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a framed photograph {giveaway}…(now closed)

Max Wanger Print

Max Wanger Print

One of my favorite photographers and good friend, Max Wanger, sees in a way that I can't even explain. I'm always blown away by his eye and how he captures images on a camera. Today, we have a very special giveaway, and Max is giving away a large framed print (a $700 retail value) to one lucky reader. The winner can choose from any print in his shop up to 30×45" in size as well as a frame color of your choice!

To enter, simply visit Max Wanger's Print Shop, then leave a comment here telling me which print you'd pick if you won! Entries must be posted by this Friday, July 10th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

P.S. For Oh Joy readers, Max is also offering 15% off the entire shop. Enter code SUMMER15 at checkout through July 12th, 2015.

UPDATE: Congrats to Nicole F. from NJ for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $700 USD total value for each winner. Winner will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I would definitely love to own the “County Line” print. I love the relaxing vibe the soft colors and tranquil scene give off. Set off by a simple white frame, it would be the star of my house!

  2. I LOVE Max’s work thanks to you and DLF! Waikiki No.6 is my favorite, but I could find a place in my house for all of his prints <3

  3. I love wave 02, so relaxing. It makes me feel like I’m at the beach, which is where i love to be.

  4. Waikiki #6 has been my desktop background at work for a few months now, and it always brings me small doses of happiness every time I see it, still! I would love to have the print to hang at home!

  5. Difficulty choosing, but New York would be my pick. Went to NY for our Honeymoon 6 years ago!

  6. I would LOVE to have the Rainbow print in my home. I love the the color and composition of that photo. Beautiful.

  7. I’d have to choose wave no.2 because my husband and I both grew up in Florida and miss the beach waves something fierce!

  8. Thank you Joy! I love all of Max Wanger’s work. If I had to pick one, I’d love to hang Tulum at home. πŸ™‚

  9. I would love waikiki no.6! If I somehow win it would make for a very fun surprise for the wifey

  10. They are all wonderful. I especially love ‘Waikiki 4’ and ‘New York’.

  11. I absolutely love the wave. It is gorgeous and I know exactly where I would hang it!

  12. I’ve long loved his work. As difficult as it is to pick just one – county line would have to be it. Thanks!

  13. Waikiki #6 is my favorite! I’ve been dreaming of having one of his beach prints for a while!

  14. I am really torn between New York and Big Sur. I think I would pick Big Sur so it would serve as an escape from my New York apartment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Oh wow, what an awesome giveaway! I love Max’s work! We actually just bought Tulum from OKL last week and are anxiously awaiting it – but I would love Ice Cream for our soon-to-be first baby’s nursery! Thanks!

  16. What gorgeous work! I would go with the ‘i heart you’ print — so simple and beautiful!

  17. These are so beautiful! I I would absolutely love to own Max Wagner’s Waikiki #6. So peaceful and serene. Thanks, Joy!

  18. Beautiful photos! I would love to win the Mother & Child with the white frame! It’s so gorgeous!

  19. Beautiful pieces! I would love BLOOM — am having a baby girl in Sept and it would look amazing in her nursery!

  20. would love love love to have waikiki no.7. so serene and beautiful for a bedroom!

  21. I would choose the palm trees from so cal because that’s where home has always been for me, even though I live on the east coast now. Love you joy ?

  22. I’ve admired his work for so long! Tulum would look so great above my turquoise couch.

  23. I’d love Big Sur. It’s one of my very favorite places. ❀️

  24. New York with White Frame! It’d be a perfect addition to my living room and give the vibe of my favorite skyline even though we live in Iowa!

  25. I’ve been such a fan of Max Wanger’s work for a while now. Hard to choose but at this point I think I’d go with Waikiki no. 6. So beautiful!

  26. There are so many great ones to choose from. I am going to ignore my natural impulse to go for hearts/balloons and instead pick “float” as my favorite. I’m feeling the water and the solitude and it is just so gorgeous. “Float” it is!

  27. For almost 2 years now, I’ve wanted to buy Splash. It would be amazing to own it!

  28. Max has so many awesome shots! My favorite, and the one I would want if I win, is Waikiki no. 5. So gorgeous!

  29. His eye for negative space is incredible! Such amazing work. It’s impossible to choose just one but County Line is so serene! Thanks, Joy!

  30. LOVE print with a white frame. Sweet, serene, and I adore the placement. Beautiful work!

  31. Tough choice!! I would probably choose endless, though it’d be a tough call between that and plane 1. Thanks, Joy!

  32. Waikiki No. 4 reminds me of my vacations to Oahu and I definitely love Hawaii. This would be lovely hung in my living room and Max Wagner is a great artist! Thanks

  33. I’m from NYC so I would love the new York print in the natural frame please.

  34. Oh wow… it’s kind of impossible to pick since they are all so amazing! I think I’d have to go with upside down but endless is pretty amazing too.

  35. He’s awesome! I would love ‘Big Sur!’ I am in the Air Force and was stationed in Monterey many years ago before I knew how to use a camera. We went to Big Sur and I took horrible pictures of a beautiful place. It would be lovely to have a photograph that really captures Big Sur’s beauty.

  36. I love this photographer! I would go with Big Sur. But it’s hard to choose!

  37. There are way too many that I love to choose!! I think I would have to go with Big Sur, though, as my hubby and I were just there and it was so beautiful!

  38. I love New York or Waikiki! All of them are amazing and it would be a pleasure to own any of them… He is such a talent!

  39. no way, i love his work! you are the coolest, joy! i’d pick wakiki #5 if i won. πŸ™‚

  40. I would choose rainbow with a white frame. It would make me happy everyday to see it.

  41. I love Splash, which reminds me of Gerhard Richter’s famous painting of a woman descending a staircase. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  42. There are so many amazing prints to choose from! If I had to go with one, though, it would have to be Waikiki No. 4 in the white frame. Thank you for the opportunity!

