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what should we do in seattle?

Seattle Print

Seattle Print

Hey guys…we're headed to Seattle next month for an end of summer family get away! It's been a couple years since I visited, and this time I'll have my family with me. You guys always have great suggestions for me, so if you've been to Seattle, I want to hear where you think we should go/eat/shop/play with kids. Thank you in advance for your tips!

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  1. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  2. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  3. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  4. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  5. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  6. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  7. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  8. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  9. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  10. We just went for the first time this summer, and our favorite part of the entire trip was taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Being on the ferry was so fun, the 25 minute boat ride offered amazing views of the city skyline and Bainbridge island was a cute little town with lunch/dinner options close to the water. Such a great activity for all ages =) Enjoy your trip!

  11. Eat by the piers at the Crab Pot, if you order a seafood bake they serve it directly on the table – it’s awesome!

  12. Have cookies or better yet ice cream sandwiches (with Molly Moon ice cream) at Hello Robin in Capitol Hill. The Ballard locks are a fun place to take kids. They can watch salmon float by through giant windows into the fish ladders. We usually pick up treats at Cafe Besalu before heading to the locks-or better yet if it’s a Sunday you can go to the Ballard Farmers Market.

  13. University Village is a fun stop! Din Tai Fung for great handmade dumplings (line is always long), Molly Moon is right below for dessert or Cupcake Royale across the way. There is a cute bronze turtle and frog fountain the kids can play in (bring towels) and a little enclosed play yard with a slide and little Tykes cars. You NEED to pick up a few Glassybaby votive holders in your signature colors! Seattle based business that helps support cancer research. Pasta & Co has excellent salads (Beecher’s Co.) Jonathan Adler is right there waiting for a look and Kids Club has great toys and clothes for the little ones – also Peek next door, Sole Food has great shoes and Village Maternity has kid and mom treasures. Ravenna Gardens is a cute garden shop curated with specialty items and is a treat for eyes just as the whole Village is this time of year with flowers everywhere!
    Get yourself some Glassybabies!!!! Enjoy!

  14. Trove Noodle on Capitol Hill is amazing. We love the tacos and margaritas at The Saint {also Captiol Hill}. Westward is right on Lake Union {crazy busy in the summer} but a great spot for oysters. Jump on the West Seattle water taxi and pop over to Marination Ma Kai {to die for views of the Seattle sky line.} Kids love Alki Beach which is along the walk north from Marination. Artists at Play is a new FREE playground in Seattle Center, just below the Space Needle. Ballard is a bit of a trek from downtown, but worth it for the multitude of shops and restaurants. Another great spot for a sweet treat is High 5 Pie. It has been a spectacular summer here.

  15. There are so many great/fun things to do and see with the kiddos, many of my suggestions are 3 year old approved!
    Seattle Center just opened a new playground, combine that with the Children’s Museum, the huge fountain, Science Center, EMP, the mural stage (you may be lucky & there will be a free concert going on) you can pick and choose the fun.
    I agree with taking a ferry. Somewhere, anywhere. There really is nothing like it!
    The Center for Wooden Boats is a cool place where you can hop on a boat in Lake Union for free & tons of hands on activities for kids.
    Depends on when you will be here, if it is during low tide the Seattle Aquarium sends staff out to local beaches and explore the beach and all the animals.
    If you are interested, find a hiking trail and take a day trip to the mountains. Snoqualimie falls is beautiful but can be a bit crowded. Franklin Falls is a great alternative! Both were handled easily by kids.
    Some food highlights for my family:
    Of course, eat your way through the Market. Hit Beechers, Daily Dozen Doughnut Co., Market Spice, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, and Piroshki Piroshki.
    Any Tom Douglas restaurant will not disappoint. Dahlia Lounge for Coconut Cream Pie and Serious Pie for pizza.
    Head up to Ballard for a Paseo’s sandwich, Delancey for pizza, Walrus and the Carpenter for Oysters. There are many, many more cool things about Ballard as well!
    My family friendly neighborhood is West Seattle. Alki Beach has amazing views of the city and a sand beach. Marination Mai Kai for tacos, the view, great drinks, and the outside eating area is AWESOME for kids. California Ave. has great shops and some of the best food around: Ma’ono for fried chicken, Bakery Nouveau, Husky Deli for Ice Cream, Fiddlehead for Brunch.

