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my favorite everyday rings…

Everyday Ring (from budget to splurge)

Everyday Ring (from budget to splurge)

Last week when I was on Periscope, someone asked about the stacked rings that I wear on my hands. I didn't get to mention them during the scope, but wanted to share them here since they are some of my favorites (from super affordable to splurge-worthy) that I wear daily (plus a few that I love from a far).

1. Mr. Kate ball chain ring and Mr. Kate cable chain ring (these look great stacked with other rings), 2. Leah Alexandra gem ring and baguette ring, 3. Sarah Magid collage stack and Sarah Magid double ring, 4. Ariel Gordon birthstone charm ring and horizon ring (these would make really great push presents for a new mom customized with your family's birth stones), 5. Maya Brenner petal ring and letter ring, and because these are so beautiful and I've always admired these from a far (if you're looking for alternate engagement rings) 6. Mociun black diamond band and Sarah Hendler starburst ring.


  1. Hi Joy,
    I love your blog and read it every day. A lot of times I want to search back to a post you did and I don’t see a search bar anywhere, so I have to use to search your site. Am I missing something or is there not search option from directly?

  2. Rings are the only jewellery that I wear to be honest and when I saw your picks I fell in love! I like the simple design that don’t really disturb on everyday basis but still look awesome!


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