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dressing the babe / my wild animal…

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

Did I tell you guys I'm in a blue phase right now? There are a few pieces I have on heavy rotation right now that are all blue. So I took my little wild animal, Coco, out for a stroll to this awesome blue painted staircase in our neighborhood.

Dressing the Babe / Mama Style

Mama Outfit / Ok, so I had a bit of a #bloggerfail here and I wore different jeans than what we shot in these flats, so I'm gonna tell you about both which are two of my go-to jeans. 1. Spanx jeans (that help tuck in that not-so-flat post-baby stomach) and Madewell high-waisted jeans (worn in the live photos), 2. Target blouse (which is nice and blouse-y and looks great with a front tuck), 3. Loeffler Randall booties (which have been a staple for multiple years now), 4. En Soie bag.

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

Babe Outfit / For my wild animal, a very special 5. Peacock dress by Mini Rodini (a good splurge dress for the holidays), 6. Mini Dressing fox knee socks, and 7. this pair of Freshly Picked moccs that lasts forever.

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

I used to hate LA as a tourist—I never got the appeal of this city. It wasn't until I moved here and lived here and got to know the real neighborhoods that I really started to love it and discover what it has to offer. This wall couldn't have expressed my love and (now) feelings for Los Angeles more… 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, flat styling by Ariel Fulmer, outfit styling by Joy Cho, mural by Evelyn Leigh. Coco is 12 months and starting to learn some sass from her big sister.}


  1. I love Coco’s Foxy knee high sox. So adorable. The blue wall does make a great background. Joy how do you find Target clothes in quality? I’ve never taken a liking to them. This blouse you have has a poor rating (1), just based on that I would not have bought it. But it looks great on you!

  2. I love these dressing the babe series! Great ideas! Are the madewell jeans the dayton wash? I’ve been toying with something to hide my 21 PP mommy tummy a bit 🙁

  3. Hi Shruti!
    This blouse feels like great quality to me – much nicer than you would think based on the price point! And I love the pattern 😉

  4. Hey Beth!
    They are the high-rise skinny skinny (they should be linked to). My wash is slightly different than the one linked to but that’s the cut of them!

  5. Thanks for answering me! I really enjoy your blog. Sent my husband to work today (pretty serious govt job) with one of your bandaids on his thumb 🙂

  6. Thanks Em! Yeah, it’s actually really nice for the price point! I have friends who have the other color and wear it all the time 😉

  7. I have bought the same baby socks from The Little Wears how’s possible they are exactly the same color and pattern… I adore it but there’s something I don’t understand 😉
    Regrds from Italy


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