  16. Yes discovery park! Golden gardens! Lincoln park! Obviously pike place. The aquarium is fantastic. A ferry ride. And there are a bunch of really great wading pools around the city that are clean and free (they are located at volunteer park, green lake, Lincoln park to name a few).

  17. I second this! The aquarium is awesome for small kids. Everything is at their level, very minimal lifting to show them stuff. The aquarium is right by The Crab Pot mentioned above, the giant ferris wheel and Pike’s Place Market. Parking’s not too hard to find down there.

  18. We love living in Seattle! There is so much to do and see! I agree about the ferry ride to Bainbridge! You could also take a water taxi to West Seattle, if you are looking for a shorter boat ride, and eat outside at Marination (Hawaiian/Korean noshes) for yummy bowls and tacos a nice view looking back at the city.
    Paseo – Cuban sandwiches…get the #1 or #2 and don’t think about anything else! (Fremont, Ballard CLOSED Sun/Mon)
    Un Bien – The newest but still the best cuban sandwich, opened recently by the son of the original Paseo after they sold and basically IS Paseo. (Ballard) Tip, it’s a pink building but the sign still reads ‘Burger Hero’…it doesn’t matter though because you will know by the line.)
    Ballard Pizza Co or Frelard Pizza Co – Big single slices or whole pizzas from Ethan Stowell (Fremont, Ballard) Tip – the Fremont location has a play space for kids!
    Delancy – best pizza in the city, in my option (Ballard) more of a dinner spot
    Uneeda Burger – burgers, shakes, outdoor seating… (Fremont)
    The Fat Hen – Sweet brunch spot with delicious egg bakes! (Ballard)
    Cafe Besula – Best pastries in town (Ballard)
    Mamnoon – Beautiful middle eastern food. They have a walk up window for lunch orders (Capitol Hill)
    Phinney Market – I always see lots of happy kids here – great lunch spot after Greenlake or the Zoo. Also close to A La Mode Pies (Greenwood/Phinney Ridge)
    Molly Moons – yummy ice cream, the honey lavender is my favorite! (Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne)
    Hot Cakes – gooey melty molten lava cakes and boozy milkshakes (Ballard)
    Theo Chocolate – local chocolate factory with lots of samples in their tasting room, or sign up to take the chocolate tour for a behind the scenes look! $10 tour, lasts about 1 hr (Fremont)
    A La Mode Pies – get the Mexican Chocolate Mouse Pie and don’t look back… (Phinney Ridge)
    All the breweries are kid friendly and you can bring your own food! May favorites are Fremont Brewery (Fremont/Wallingford) and Rubens (Ballard)
    Green Lake – lounge/swim by their little beaches (Greenwood)
    Woodland Park Zoo – fun zoo in the city! (Fremont/Phinney)
    Gasworks Park – bring a picnic and watch the Duck Dodge Sailboat race on Tuesday evenings! (Wallingford)
    Volunteer Park/Asian Art Museum (Capitol Hill)
    Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park (Belltown)
    Discovery Park – do the hike and end at the beach overlooking the Olympic Peninsula/mts (Magnolia)
    Golden Gardens – bring your Paseo to this family friendly beach also overlooking the Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula. Has a big playground for kids and lots frozen treats at the food cart (Ballard)
    Kerry Park – Tiny park with the iconic view of Mt Rainier and the Space Needle, and watch the ferries/cruise ships come in and out of Elliott Bay, etc…get your molly moons from the Queen Anne location and bring it here (Queen Anne)
    Center for Wooden Boats – Sign up on Sunday morning for a free sailboat ride in Lake Union! (South Lake Union)
    Fremont Market – quirky Sunday market full of local venders and oddities. Hit up Theo Chocolate before of after! (Fremont)
    Ballard Market – focuses more on produce, meats and cheeses…stop in all the local boutiques surrounding the market – don’t miss Prism, Venue (all local artists) and Lucca (french, beautiful, apothecary and paper goods) (Ballard)
    Melrose Market – just go 🙂 (Capitol Hill)
    Have a lovely time!

