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{oh joy eats} hong kong egg waffles!

hong kong egg waffles

hong kong egg waffles

OMG. Have you guys tried these before? Yesterday, we took a out to San Gabriel (an area East of Los Angeles with a large population of immigrants from China and Hong Kong) to get some Hong Kong egg waffles at a little spot called Fresh Roast.

hong kong egg waffles

hong kong egg waffles

We got the regular egg waffle filled with chocolate. They pretty much taste like waffles and pancakes had a baby in the shape of jumbo packing bubbles. You can pull them apart and just pop those suckers right in your mouth. They are just SO FUN to eat.

hong kong egg waffles

hong kong egg waffles

We also tried a green tea (matcha) waffle filled with coconut which has a nice texture and tasted more savory then the sweeter chocolate version. It was warm and chewy in the middle with light crispy edges. And really just a nice, fun breakfast to have. 

If you want to try and make them yourself, it looks pretty easy if you have the right pan. I found this one from Williams-Sonoma that looks perfect and makes me want to try them at home (like right now). Or, next time you're in the LA area, check out this little spot!

Fresh Roast | 308 S San Gabriel Blvd. | San Gabriel, CA 91776 | 626-451-5918

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. Joy you have just sent me on a wild goose chase to figure out how to make these fun waffles! I know my kids would LOVE them!

  2. I just saw a vendor selling these at the Brooklyn Flea!
    Stupidly, I did not try one, but now I definitely will. Did anyone else think the last picture was a latke waffle? Could be delicious…

  3. I always get these down Chinatown in NYC! they are light and airy! There are a number of different street carts, but the tastiest are from a cart on Canal St run by two women who have the “batter-flip-cook-bag” system down pat! I will only buy from them (and I’ve tried them all!) It’s like, $1/bag of (I think) 20 tiny “egg” waffles. I would love to find a spot herein NYC that offers different flavors/fillings! Those look delish!!!


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