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Ruby Painting

Ruby Painting

A few months ago, Ruby made a really fun painting while visiting artist Kim West during one of our Career Day trips. Now, we have so many pieces of Ruby's "art" that I don't keep (I just can't keep) every single piece. But this one was so large and vibrant, that I couldn't part with it…

Ruby Painting

Ruby Painting

Ruby Painting

We decided to frame it, and I've since added it to the large gallery wall in my studio! I love it! And Ruby's so proud to have a piece of her art on the wall…

P.S. I got this custom-framed through Simply Framed where you can send in anything, and they'll frame it. As a special discount for Oh Joy readers, use code OHJOY for 10% off all orders at Simply Framed.


  1. So fun! My daughter (Ruby’s age) is a prolific art-maker as well, and I keep meaning to collaborate with her on a big mother-daughter painting. That’s something that would be so great to frame and display!

  2. I love this idea. My grandma actually made us cousins all paint something one afternoon when we were little (i’d say from 2 to 7) and then she framed our pieces. When she died we all got our piece back and I still have it, side by side with a beautiful one that my son made last year at 18 months. I think it gives value to what they do and it encourages them to get creative !

  3. I did the same thing withmy boy’s painting. He’s 4 yrs old as well. It’s beautiful, with so much color and I proudly display it in my leaving room.

  4. This is such a great idea! I have a friend who does the same with artwork from her boys and it’s such a creative way to inspire them to be artistic. I don’t have children, but I hear you can end up with a few hundred pieces of ‘art’ from them and this is a nice way to display some of it.


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