  19. – Paseos!
    – Molly Moon’s for ice cream
    – The London Plane
    – Portage Bay (french toast self serve!!)
    – Gas Works Park (10 things I hate about you was shot at this park)
    – Kerry Park is the equivalent of the view from the top of the Space Needle without paying $30 for it (there’s also a Molly Moon’s in walking distance to the park and the cutest houses)
    – ferry to Bainbridge or Vashon Island
    – Starbucks Roastery
    Hope you guys have a blast! : )

  20. Ditto all of the above especially Sera’s list. Hope you’ll finally make it to Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford this time. 😉
    I have a custom Google Map with my list of places to eat and visit. I can share it with you if you’re interested. Let me know if you’re planning to go to the zoo. I live right by there and would love to see you again!

  21. Walk onto the Bainbridge Ferry, get off and walk to Mora’s Ice cream (it’s amazing).
    At the Seattle center, there’s an amazing new playground, science museum, space needle (stop at the cafe and get their space needle themed dessert. it’s touristy and overpriced, but awesome nonetheless), and the Chihuly museum which is small and colorful- kids seem to enjoy it. The cafe at the Chihuly museum is great, and there is a local favorite, Skillet in the food court next door.
    Before or after the Seattle center ride the Monorail! downtown (there are only two stops on it) and the go to Pike Place. (get the mac n cheese at Beecher’s and the dried strawberries at the veggie vendor that’s smack dab in the middle of the market. Eating breakfast at the Crumpet shop just above the market (on 1st) and watching them make it is fun (get the ricotta and lemon curd).
    Best bakeries: Cafe Nouveau on Capitol Hill (get the twice baked chocolate croissant) and Crumble and Flake (get anything). Mighty-O has amazing donuts (they were on the front page of the WSJ). Try the french toast.
    Seattle is pretty low key in terms of dining, especially early on. Kids (and dogs) are welcome almost. The Whale Wins in Fremont and Mamnoon in Capitol hill are both unique and well worth trying. One of the best burgers in any city is at the Lunchbox Laboratory. Order the “burger of the Gods” with a Reeses shake.

  22. YAY! Seattle is the most fun city! Although I am rather biased, as a nanny I can say there are so many great things for little ones to get into as well. All over the city there are some really great “splash parks” which are basically the North West’s answer to breaking open a fire hydrant! There is a majorly awesome one at Seattle Center which is close to the Space Needle, Chihuly Graden (Which is a much see!), Experience Music Project and much more. There is also a brand new amazing playground right in front of the EMP! Ride the Ducks is so silly but the kids will love it! Food is too good here as well, anywhere in Ballard for dinner is awesome. Tom Douglas restaurants are a must as well. Have fun! Feel free to comment or email for more questions!

  23. Also Westward on Lake Union is new and totally cool, you can sit at a fire pit and ROAST MARSHMALLOWS, so obviously a win!

  24. Hi Joy! You’ll have such a great time! I wrote a blog post about my favorite spots in Seattle, if you wanted to check it out! It includes a lot of great spots in Ballard and a few spots downtown too. Have a wonderful time, as I’m sure you’ve received a lot of suggestions and your itinerary is filling up!! (P.S. You HAVE to go grab pizza at Delancy. Hands down, the best.

  25. Ferry to Bainbridge! We always take visitors on the ferry (walk on) and then shop/eat on the island. We live in Tacoma and there is a lot to do down here too but Seattle will keep you plenty busy. We’ve had a beautiful rain free summer – it’s a bit dry but hopefully you’ll have nice enough weather to get some good views of Mt. Rainier.

  26. Come visit us at the Fishermen’s Terminal! My son is still little, but my friends with toddlers love to come visit. There are lots of boats to look at, and a super fun walk up and down the docks. Little Chinooks has super fresh seafood, and my all time favorite – Rockfish Tacos. And my letterpress studio and gift shop is right there in the complex. I’d love to show you around!

  27. Thrilled for this list! My hubby and I will be in Seattle for a few days in September with our then 7 month old and are looking for great places to eat with a baby and places to go!

