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what’s your favorite treat right now?

Oh Joy Snacks

Oh Joy Snacks

I've always been a crazy dessert lover and I don't have a sweet tooth, but more like a full set of sweet teeth! At the end of a long day, a little treat is one of my favorite indulgences. I find that I go through cycles and will have the same thing almost every day for weeks until I burn out on it and find something new. What are some of your favorite treats right now? Mine are…

1. Passion Fruit Frozen Yogurt from Jeni's Ice Cream — At least once a week, I go to the Jeni's in our neighborhood to get a couple scoops (on a homemade waffle cone) after my kids go to bed.

2. These crazy good new Oreo Thins — I always liked the cookie part of the Oreo the best, so this thinner version is pretty genius in my opinion (available at the grocery store).

3. Coconut Chia Seed Pudding — this sounds so healthy and trendy that I almost didn't even want to write this, but I seriously crave it. I usually make this version we posted about last year, but recently, my friend Ellen made a version with coconut cream, honey, muesli, peaches, and sea salt that blew my mind and I need to recreate ASAP.

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}


  1. I wrote a while ago about “parents’ happy hour” and there I describe our daily ritual when kids are in bed and peace arrives!! Sweet desserts and tea for us!
    Yesterday it was fruit after many nights of too much chocolate. But today it’s going to be The Best Classic Healthy Version of Banana Bread which I will be posting as well! To me, it’s even better than the regular banana bread.

  2. Mmm, sweets. I am all about big handfuls of chocolate chips right now. I’m pregnant and trying to watch my sweets, so I mostly go for fruit, but the chocolate chips save me every afternoon. 🙂

  3. Definitely ice cream right now! There’s this adorable ice cream bike that travels the city of Providence, RI. It’s called Tricycle Ice Cream and they make their own ice cream sandwiches in a variety of gourmet flavors that change weekly. My favorite so far has been chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two salted pretzel shortbread cookies. SOOO GOOD!

  4. My husband bought these decadent chocolate ice cream bars called magnum!
    It’s packaged in sultry, gold wrap and the name makes me snicker, but the chocolate ice cream, built in chocolate sauce, and crunchy chocolate coating truly make this one a sinful, guilty pleasure!

  5. I just tried that passionfruit frozen yogurt from Jenis the other day! I was also OBSESSED with a flavor they used to have–buttermilk lemon shortbread frozen yogurt… or something like that. The mango lassi frozen yogurt is really good too.

  6. I’m totally addicted to Kayak Cookies, which are giant not-too-sweet salted oatmeal cookies originally sold at Teaism locations in Washington, D.C. and now based on Cape Cod. Their new peanut butter cookies are super yummy, and I also love the chocolate chunk pecan and chocolate varieties. I have a two-month-old and find these cookies help with milk production, thanks to the oatmeal. They’re much better than so-called “lactation cookies.”

  7. I bought these Oreo Thins today atTarget after reading your post. These might be the perfect cookie of all time.

  8. These cookies are AMAZING and the owner is incredible. Everything fair trade/ethically sourced, including the boxes that the cookies are shipped in. We sent them as Christmas gifts this year but recently purchased a few dozen for a party we hosted and they were devoured!


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