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dressing the babe / baby bird love…

Baby and Mama Style

Baby and Mama Style

Sometimes you see a piece of street art, and you just have to take a photo in front of it before it goes away never to return again. And, when you can get your baby to smile her toothless smile and capture it on film, that's even better…

Baby and Mama Style

Mama Style

Mama outfit / 1. Target cropped top, 2. Madewell jeans, 3. Clare V. sandals, 4. En Soie necklace.

Baby Style

Babe outfit / 5. The Bee and the Fox tee, 6. Lulaland pants, 7. Pons baby sandals.

Baby and Mama Style

Baby and Mama Style

We loved this wall by Dallas Clayton, and you guys should go see it while it's there because it changes all the time!

{Mural outside of Dangerbird Records in Silver Lake. Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Ariel Fulmer. Coco is 11 months old and goes by the nickname "wild animal".}


  1. Hey Shruti,
    We always paint or create a backdrop in our studio for the flats that look like the real wall. So that one was painted in our studio by Ariel who does our crafts and styling.


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