  28. I lived in Seattle for a long time and grew up in WA state before moving to Australia with my family last year. I miss it terribly!
    The woodland park zoo on Phinney Ridge is great for kids, as well as the Pacific Science Center.
    Please please please eat a piece of pie for me at A La Mode. It’s across from the zoo and utterly fantastic. I ate there so much when I was pregnant!
    I also loved going to SAM and the library downtown. Good doses of art and culture at both locations!
    Mostly, give that city a big smooch from me. There is so much to do and see there. It’s gorgeous!

  29. One more thing: I recommend not drinking Starbucks in Seattle (unless you really love it). They are all over the city but there are so many independently owned shops that are fantastic, much more artisan than Starbucks. My faves are Victrola (first hill, cap hill), Stumptown (although they come from Portland and as fairly big, but do a great cup) and Trabant in the U district.

  30. Hi, Joy! I went to Seattle a few years ago. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a great place to travel with anyone, especially kids! (I was only about 8 or 9 when I went, which is why I say that!) I vaguely remember these spots but I am glad to recommend them.
    -The Gum Wall (don’t know if it’s got an official name, but it is what the name says… a huge alleyway filled with people’s gum! I know, kind of gross… but the colors are so lovely and vibrant!
    -The Space Needle… I know, it’s a big landmark in Seattle, but it’s TOTALLY worth the visit. There’s a restaurant with tons of yummy food (and a kids menu, or at least there was when I went!) oh – and it spins!! Obviously not that fast, we were there for about an hour, and only went around once or twice! The view is spectacular!!
    -The Monorail. I LOVED traveling on the monorail! The view was so so cool. It’s totally something you must do! And I think Coco and Ruby would enjoy it! ;D
    -Seattle Center. I loved Seattle Center. There is so much to do! I’m not sure if this is a seasonal thing, but there’s a zipline there which was tons of fun… also I believe the Chihuly Gardens are there, those are also a must-see 😉
    Hope this helps! I am most definitely not an expert, I’ve only been there once, but at least it’s from a visitors perspective! Have so much fun!! can’t wait to see the pictures!!!!

  31. My 2 favorite bites in Seattle from my recent visit, that I felt were unique/can’t have in LA
    Ellenos real Greek yogurt (Marionberry pie flavor!)
    Pistachio croissant from Crumble & Flake

  32. I just came from Seattle! I’ve always been a huge fan of SFO, but travelling to Seattle this year was a nice and pleasant surprise. I never knew there were so much places to see!
    If you’re willing to go outside the city and do long drives, there are beautiful sceneries that are worth a look around Washington. Cherry picking in Yakima, Lavander Farms of Purple Haze (white chocolate lavander ice’s a spa in your mouth!! ), Picknicking in Mt. Rainier’s Sunrise Point 🙂
    Nevertheless!! Hope you and your fam have fun!! 🙂

  33. Trophy cupcake is in the u village, but there is a cupcake royale throughout the city. I second glassybaby! There’s also Anthropologie and land of nod at the U village. If you happen to be there on Tuesdays, they have village playdays for kids at 10 at rotating stores for kids (crafts or activity) and a discount card for some businesses there. Wednesday evenings they have an outdoor concert. Definitely check out Ballard, Fremont and Capitol Hill for shopping and dining! If you ever have a chance to go to San Juan islands, do so! Otherwise I also suggest Bainbridge island. Kid friendly spots are playdate SEA, Seattle children’s museum, and woodland park zoo. There’s a Sunday ice cream cruise on Lake union. I suggest any Ethan Stowell restaurant. Have a fabulous time!!

  34. Typo in my post. u village playdays is every Tuesday from 10-11 AM. Kids crafts, storytime, etc. at a different store each week. Pottery barn kids has storytime at 11 also on Tuesdays. Walk around green lake! Don’t know when you’re going to be here in August, but the first weekend is seafair weekend, so tons of activities especially by the water. Renegade craft fair will be here August 1-2! 🙂