  43. I love Max’s work! Would love one of his Wakiki prints, or the endless one. πŸ™‚

  44. Great photos. I like the one you are holding. Skate would also look great in a kids room.

  45. I’ve always loved Waikiki on Joys wall, wish I had one too! Its so lovely and reminds of our first trip to Hawaii!

  46. Really love Max’s work! He’s so talented his style is one of a kind. I met him once and he is a
    Really sweet, humble guy too. πŸ™‚ I’m in love with Tulum. It would be a beautiful addition to my peaceful bedroom.

  47. I have wanted a print for forever! Since I was born in HI, Aloha would just be perfect!

  48. The colors on “Wave” are gorgeous, and I love how abstract it is from a distance!

  49. It’s hard to pick just one. My favorites are Up, Upside Down, and New York.

  50. I love his work! I have long coveted his “Big Sur” photo in the natural frame πŸ™‚

  51. I love, LOVE county line. It’s the backdrop on my computer right now, from the Designlovefest downloadable files!! He can capture such amazing images that really speak to you. Thanks for the chance!

  52. All of these prints are so unique and fun! I’d have to choose Waikiki No. 4 since I love the beach and it’s such a different way to capture the ocean.

  53. I love his prints! I would chose Big Sur– it is where we went for our honeymoon and the image is stunning!

  54. I have been DYING for one of his photos! Waikiki No.4 is the one I’d choose, as it reminds me of the year I lived there and had my daughter.

  55. I can’t believe I’m not picking one of the excellent prints featuring water, but the “I Heart You” print is so perfectly sweet

  56. I have had my eye on the dip image for a long time. The essence of summer! I love his style.

  57. Hi! I would pick Waikiki no. 7 – I love the clouds. I think I’d go with a white frame, too. All of his works are so beautiful – if only my whole house could be filled with them!!

  58. New York in the natural frame. Just went to NYC this spring for the first time ever and loved it. It would remind me of the wonderful time I had.

  59. The Dip, without question! After swimming competitively for 15 years, it embraces that moment of underwater peace.

  60. wow!! I’d love any shot from his studio. It’s nearly impossible to pick just one. I do hope I win. Maybe Waikiki no 6?

  61. I am with all the others that say Waikiki no. 4! We need a bit of ocean here in the Midwest!!

  62. I love his work. As a photographer, I would love “wave”, simple, clean, perfect.

  63. I love following Max on Instagram. His images always take my breath away! The Rainbow print is the perfect balance of negative space and image. Such a great shot!

  64. Bloom or dip. Both make me feel happy when I look at them. I’ve loved water since I was little – being in it has always made me feel peaceful. I love the colors in bloom. It would be a very hard choice. But one I’d be happy to make πŸ™‚

  65. With my husband as a Hawaiian pilot, I would have to pick one of the Waikiki photos or the Aloha print. I’ve loved Max’s work for a long time — fingers crossed!

  66. These are amazing…and I have often admired them. I would love Waikiki no. 4. I travel for my job, I work in Progressive Politics, and when I had my first child I had to take a trip to Oahu. I was still breast feeding and I would pump on the beach at Waikiki to take milk home with me. It was hard, but I felt so lucky to be able to see that site. It would have a beautiful, prominent spot in my house here in DC.

  67. Endless gets my vote! Reminds me of the peace and contentment my husband and I capture on our (rare) vacations.

  68. These are awesome!! My fav pick would be Waikiki no. 7. But am torn between white or natural frame!! Awesome photography!

  69. What a great prize – love his photography! I think I’d have to go with Wave – love that he captured just a moment before the crash!

  70. All of them are so amazing.
    New York and Ice Cream are my most favorite!
    The color is unbelievable.

  71. the mother & child – natural frame would be absolutely perfect in our gender neutral nursery πŸ™‚

  72. Waikiki no.6 – it’s also my desktop background right now! It exudes summer fun!

  73. My favorites are New York and Ice Cream
    Every photo is beautiful. The colors are amazing.

  74. I currently have the ferris wheel print in my daughter’s nursery. But I adore his “sign language love” print as well. He has such a great artistic eye!

  75. I love Upside Down, it’s been a longtime favorite as I’ve followed Max. Such a wonderful piece to remind you to be light and playful throughout your days.

  76. I have been a fan of his work! My favorite is the “Green Brier” and also “Upside down”. Natural frame forsure. I’ve been planning a major living room makeover, and one of these pieces would be perfect. -Lauren

  77. Max Wanger + Joy Cho = !!!
    Love his work–I’d have to go with wave no. 2. Gorgeous.

  78. i already have the ice-cream photo from your land of nod collection, and i love it. this would be such a hard choice, but i really like the idea of waikiki no. 4 or endless in a huge size for my livingroom. thanks for sharing the artist with us, hope i win but bookmarking for sure.

  79. I love the one you’re holding, and also “Up.” Max Wagner is a great artist and photographer. I’d love to have one of his prints in my home.

  80. It would be wonderful to win a Max Wanger print – I love his work and have been wanting one for my home for a while now. Wave no. 2 is my favorite!

  81. I love the “Ice Cream” print in the Natural frame. And the framer is Simply Framed … one of my favorites!

  82. I love “skate” with the white frame. I’m very impressed with the way he frames his photographs, wonderful work!

  83. This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you Joy!! I would have a hard time deciding between New York and waikiki no.7!

  84. Waikiki #7! A few years ago, my sister and I ran the Honolulu marathon together. The memory is my single favorite time in my life. The photo would give me happy memories daily!

  85. waikiki no.4 is my favorite,even though I’ve never been to Hawaii – a girl can dream!

  86. oh the new york print! his prints are so great and the new york one would be perfect as a dedication to my first home right out of school. beautiful!!!

  87. I want them allll!!! I sort of LOVE the ice cream in the white frame though. i love how minimal some of these are. beautiful.

  88. Love Waikiki no.4 but County Line is coming in a very close second. They both initiate daydreams, which is the best part.

  89. I love Waikiki No. 5. Such a stunning view of the water and people from a distance.

  90. What a tough choice. I think I would go with New York, but I really love Jump, and Up too. Thanks Joy!

  91. i have a print from max and love his work so much! wave no. 2 would be amazing in my bedroom. so beautiful and soothing.

