


  1. Joy, you were so good! That was smooth like butter! 😉 the hosts were super cheesy but that was a cute and funny segment!

  2. Hi Joy, don’t suppose you can let me know where your beautiful pink dress is from can you?
    Thanks v much 🙂


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