  35. I think the best way to see Seattle is by the neighborhood. If you only have a couple days, maybe head out from the city-center and check out a few to see how different the character is of each:
    West Seattle (I’m kinda partial) – Take the Water Taxi if you can – Bakery Nouveau for French pastries and coffee in the morning, Alki for the beach and low tide exploration or Lincoln Park for a city hike in forest and along Elliott Bay (bonus look for sea lions, seals, bald eagles, and river otters too), Marination Ma Kai for Hawaiian/Korean food truck-style eats or Buddha Ruksa for amazing Thai (their spicy garlic chicken or tofu is legendary). Music lovers must see Easy Street Records. It has an amazing local history and is a true neighborhood treasure.
    Ballard – Stop by the Ballard Locks not only to see salmon runs in season but also to see nesting great blue herons, kingfishers, jellyfish, and sometimes seals – have a Red Mill burger for lunch at the Totem House just outside the Lock’s botanic park (excellent veggie burgers too) or stop by Bitterroot for BBQ and a generous happy hour. Golden Gardens Park is also a great place to explore during low tide or to watch the sunset with a bonfire.
    Fremont – Say “Hi” to the Troll and the statue of Lennon, tour Theo’s Chocolates, have a beer at Odin or Fremont Brewing (or any of the plethora of craft breweries/distilleries/coffeehouses in Seattle…seriously!), visit Pie for pie, visit Old School Custard for custard.
    The ferry ride to Bainbridge Island is totally worth it, and so is an Argosy Cruise if you’re shorter on time, feeling touristy, and just want to get some Seattle history and facts while touring the bay.
    My suggestions barely scratch the surface of what there is to do in Seattle (and all its other unique neighborhoods too), but I would also give yourself time to just explore. Some of the best places in Seattle are just off the beaten path and really only known to locals.

  36. molly moons for earl grey ice-cream!
    the pink door for outdoor patio brunch – get their bruchetta & their summer risotto is so so good!

  37. I live in the Seattle area, but have by no means tried all there is to do/eat. What I have tried and loved is:
    – Portage Bay Cafe. Best eggs Benedict I have ever eaten! But what they’re really known for is their toppings bar where you can top your french toast or pancakes with fresh fruit, whipped cream and syrup. Yummy, and so fun! Apparently their gluten free bread (which they make into french toast) is amazing, and everything is local and organic. 🙂
    – Lunchbox Laboratory. I love this place! I second the burger of the gods recommendation (it’s the best!), but what you really need to get are the tatchos. It’s tater tot nachos, with an amazingly creamy cheese sauce, green onion, bacon, and Satan’s tears (spicy ketchup). We get that on the side when we’re eating them with our girls. Also, their mac and cheese is to die for!
    Red Mill Burgers – I just went here for the first time recently, but it was so yummy! The shakes are really good too! And, it’s right by Ballard Locks if you decide to go there.
    – Dick’s Drive In. While Dick’s won’t win any gourmet awards, (although GQ magazine did call it a life-changing burger), there is something so good to me about their burgers, and Dick’s is so iconic to Seattle. Get a shake, a dick’s deluxe, and fries with tartar sauce on the side for dipping. It’s delicious!
    -Delancy. I read the book before I went here, so it was extra fun seeing what I had read about. Apart from that, however, the food is just really good!
    – Mee Sum Pastry Market in Pike Place Market. There are so many amazing places to go when you’re at the market, but this really is a gem. You’re going for the hom bows. I love the curry beef, and my husband loves the BBQ pork. The chicken is good too.
    -The Pink Door. This is also in Pike Place Market. There is no sign, only a salmon pink colored door to let you know it’s the place, but it has great Italian food, and such fun decor. They also have live shows, although I’ve never been there for one.
    The gum wall. Again, Pike Place. So gross, but so cool! You just have to see it.
    -Seattle Aquarium. We love going here with our kids. There is so much for everyone to look at, and it doesn’t take too long to get through.
    -Woodland Park Zoo. This is a trek for sure, which might be the only downside, but it is really fun with so much to see!
    -Pacific Science Center. Lots of really cool science stuff to see/do here. My kids love it!
    -Fremont. This is such a fun place to visit! The troll is definitely one of the highlights. I’ve never done the Theo’s chocolate tour but always wanted to. Their chocolate is oh so good!

  38. So much fun! I still have yet to see Seattle, or any of the west coast for that matter, but I can’t wait to get out there soon.
    While I don’t have suggestions, I’m selfishly really looking forward to your photos! 🙂

  39. All great suggestions…with your littles in tow, for a low-key afternoon head to Volunteer Park Cafe for a late brunch/early lunch, then to Volunteer Park for the wading pool, dahlia garden, Conservatory, and the Asian Art Museum. Lots of park space for the littles to run around and great views of the Needle. The Center for Wooden Boats will get your family out on the water which is really the heart of Seattle in summer!