  92. I love County Line in a white frame. It reminds me of that perfect feeling at the end of a summer day.

  93. I love New York! Have been dying over Max’s work for years and have never been able to purchase a piece. Would love to have it right over my bed.

  94. I love his work! My picks are Dip with the White Frame or Waikki no 4 with the White frame. So hard to pick favs!

  95. I love Float. So relaxing with all of the blue. Gives you some perspective on how small you really are in nature.

  96. I love Waikiki No. 6…the colors and movement are perfect! Takes me to my happy place just looking at it!

  97. OMG… all of them are realy great.
    “Wave” – “Float” – “Wave” – “Float” – “Wave” – “Float” – “Wave” – “Float” – “Wave” – “Float” …
    OK… “Wave” is my favorite! Or… lol

  98. i’ve had ice cream pinned for a long time, but i also love solitude! i can’t decide.

  99. Definitely no easy choice! I Think Wave No. 2 (or Waikiki No. 4?). Love them all!!

  100. New York white frame. What an interesting perspective on what is typically a blue, black and grey city. Have never seen it captured in such rich colors before.

  101. I love wave #2….so soothing to look at. i cant stop looking at up though too lol

  102. How can one even pick? Max is the best. Since his negative space use is what has always drawn me to his work, and I miss my time living in Hawaii, Aloha would be a dream to own!

  103. i would love love ::LOVE:: the waikiki no.4 – white frame!!! amazing work!

  104. The New York print!! I miss my hometown like CRAZY and would love to bring a piece of it into my Cali apartment.

  105. I would choose Waikiki no. 6 for our living room! We live in the drizzly Pacific Northwest, and it would brighten the room and our days to have this beautiful beach print in our home.

  106. I have always been a huge fax of Max Wanger. I would love one of his new prints in my home. I love the waikiki no.6. Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. Wave no. 2 would be just perfect for my daughter’s room. So lovely! Thanks!

  108. I love Max Wanger!! I would be pumped to win the wave no.2, so beautiful.

  109. I would choose any of the Waikiki prints or the Skate print. I happen to be changing out all of our pictures and artwork in our house, so adding one of Max’s prints would be amazing! Crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and any other possible body part! xoxo

  110. I love the Waikiki prints! My husband and I grew up on Oahu and the print will be a lovely reminder of home πŸ™‚

  111. That’s a tough choice. They’re all beautiful! I’m currently decorating nursery #2 and I think Waikiki #4 with the white frame would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. i have been in love with max wanger for so long and would absolutely go crazy if i won! my favorite has always been the ice cream print and i would choose the white frame <3

  113. Tulum would be my favorite! Although they are all such lovely photographs!!
    The Blues on Tulum are so therapeutic!

  114. I have the framed ice cream print already, and would love to add to the collection. perhaps, float or waikiki no. 6!

  115. I am torn between Waikiki no. 5 or 6 since that is where we lived when my husband and I met, and where we got married. I miss that place!

  116. The ice cream print, definitely! (or the love, or up, or…how do you ever choose?!) thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Waikiki no.4 with the white frame! The tiny scale of the people against the water reminds me of iSpy books from my childhood.

  118. Oh my gosh, I just love the print and frame you have in the photo, perfect for my new room.

  119. I’d pick Tulum! The print reminds me of all of the beach days I have loved in the past and the exciting beach days (including a trip to Mexico!) coming up this summer. Thanks!

  120. I would choose Waikiki no.6 because I love Hawai’i and want to be reminded of it always.

  121. All of Max’s prints are beautiful, but I would choose Dip with the white frame. I love that it captures the feel of the refreshing water as well as the warmth of the sun.

  122. I love the Tulum in the white frame because we went there on our honeymoon! ?

  123. Waikiki No. 4 is so refreshing…I can almost imagine the feel of the water. I’ve always wanted this one!

  124. Id’ choose waikiki no4. I live in London and am originally from South Africa, and i miss swimming and water so much. Just being around water and the coolness and sounds of it is heavenly. This print might help me with my loss πŸ™‚

  125. I would love to win wave no.2. I would love to just look at it while nursing and feel peace. ;)))

  126. I would pick Waikiki no. 6! I would like to give it to my brother and sister in law for their new home. I know they are fans.

  127. OH MY GOSH, this would be absolutely amazing!!! My husband and I have been in our apartment for about a year, and are finally thinking about what to put on the walls, and one of these prints would be perfect! I especially love Wave no. 2 (but Big Sur is also beautiful!) My fingers are crossed!!! Thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  128. So many of his prints are so lovely. I love the print of New York… Such pretty colors.

  129. Love the Big Sur print in the natural frame! So lovely. If I had an extra few thousand laying around I would buy several of his prints!

  130. Tough choice between Waikiki No. 4 and Tulum, which has sentimental value to me. Love all of Max’s work.

  131. I would choose “Ice Cream” to remind us of hot summer days all year round and some of our favorite family moments getting an ice cream cone at a moments notice.

  132. Wave no.2 in a white frame or Mother & Child… I think they would go perfectly in the nursery for our little Levi due in December.

  133. Wave No. 2 with a white frame! It would be like a window into paradise on my living room wall. Love it!

  134. I’ve loved Max Wanger’s work since seeing Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo’s engagement photos a while back. I’d have a hard time deciding between ‘ice cream’ and ‘wave,’ or really… any of them πŸ™‚

  135. It’s semi-impossible to choose just one, but there’s something about Dip in the natural frame. Instant summer/good mood vibes. That water is beyond gorgeous! I can almost feel myself diving in!

  136. Oh! So many lovely choices. Big Sur would probably be my pic if I had to choose just one.

  137. Gorgeous prints…I love the “Country Line” photos. Beautiful and simple. I’m thinking master bedroom for that one! Thanks

  138. I love this print (waikikik no 4), exactly how it is! It reminds of my trips to tulum (even though its not) and how its colorful vibe is so relaxing and happy!

  139. I would LOVE County Line or Waikiki no.4 in classic white frame. – I have been lusting over Max’s prints for some time now.

  140. So hard to pick – but it would be between Waikiki No. 7 and Solitude. Such great prints!

  141. I would probably pick Mother and Child, Ice Cream, or Float (I really appreciate the negative space in all three). Plus, right now Float is the image I have on my desktop.