  40. Glassybaby!! Amazingly beautiful & visiting the hot shop is cool too! And you’ll donate to cancer….

  41. Aquarium, Great Wheel of Seattle are great for kids.
    The new park at the Seattle Center is NOT good for really little kids- I would say 5 is the minimum age, it’s crazy busy and is BIG. The fountain at the center is awesome for littles to play in.
    Woodland Park Zoo is great for kids and is NOT a trek. It’s like, two freeway exits up from downtown on I5 or maybe a 15 minute drive with no traffic. Don’t park in the parking lots, there is plenty of street parking. There’s a great playground right across from the entrance that’s by the playground.
    The Ride the Ducks is awesome for getting a taste of Seattle- so fun for kids!
    Tutta Bella is a great kid-friendly restaurant. Yummy pizza! Portage Bay is wonderful for breakfast, there are several locations but my favorite is the Ballard location. Make a reservation or go mid-week, the brunch crowd is intense there!
    Molly Moons is a must for ice cream! Salted caramel is my jam, but their Theo chocolate is pretty amazing too. Speaking of Theo- book a tour (do it ahead of time because they book up in heavy tourist season)- pretty interesting tour and all the chocolate you can taste!
    Hands down, my favorite restaurant for seafood is RockCreek. It’s amazing. I would eat there every night if I could!
    Everyone mentions Paseo. Cuban sandwich, blah blah blah… I think it’s just ok, but that’s just me. Salumi has a line out the door every day at opening, and you can’t beat their customer service. It’s Italian sandwiches and yummy!
    The Chihuly Garden of Glass is wonderful. So so pretty! Might not be best for little ones, depending on how well behaved they are.
    Have so much fun!!!

  42. The Olympic Sculpture Park….great place to stroll and run while looking at great outdoor sculpture…..The Chilhuly Glass Museum. The curation of glass is amazing. You ll love the color.

  43. Eat Ellenos yogurt! It is magical.
    Then save room in your itinerary to go back at least two more times for this yogurt.
    Oddfellows Cafe
    Volunteer Park Cafe for Brunch
    Poppy Restaurant (you’ll love this place and the dessert plate!!)
    Marination Ma Kai (great views)
    Crumble and Flake Bakery (hands down best baked goods in the city- but no seating. They have filled to order Cream Puffs!!! Also get a Kouign Amann)
    Hot cakes (then walk it off shopping on Ballard avenue)
    Serious biscuit
    -Bainbridge Ferry (walk-on) to Winslow (fare is free for passengers riding east)
    -Ballard Locks and salmon ladder
    -Sculpture Park (sunset!)
    -Koolhaus’ Seattle Central Library (don’t bring the stroller because there are lots of escalators)
    -Run around the Washington Park Arboretum (wear sneakers not pretty shoes)
    – breathtaking view of Seattle that’s relatively unknown and not found on every postcard: Ella Bailey Park. There’s a playground. Bring a picnic.
    A Tom Douglas crab cake
    Gas Works Park
    Chihuly glass garden and museum
    Fran’s chocolates (everybody gets the caramel- my ultimate favorite is the ganache stuffed fig. So simple so genius. You will not regret eating this thing)
    Fremont Troll (photo op)
    Eat some salmon
    Leaving Seattle;
    -walk the Kirkland waterfront on Lake Washington (for us, beats Greenlake any day)
    -Snoqualmie Falls (eat at Lodge Attic)
    Seattle Souvenirs:
    Tom Douglas “Rub with Love”
    Market Spice Tea (cinnamon orange)
    -underground tour (never!!!)
    -Bringing a stroller to Pike Place Market
    -The aquarium is okay- it’s really small and not nearly as impressive as Monterey. My kids (4 and 2) prefer the zoo.
    -donuts here are LAME compared to what you have in L.A. Just warning you.

  44. I’ve from Seattle and I made this list that I send to friends who visit my hometown. Have a fabulous trip!
    Stuff to do:
    • Canoeing on the Puget Sound: This is like $8 for a boat at the UW waterfront. Really fun in nice weather.
    • Pike Place Market: obviously!
    • Rock Climbing at REI: Enough said.
    • University Village: Cute outdoor mall. Complete with 4 Starbucks stores (including the one I spent my entire college career at), a Teavana and an Evolution.
    • Safeco Field: Only the best baseball stadium ever! Cheap tickets and lots of beer. Again, another place to hang out outside. And Seattle fans are hardcode.
    • Rent bikes: Don’t know where you would do it from. But Seattle is really bike friendly and you should try to bike along the lake.
    • Bainbridge Island: I haven’t done this in forever, but when Wayne went to Seattle he said he took the ferry there and had a good time. It’s a thing to do. Not sure how cool it is though.
    Places to see:
    • Kerry Park: an amazing view of Seattle. Check it out for sure!
    • Starbucks Roastery: It’s Starbucks’ new homage to coffee. Beautifully designed and has cool coffee that you won’t get at any other Starbucks locations. Plus, they have a Serious Pie in the Roastery (see below).
    • The Gum Wall: It’s kind of near the Pike Place Market. Makes for cool pictures.
    • Fremont Troll: He’s kind of an icon. Fremont is also just an all-around fun place to go out at night.
    • Seattle Public Library: an odd suggestion, I admit. But it’s a very cool building, and why not, it’s free!
    • Sculpture park downtown:
    • Arboretum: A pretty little park to enjoy with a Japanese garden.
    • Chihuly: it’s a tad expensive but very cool at night
    • Seattle Art Museum:,
    • EMP Museum: again, I haven’t been in a long time, but it’s a music museum and has an ode to Bob Marley.
    Things to eat:
    • Le Panier: it’s my favorite bakery and coffee shop ever
    • Molly Moon’s: ice cream on Capitol Hill
    • Lola’s: great for brunch. It’s Tom Douglas’s from Top Chef
    • Serious Pie: Another Tom Douglas restaurant. Yes, but he’s so iconic! And the pizza is amazing!

  45. depends if you have a car , Ballard is Scandinavian town . lots to enjoy a few miles from city center and Poulsbo is also Scandinavian but requires a beautiful ferry ride and a about 5 miles after ferry. if your here for long enough I would recommend go to the Ocean around a 100 miles west but so worth it (Ocean Shores)
    .there is Seattle Center which you can go on the monorail from Westlake Center ,go up the Space Needle there .Our Woodland Park Zoo is awesome with two gorilla group families not far from Ballard ..Pike Place market is a favorite ,wear your walking shoes and explore the WHOLE place ,find the SHY Giant for the most delicious frozen yogurt cones ,Seattle is beautiful and so is all of Washington State enjoy

  46. Visit Freemont for vintage boutiques, and eat at Din Thai Fung – they have the BEST Steamed dumplings!! My fave dish is the Pork XiaoLongBao.

  47. Bainbridge also has a great small children’s museum (KidiMu). We frequently take a day trip out there to go to the museum and wander around.

  48. Check out Book Larder in Fremont. Its a cookbook only bookstore!
    Eat at Delancey (pizza), Sitka and Spruce ( Pac NW cuisine) , London Plane, Pike St. Fish Fry, Kedai Makan (Malaysian street food) , ice cream at Kurt’s Farm Shop, Coyle’s Bakeshop for pastries, Slate Coffee for a coffee tasting.
    Any of Renee Erickson’s restaurants ( Whale Wins, Barnacle Bar, Walrus and the Carpenter). Fountain in the Seattle Center is fun for kids to run around and cool off. Westward for restaurant decor or sitting on the water. South Lake Union park area has a lot of fountains for kids to run around in.

  49. Definitely check out the olympic sculpture park and Myrtle Edwards Park. Seattle Deli or Saigon Deli for cheap amazing vietnamese sandwiches. Take a boat ride to San Juan (Friday Harbor). Kayaking at Lake Union or ice cream boat cruise on Lake Union (nothing fancy, but fun narrated tour of all the house boat!) Ballard sunday farmer’s market is yummy and fun for the kids! Hiroki (Wallingford/Tangletown) has amazing green tea tiramisu, any pastries are amazing at Crumble and Flake, Mighty-Os have the best donuts (compared to Top Pot), and Ellenos Greek Yogurt is insane! Amazing coffee at Milstead Co., Herkimer, and Cafe Ladro. Check out totokaelo and bella umbrella!