  142. His work is fantastic! Every time I see an art wall that I love, there is always a Max Wanger print hanging in the mix. I would pick Waikiki no. 5 with a natural frame–the play of color is gorgeous!

  143. Big Sur holds a special place in my heart and Max Wagner captures it beautifully. Thanks, Joy!

  144. Pool party – one of those photos in which you would always see something new ~ πŸ™‚

  145. “Upside Down” is so whimsical, it would definitely be my top pick. I’d love to use it in my son’s playroom.

  146. Up + Mother and Child. So hard to pick. They are all so wonderful. Such a great artist. Fingers crossed. Thank you!!

  147. I would pick the ‘Love’ print. We have our first baby arriving in October and I have been eyeing that print for his nursery. Thanks Joy!

  148. I would definitely go with the Ferris picture. Something about being on a ferris wheel makes you feel carefree and flying high.

  149. I just adore Waikiki No. 6! Amazing colors and the perfect pick-me-up for living in a rainy place like Seattle! Max does such great work – thanks for letting us know about him!

  150. So MANY amazing pictures makes it hard to choose. But If I could only have one I would pick wave no.2!!! Beautiful!

  151. It’s a toss up, but I think I would choose the LOVE print with a white frame.

  152. Upside down has been (and may very well always be) my favorite Max Wanger print for a very long time. I’d love to hang it in my new home!

  153. His work is amazing! I would definitely select New York with a white frame!

  154. So hard to choose!! But probably either Mother and Child or I Heart You for my new baby’s nursery!

  155. I would LOVE Waikiki #4 with a white frame. We just moved (as well as just got back from vacation in Hawaii!) and have a big wall that this would look perfect on! Been a huge fan of Max Wanger for a long time so this would be something I would love to win! Fingers crossed!

  156. Max Wagner is also a favorite photographer of mine. I would choose the Love print with a white frame.

  157. I have to go with waikiki no.4 – white frame baby. Thank you Joy and Max!!

  158. Love all of Max Wagner’s work! Greenbrier with the natural frame, gives me wanderlust.

  159. My favorite is for sure the one you are holding, waikiki no.4. So beautiful! I have the perfect wall just waiting for this!!

  160. I love all of Max’s photos, but Splash, especially in the natural frame, is my absolute favorite. This image has been on my wish list for a looooong time.

  161. I love all of these prints so much! I’ve had my eye on tulum for such a long time! but I also am really loving county line!

  162. I’m torn between “Waikiki #4” and “Float”…but I’d be happy with either!

  163. Love these; Float and New York are my favorites! I love the peace when you’re just letting the waves rock you and the NY piece – it almost looks like a miniature model somehow to me. Thanks for sharing these!

  164. I LOVE Max Wanger prints. So hard to decide between Wave No. 2 or Mother and Child. Either would look fab in my living room. Fingers crossed!!

  165. Tulum… a gorgeous photograph capturing the beauty of one of my favorite places on earth. I’ve been in love with this print forever.

  166. Max Wagner has a great eye! If I won, I would choose either Plane 2 or Yellow Balloon. Thank you!

  167. I was just admiring his prints on One Kings Lane last night. Would love the Love print in a white frame for my bedroom. πŸ™‚ thank you!

  168. Hi! I can’t even tell you how badly I want one of his wonderful prints. I am a newlywed and can’t afford one, and this would be a DREAM.
    I am completely in love with Waikiki No.6. Crossing my fingers big time!!!
    Thanks Joy!

  169. It’s SO hard to pick just one, but I’m REALLY loving Rainbow. (in a white frame).

  170. I LOVE the New York with a natural frame! My husband and I took a trip to new york this past spring and loved it. It would be so fun to have a beautiful photograph to remind us of that wonderful city!

  171. I love Social. This part of living in L.A. feels unique and simple.
    I also love the colorful Pool Party. These are great.

  172. Waikiki no. 6! True story time? I rotate through Max Wanger photos as my desktop background. Talk about a dream giveaway where I could possibly have a printed version in my home!

  173. So lovely and summery! I would pick “socal” as a beautiful reminder of when I lived in San Diego.

  174. i must say i love waikiki no.4 as well!! i already have a small print of ferris that i cherish.

  175. I’ve been a fan of Max’s work for a few years now – thank you so much for bringing this giveaway to us! I think Waikiki No. 4 would be perfect in our living room! xoxo

  176. Float, or Love, or Solitute. Rainbow is also gorgeous. His work is so incredible, simple & focused, yet it makes your mind travel and uplifts your whole mood. The white frames are perfect!

  177. So many loveliness to choose from but I would definitely pick Waikki #4 with a white frame. I would stare at that picture in the middle of a Minnesota winter and instantly feel warm and calm.

  178. It’s so hard to choose but Waikiki no.6 looks like the perfect balance of color and composition for the wall I would put this on!

  179. Love Max’s work! So much beauty in the simplest moments. His use of line and color and space are impeccable. I love Waikiki No. 6.

  180. greenbrier in a natural frame is sooo dope and would look amazing in my apt πŸ™‚

  181. This is a dream!!! I have been drooling over his work for years. I am a newlywed so can’t quite afford one, so this would be so beyond wonderful. I am in love with Waikiki No. 6.
    Ah! Thanks Joy!

  182. This is a dream!!! I have been drooling over his work for years. I am a newlywed so can’t quite afford one, so this would be so beyond wonderful. I am in love with Waikiki No. 6.
    Ah! Thanks Joy!

  183. Waikiki no. 7 with white frame is beautiful. That would help me get through the winters here. πŸ™‚

  184. I am so in love with waikiki no.5 with the white frame. I have the perfect spot over my sofa. I’m moving to a little 1950s cottage and am planning on doing a retro palm springs-y feel and this would be the perfect focal point. I’ve been dreaming about having a piece of art this big to transport me to the beach (I’m landlocked in Nashville), but art that size is out of my price range. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  185. This is a dream!!! I have been drooling over his work for years. I am a newlywed so can’t quite afford one, so this would be so beyond wonderful. I am in love with Waikiki No. 6.
    Ah! Thanks Joy!