  50. Just went for the first time! Umbria coffee is by far the best (sold at its own cafe in Ballard and at many other shops) and Macrina Bakery is an absolute do not miss. Best lattes and breakfast sandwiches I have ever had.

  51. My fav places to eat:
    -the crumpet shop
    -stateside (Vietnamese)
    – Sitka &spruce inside a cute little market hall
    Must shop at Edie’s for great shoes
    Must see: chihuly museum
    Family fun: duck tours

  52. Oh and top pot donuts!!
    Nothing fancy, but the best Thai food is at Jamjuree in cap hill on 15th
    But of all the places, my very fav is the crumpet shop! The ricotta and Nutella is amazing, and the pesto, tomato, English cheddar is to die for!!

  53. I visited Seattle last summer and absolutely loved it. The market is great, especially early in the morning when the vendors are just setting up.
    I also have to say that I just love that Seattle poster in your photo!

  54. Yep, they reopened. But Lorenzo Lorenzo (the original owner) just opened Un Bien in Ballard– basically Paseo II! <3

  55. A lot of people have suggested Molly Moon’s which is amazing buuut, I’ve only seen one suggestion for Hello Robin on Capitol Hill.. THIS IS A MUST!!! You will love it!!! It’s like a Molly Moon’s (they serve Molly Moon’s ice cream), but they also have the BEST cookies to make ice cream sandwiches with! I hope you make it there. As far as other ideas that are family-friendly, there were so many great suggestions above. I really hope you enjoy it up here (you should get some amazing weather)!

  56. Seattle is all about it’s neighborhoods, you can basically pass on downtown all together!
    The Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays is Seattle’s best market, and be sure to check out the shops on Ballard Ave. as well!
    While you’re on that side of town, head to Golden Gardens Park for sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains and salt water for the kids to play in!

  57. I have to represent The South side! You can have a wonderful family day in the Columbia City/ Seward Park area. First get some breakfast at Columbia City bakery, then Go to Seward Park on a clear day and you get a picture frame view of Mt Ranier. You can also have a nice 2.7 mile walk around the paved loop which gives you a nice view of Seattle and Lake Washington. After that I’d grab a bite to eat and choose depending on what country you want to visit that day: Rainier BBQ for finger lickin Vietnamese ribs, La Teranga for homemade Senagalese, or Tutta Bella for olive oil and pistachio based pizzas. Grab desert At Full Tilt which is mainly fun for the nostalgic feel of pinball, music, and ice cream. This is my perfect south Seattle day! Welcome welcome 🙂

  58. What about a Ride the Duck tour? I took my 5 year old nephew on it and it’s a great way to see the city and get a boat ride and have a dance party, too! It was surprisingly fun and gave us a nice break from walking. Plus, how can you not get a duck whistle to keep? Passeo is a must–I’m a vegetarian, but Passeo makes me want to change my mind! Also, I could see you loving the idea of Recreative in Phinney Ridge–it’s a craft store that sells used and discounted crafts. I’ve gotten some expensive whole punches there for super cheap, and it’s a great concept anyway. The zoo is great for kids, too, as they have indoor and outdoor play areas. I’d hit Ballard on Sunday and do the Lochs and the farmer’s market for lunch! I also like the Wallingford farmer’s market on Wednesday with the playground next door. And we love Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast because there’s an amazing fruit/whip cream toppings bar AND coffee while you wait! Have fun!

  59. Just saw this post so I’m late! However, I wanted to get a word in as I live in Seattle and love showing people a good time.
    #1 suggestion is the Ballard Locks (AKA Hiram M. Chittenden Locks). It’s free, great for kids and it’s salmon season! Ballard in general is great, lots of shops, snacks and sights to see.
    Another fun FREE something to do is The Center for Wooden Boats. They offer free boat rides on Sunday, I think beginning at 10:00 or 11:00am. Again great fun for a toddler.
    Enjoy Seattle! You picked a great time to visit. I love it here and am going to miss it so (moving to Indonesia in a couple of weeks!!!).

  60. Someone bought the name and the restaurant, but if you want the great sandwich, go to Un Bien. It’s a good one!


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