  186. I’m in love with Socal! I’m a Cali girl at heart but live on the Easy Coast. xo

  187. Waikiki no 6 in white frame. It’s so calming and soothing. Love the colors!

  188. Tough choice…but I would choose Tulum, white frame. I just love those colors!

  189. Always thought Wave no. 2 would like mighttttty fine hanging in our dining room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  190. I would choose the one of Tulum in the white frame! My husband & just got back from our honeymoon there, just 3 weeks ago. It would be so great to have something to always remember it by & being newlyweds, the funds to buy art for our walls is probably a ways off. This would love so perfect over our blue velvet couch! Here’s to hoping we win!!! x

  191. Oh my, so many great choices. I would get the Mother & Daughter print in a white frame. Absolutely gorgeous. And fitting, since I’m moving back in with my mom and need to decorate her walls.

  192. Waikiki No. 4 is really fantastic – thats why you’re holding it too I guess! Thanks for the giveaway!

  193. waikiki no.5 – white frame is simply beautiful. I currently use it as my desktop wallpaper from DesignLoveFest’s blog. Max Wanger is truly my fave photographer and I would love to have one of his prints to look at every day especially one of Hawaii to remind me of where I got engaged.

  194. I’d pick waikiki no.5. I love how it shows the different land formations. Beautiful works!

  195. I would have a tough time deciding between Waikiki No. 4 and Big Sur but would probably go for Waikiki No. 4 because I have been eyeing that one for a while now!

  196. So hard to choose! I think I’d love to go with County Line. So peaceful and wonderful warm colors; perfect for a bedroom! <3

  197. Absolutely love Max’s prints! Would like to have his LOVE print added to my gallery wall in my workspace. One day I’ll be able to have them all!

  198. I would put “ice cream” in the nursery for our baby-to-be in a heartbeat!

  199. Hawaii is our family’s happy place. I would pick Waikiki No. 4 so we can always have a piece of our happy place in our home. πŸ™‚

  200. I love his work! I actually have one of his photos as a desktop background right now. For print, I would go with waikiki no.4. Love the colors. So refreshing!

  201. i’m a big fan of max wanger’s work, but if i have to choose one – new york – love the colors!

  202. Waikiki no 6 with white frame, though they are all so beautiful and amazing! Such a good contest, thank you!

  203. WoW! I am a new fan! I was not familar with his work but his photos are awesome! I would choose Ice cream white frame….. It reminds me to always be a kid at heart! Cheers to youth! I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream! Thanks for introducing me to another great artist, and the opportunity to win!

  204. I’m crushing REALLY hard on the ice cream print with the neutral frame. I would die to put this in my downstairs play area. Swoon!

  205. Oh my goodness, this giveaway just made my heart so happy! Max’s “Solitude” piece has been a favorite of mine. I find myself visiting his shop looking at that piece when I need a calm, zen moment to regroup (or just because I love it). I can’t imagine how breathtaking it would be in person! It would fix perfectly with my new apartment! πŸ™‚ Love, love, love Max’s work! xo, Katie

  206. Tulum has always been a favorite of mine! Love Max’s work! ❀️❀️❀️

  207. Oh I love the work, his use of negative space is fantastic. I think I love the irreverence of Upside Down with a white frame. Oh but maybe Ice Cream? He has gorgeous work, all of which make me smile.

  208. the colors in County Line are just gorgeous, I’d have to go with that.

  209. Wow! It is so hard to choose, I love so many and can see them all in my home. I love ‘Up’…that was one of the first movies I saw with my husband when we first started dating in high school! We are coming up on our one year anniversary, and this would be so perfect!

  210. I am so torn between the waikiki no. 4 in the white frame and the New York in the white frame. We just moved to NYC so it would be perfect in our apartment but the colors and content of the waikiki no. 4 are perfection!! Fingers crossed I have to make the decision!!

  211. Socal or Big Sur. My husband and I drove up the California coast a few years ago, and both of these bring back some warm fuzzies. Friday is my birthday πŸ™‚ Thanks Joy and Max!

  212. I love all of them! You’re right, it’s so hard to choose just one! If I have to choose, I’d choose Socal because it’s where I’m from and the palm trees are always a welcome home sight for me.

  213. I love Waikiki No 6 in natural. Tough trying to pick a favorite, for sure!

  214. i LOVE his endless print so much. it is so calming and soothing and would be a perfect addition to our new home.

  215. hard to choose, but i love waikiki no. 6 – white frame!! gorgeous. thanks for this giveaway, joy & max wanger!!

  216. I would love to have the Big Sur hanging in my home as it’s one of my favorite places on Earth!

  217. The Waikiki no.4 print would go perfectly in my baby’s nursery. My husband and I are house hunting now, with a bun in the oven due February of 2016! Love his work! Thank you!

  218. Waikiki #6 is my favorite! I just moved to a new apt in SF. Working in tech and being non stop takes a toll on you, and this print puts me at ease and reminds me to take a moment to be grateful

  219. Waikiki no.4 in a white frame! Love how fresh & clean it feels, would be a perfect room refresher!

  220. I love Waikiki No. 6 and also a fan of the SoCal series, I’m obsessed with palm trees!!

  221. Max Wagner prints are some of my favorite, so beautiful! I would choose Float with a white frame. I love the crisp bright blue water with the pop of pink!

  222. Oh my, so hard to choose!! My first choice would be Waikiki No. 4 followed by Rainbow or New York… they are all so dreamy!

  223. I would love Waikiki 7 for my master bedroom. Reminds me of our recent trip to Hawaii and the serene beach we fell in love with while there!

  224. Tulum in the white or natural frame. This is hard. I might choose differently if you asked me tomorrow. I love them all so much!

  225. ohhh, i’ve seen his work before and love the beachy scenes and colors. i would pick float- it would remind me of the calm i feel when i’m in the water.

  226. Wow! This is so so cool that you are doing this!! Thank you for the opportunity! I would get this as a surprise congratulations gift for my boyfriend. He just got a job he’s been going after for months and is slowly decorating his side of a shared office space with little luck and no budget. Waikiki no. 6 or upside down would look very cool and would for sure grab the eye of creatives that will be in and out of the office for meetings πŸ™‚ best of luck to the other folks commenting! Thanks again to you and Max! -Laura

  227. I love big sur! It’s such a unique shot with wonderful colors. There are so many beautiful prints to choose from…

  228. His work is amazing and it would be hard to choose. Wave no 2 might be a favorite.

  229. Wow! I am a huge fan of Max Wanger! We just bought our first place and I have a lot of empty walls to fill. I would absolutely love to be able to look at ‘Endless’ (in the natural frame) everyday!

  230. I’ve been in love with Max’s work for a long time, Waikiki no. 5 is my current favorite!

  231. Wow. Absolutely in love with Ice Cream. So crisp, so simple. I’d love to hang it in our playroom/nursery above our daybed!

  232. Loveeeeee this!!!! I love the Waikiki No 7 in the wood frame! But they are all sooo pretty!

  233. I would love to own Waikiki number 6 with a white frame..would go beautiful in the plain walls of my new apartment, plus we are ocean people that just moved to TX and would love to have a little piece of ocean in our home..❀️Good luck everyone!

  234. Such a hard choice but I don’t think I can go past Waikiki #4 in the Wood Gallery Frame in White. I’ve been envisioning it above my bed for months! Thanks so much!

  235. I can’t decide between the love print and i heart you. The natural frame is definitely my favorite <3

  236. Definitely the Skate print because we are a skateboarding family. Or Greenbrier because that’s the van my dad drove when I was growing up.

  237. Wow! His work is gorgeous! I’d have a hard time choosing but I think I’d go with float. I love this simplistic style.

  238. Waikiki No. 5 in the natural frame. What a stunning vantage point and I love the blues.

  239. Tough decision! I’d have to pick endless. I’ve admired his work for so long!

  240. wave no. 2……
    Max is amazing, and much like yourself, so incredibly inspiring!!!!

  241. We have the same taste – I love Waikiki No. 4 with the white frame. Love Max Wanger’s work – it is all beautiful & celebrates life. Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  242. I am obsessed with I Heart You or Ice Cream <3
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  243. I love Max Wanger! I would choose either Wave no. 2, Up, or Upside Down… I can’t decide!

  244. Sorry, didn’t mean to comment twice and break any rules on the giveaway. I just didn’t realize mine had already commented πŸ™‚

  245. Wow…these are amazing! I really like the Ice Cream photograph. It would be a great representation of my husband and I. I have the perfect place for it in our bedroom.

  246. Argh so hard to pick! But I think either Greenbrier or Wave. What a great photographer!

  247. Oh I would love this! My favorite print of Max’s has always been “palms.” I grew up in California but live in the Midwest now so would love to have a piece like this to remind me of home.

  248. Honestly I can’t choose. I’ve been following Max Wanger as he’s been one of my main inspirations when it comes to photography since 2009 now. I truly appreciate his use of negative space and the way the colors come out in each photo is so dream like. I really feel the emotions evoked in each moment captured.
    I would be happy with ANY print!

  249. Tough decision, but I love the mix of peacefulness and anticipation in “Wave”

  250. It’s a toss up between Waikiki no.5 and solitude both in the natural frame. Max certainly does have a great eye!

  251. I’m all about rainbows, so Rainbow (with a white frame) is the obvious winner to me. Love them all, but as soon as I saw Rainbow, I knew that had to be it. Fingers crossed. Thank you, Max & Joy! xx

  252. Waikiki #6 reminds me of the best family vacation I’ve been on. Please pick me. πŸ™‚

  253. Easy question…the print I longingly stalk on his website is Waikiki #4! Also love the natural frame. That print gives me tingles!

  254. Love dip…. where I’d love to be right now! Though Big Sur does remind me of home….

  255. Float in white frame..because she looks like me and it reminds me of the feeling I have all summer long…childhood….games of mermaid…coconut oil and chlorine.

  256. waikiki no.6 – white frame
    I would pick this print – the colors – those colors!!

  257. endless – white frame would be lovely in our family room! such a beautiful feeling evoked from that shot <3

  258. Waikki no. 6 has been a photo favorite of mine for soooo long. I need it in my life!! Thanks for the great giveaway! xx

  259. I am a big fan of Max’s work and have his Tulum and Martha’s Vineyard photos. I would love to own County Line to my collection.

  260. My fiancΓ© and I are getting married in a few months and the “I Heart You” With the natural frame would be perfect for our new apartment together!

  261. Waikiki #6 with a white frame. I got engaged in Hawaii so this would be the perfect photo for our home!

  262. My fiancΓ© and I are getting married in a few months and the “I Heart You” with the natural frame would be perfect for our new apartment together!

  263. I would choose “Up” with the white frame for above my sofa… seems so sweet to think about the possibilities!

  264. my company’s office is bright & colorful, but somehow my room is super dark. i would get one of the Waikiki prints to brighten up my mood & the space. Leaning towards #4 or #6!

  265. love or rainbow in a natural frame – in support of the recent #scotus ruling!

  266. I’d love the “Up” piece with a white frame…so many beautiful pieces to choose from…lovely giveaway!

  267. I have Waikiki No. 5 and 6 as desktop wallpapers, so I think I would choose one of those. So calming, and I love those blue/green colors!

  268. I LOVE his work! I meet him and his wife at an LA event over the holidays and they were so warm and friendly. My husband and I took our first trip together to Hawaii, so I’d pick Waikiki no.7 as a reminder!

  269. I love the New York with white frame…second fave is Waikiki No. 6. Love your blog and Max’s work!

  270. I love Max’s prints so much and have been dying to get a Tulum print for awhile! Fingers crossed!

  271. I love all the prints but if i narrow it down it would be between greenbrier and Waikiki no.7 i cant decide ahhhh theyre both so gorgeous.

  272. Amazing giveaway for such a talent! The choice is so hard, but I would go with Wave. We love the beach and this is a constant reminder to enjoy life.

  273. We are moving in a few weeks and we would love a picture for our new home! All the waikiki images are amazing, but maybe I’d go with waikiki no. 6 in a white frame. We’re taking our baby to waikiki in a few months so it would be the perfect image to remind us of our first vacation as a family of three! Thanks for the giveaway!

  274. I love his photos so much. I’ve been looking for a large print to put over my bed, and I think “Tulum” would be perfect.

  275. Dip with the natural frame! Big fan of Max’s work from seeing him at UniqueLA!

  276. I love the New York print or Solitude. I absolutely love all of his work β€” I scroll through his blog sometimes just for eye-candy.

  277. My husband and I are moving into a new apartment next month, and we would be thrilled to come home to “socal” every day!

  278. waikiki no.4 – white frame, but it was a tough choice, so many beautiful options. Love it and would be thrilled to hang it in my home!

  279. I am in LOVE with Waikiki no. 6 – would bring so much warmth and happiness to my room!

  280. If I win the giveaway, I’d love to see the Greenbrier print hanging up on my wall! I’ve always been a big fan of the Volkswagen Van- currently restoring one my husband picked up as a birthday gift!

  281. “Jump” is my favorite! Ive jumped off that exact rock on the north shore of Oahu before with my boyfriend so it has sentimental value and would be the perfect addition to our new apartment in Williamsburg!

  282. I would love his Tulum print in a white frame…I have been a fan of his for years and have always been waiting until I could afford one of his huge prints (which I still can’t quite afford, unfortunately) so to win this print and hang it in the perfect spot in my living room would be a dream!

  283. What a wonderful giveaway! I would definitely choose Waikiki No. 4 or County Line… Or maybe Liberty?? Such great options!

  284. Hmmm, I really love all of them! But for now, I would choose Tulum, as it reminds me of a recent trip we took there… I definitely need this for the big empty wall next to my dining table! Please random generator, pick me!

  285. Simplicity at its best! These prints are gorgeous! My favorite is Waikiki No 6. Had the opportunity to take our then 4-month son there last March for his first dip in the ocean!

  286. I’ve been a fan of Max for a while now. Would such a dream to own a piece of his work. Just looking at the Waikiki no.4 makes me so happy! Thank you!

  287. Any of the waikiki prints would be wonderful, although if I had to choose, waikiki no. 5 for sure!

  288. wave no.2 – natural frame would look amazing in my newly bought house in Florida!

  289. County Line in the white frame – reminds me of my childhood growing up in LA! πŸ™‚

  290. Wakiki No. 6 please . . in fact it is my desktop wallpaper right now. It just feels like summertimes.

  291. I love the aloha print — hawaii is where i’m from and it would be lovely to have this representation in my home now in Seattle and to teach my daughter all about the islands!

  292. What a difficult decision!! I would have to go with I Heart You for my girls’ room. Love it. Love them all.

  293. Thanks for the chance to win! I would pick waikiki no.6 – I’ve never been to Hawaii but this looks amazing πŸ™‚

  294. The New York print is incredible! Such a different way to see the city. Definitely that one!

  295. They’re all amazing! I am in love with “ice cream” – so unique & just perfect for my daughter’s room.

  296. this is SO hard! it would be a toss up between love or i heart you. both would be perfect to go above our bed.

  297. Waikiki No. 6 would make me happy every time I walked by it. The colors are so calming!

  298. I would pick New York in a White Frame! Love his work and his IG account πŸ™‚

  299. waikiki no.5! I would put it on the wall in front of my bed to wake up to every morning!

  300. Love them all! Reminds me of Gray Malin! I think I’d go with Wave no.2, Socal or Dip but I would be happy with any of them!

  301. I LOVE the Waikiki No.4 that you have pictured here. I just moved from the beach to a land locked state and life is so much sadder.

  302. Waikiki no 6. ‘Cause I like a little surf with my beach… And Looking at that photo can bring me a little vacation everyday!!

  303. Oh! Wakiki No. 6 is gorgeous. Would pop so nicely off of my white bedroom walls!

  304. I’ve been searching for a piece to display over my bed for a while, and these are perfect! The “Rainbow” print caught my eye immediately and would be a huge compliment to my room space. Love it and the rest of the prints.

  305. WAIKIKI. Any of them. All of them. He is my favorite photographer. I admire his work so much. I love the floating masses of people. Shows how small we really are.

  306. LOVING ALL of his work. Waikiki no.4 – white frame would fit perfectly into my studio apartment

  307. waikiki no.4 It’s just beautiful, on a grey rainy day in London this would make you smile, in fact on any day it would make you smile. What an amazing prize.

  308. They are all so beautiful! I would probably pick Big Sur because I just recently moved to California with my husband from Canada! I was so afraid it would be such a difficult transition but it’s been amazing. The ocean will never get old for me. : )

  309. I love Big Sur with a white frame. So beautiful! His work is great, thanks for the intro.

  310. Choose just one!? I’d have to make “Love” mine if I were lucky enough to win one of Max’s beautiful pieces.

  311. Looooooooove Max Wagner so much. All of the beach photos are so lovely, but I’d probably choose Waikiki No. 5 to go behind my dining room table.

  312. Such a HARD choice!!! I actually debated for an unnaturally long time :-). My heart picks Waikiki #5. Such amaaaaaazing work!! x

  313. Mother & Child in a white frame. I’m expecting my first child, am obsessed with white and my favorite trees are palm trees! ?

  314. waikiki no. 4 is my favorite. and i love the white frame you are holding it in. max has a lovely way with the camera.

  315. Gosh, they are all stunning! What a talented photographer πŸ™‚ I would probably pick Tulum or County Line… ooh, maybe splash… all of them, I guess!

  316. L O V E how have I been living without this sweet reminder above my bed!

  317. I love endless. Living in the Midwest, it’s nice to have little reminders of warm weather and getaways during the long winters!

  318. Hello Joy and all of the OhJoy team! If I were the winner of this giveaway, I would most definitely pick the New York print in the white frame. I had the privilege of getting in contact with Casey Brodley regarding her experience living in New York and it helped me in my own journey towards living there one day. I already have a black and white photo of New York in my room. It wouldn’t hurt to have a lovely colored print as well.
    Good luck to all who joined! And a shout out to Max Wagner who is a magnificent artist!!

  319. So tough to choose! I love Wave no.2 and rainbow the most, I think. I’ve been searching for something like this for my living room / play room for my two little girls πŸ™‚

  320. I would love Waikiki No. 4 with white frame. Perfect for our new Mid Century Modern home in Seattle!

  321. I love the Waikiki set and the love one. I’m scrambling to find ideas for our second nursery and those seem like fun starting points!

  322. I love all of them….so beautiful! But I think if I had to choose it would be Waikiki no 4 in white frame!

  323. It’s crazy-hard to try to choose, but I get the most beautiful feeling from ‘Rainbow’ β™₯

  324. UP-White frame!
    I’ve always had this thing with balloons. They just represent possibilities, dreams, and being young at heart. I see the art that is around us all as little reminders! This would be a fantastic reminder to never stop dreaming and never forget to be a kid! So beautiful.

  325. I honestly didn’t think it would be this difficult to choose a favorite! Can I just list a sampling of what I’m loving? πŸ™‚ The Solitude is so peaceful, New York makes me feel busy and important, and all of the Waikikis and the Aloha bring me back to Hawaii!

  326. I would choose Waikiki #7 in the white frame. It is very tranquil and peaceful. Would love to sit on the couch and just be lost in it.

  327. It’s hard to pick just one! They’re so inspiring – that negative space! I guess I’ll choose Waikiki no. 4! So gorgeous, makes me feel wild and free like I do when I’m in the ocean! ?

  328. Float and New York are my favorites! I’d choose Float if we won and hang it in our living room with the natural frame. Thank you!

  329. I would pick Waikiki no. 6! I grew up in Hawaii and now living in Portland, I don’t see the ocean all that often and that is one thing I miss the most from home. The color is so blue and clean, I love it!

  330. Torn between Rainbow and Big Sur! Feeling rainbows lately so Rainbow is the winnerβ€”in a white frame. Beautiful work.

  331. Wave #02 just puts me in that open state of mind. I love all of the work, hard to choose!
    In a white frame.
    Thank you, Joy! Thanks for spreading the goodness!!!!

  332. His work is unbelievable! totally in love! I heart you is one of my favorites- I’d love to hang this right above a crib in my baby girl to be’s room! Thanks so much

  333. I’m obsessed with Waikiki No. 4 but also love Greenbrier. I would love to add one of these prints to my home!

  334. Tulum in the natural frame. I have been in love with this print for so long!! It’s so beautiful! Love all his work!!

  335. I love all of his work but would probably choose “County Line.” The tranquil scene is blissful.

  336. Aloha! Waikiki #4 with natural frame. I can dream about floating in the ocean all day!

  337. Oh my! What an awesome giveaway. It would have to be “skate” or “love”… so great!

  338. So hard to choose a favorite! Tulum in with a white frame stands out to me, though

  339. We love Waikiki No. 4!!! I’m in the process of redoing my two year old’s bedroom, and she would love to point and look at all the people & pops of color

  340. I would actually pick the one you’re holding, Waikiki No. 4. Love the soft blue hue!

  341. Oh I am just obsessed with Waikiki 4-6. Love the beachy, abstract vibe and have been jonesing a piece of his work for years! Thanks max and joy! πŸ™‚

  342. I would love to have Waikiki no. 4 on my livingroom wall!
    (White frame) Thanks! Kind regards eline

  343. My beautiful wife’s birthday is in August, she LOVES Max’s work, and I would be a hero if I gave her the “Tulum” picture. Thank you very much!

  344. waikiki no.4 – white frame
    I would be over the moon to look at his beautiful work in my home daily! And so reminiscent of my short visit to Waikiki – there are no words to describe the weightless quality of floating in that big blue! Although Wagner sure does capture it!

  345. Waikiki no. 4 is my favorite. I’d love love love to own this for my non existent gallery wall. It’s been a work in progress.
    All of his work is amazing!!!

  346. Thanks Joy for sharing this amazing photographer! He sure is one talented guy! I would love to hang the “wave no. 2” with the natural frame in our little beach cottage. We have the most perfect wall for it! Please oh please, pick me!

  347. Definitely the Waikiki no.4! LOVE that print so much. I also love this giveaway! Max Wanger is such a great photographer.

  348. It’s hard to choose, I’d have to narrow it down to either the Greenbrier or the SoCal. It would be an awesome reminder of my time living in LA when I met my husband. πŸ™‚

  349. Hi there! I love that you always host these giveaways. If I were picked I would pick Waikiki no.6. because I love ocean shots. I live in South Beach with my husband and our one month old son. Our apartment overlooks the bay and we love everything about the water. Waikiki no.6 is the perfect compliment to our home. Hoping you pick me πŸ™‚ Thank you so much.

  350. Max Wanger has been one of my favorites for years! I’ve always dreamed of having Tulum in a white frame in my home πŸ™‚ Thank you, Oh Joy!

  351. So hard to choose just one! Solitude would probably be at the top of my list, although LOVE is a close second.

  352. I’m in love with “endless” in the natural frame (30×45) – it reminds me of the best vacation I have ever taken and it brings me back to that incredible week. If I could stare at this image all day, I would be the happiest person you know.

  353. My Luna would love to have a rainbow in her room! Rainbow, no matt, natural frame. Thank you!!

  354. Solitude for sure. This is such a romantic yet relaxing photo. That pink sunset must have been hard to capture, Max really is amazing!

  355. I love the “Ice Cream” photograph with the natural frame. It’s so cheeky and a perfect nod to summer delights.

  356. Waikiki No. 4-6 are my fav! But I think I would pick Waikiki No.5 :] love Max Wagner prints!

  357. Hands down waikiki no.4! It’s so simple, but really brings the viewer into the idea of vacation!!

  358. PERFECT! Waikiki No. 4 for my transition from my
    Clinton Hill Brooklyn brownstone digs to my new 60’s rancher Vero Beach Florida home! It would look fab against my foyer’s indigo walls πŸ™‚ White frame fingers crossed!