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ruby’s 4th birthday prep!

A Fruity Dance Party

A Fruity Dance Party

You guys, Ruby turns FOUR on Monday! This weekend we are celebrating her birthday with a small party with a handful of her four-year-old friends with a hip-hop/ballet party at her dance school. I usually share photos of our parties after they take place but I thought it would be a fun change to show you what I am setting up, too. So you can see how it all comes together afterwards.

Here are some of the things I've prepped for the party…

01. Decor – When you're having a party in a space that is not your home, I'm all about getting things that are easy to set-up on the fly. Often, you only have 30 minutes to get everything together so anything that pops-up and stands up easily is very helpful. I'll be using a bunch of these fruit poufs to decorate the little tables that the dance school os providing.

02. Outfits – Since it's a fruit theme, Ruby and Coco will be decked out in their fruity gear. Ruby's pairing her favorite strawberry tank with this crazy, amazing pom-pom skirt we got just for her birthday and some gold ballet flats for dancing. Although Coco can't quite dance yet, she'll be crawling around in her orange romper and moccasins.

03. Table – Paper plates are one of my favorite things ever because it makes clean-up so easy and they come in the best colors and patterns. I got a ton of fruity paper plates, cups, and trays. Her cake will be chocolate and fruit-filled and topped with this glittery cake topper.

04. Balloons – We won't have too many balloons, but just a giant watermelon to hang outside which I'm planning to combine with some hanging fruit poufs that I'll have leftover from the table decor.

05. Favors – For favors, we made fruity wands that the kids will get to dance and play with. And we're giving them a fun fruit tattoo and these cool kaleidoscope cameras.

I've personally requested a lot of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift songs, so there might be some mamas (aka me) dancing with the kiddos, too!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Joy Cho}


  1. Aww happy birthday, Ruby! That’s my son’s birthday too! He’ll be 3. We’ll be on the opposite coast in the outerbanks with family. I hadn’t planned a theme but this looks so attainable I may just have to steal some ideas.

  2. oh man. so much cuteness. why did i buy a size 6 pom pom skirt when my daughter is not even 2 yet? -_____- you kill me joy. <3

  3. Hey Courtney!
    Since we’re just giving out the cameras and wands, we are not packaging them up since they can be easily worn or carried out. And the fruit tattoos we’ll put on at the party. I try not to use packaging unless there are lots of smaller pieces being given out.

  4. Oh my! This has to be the sweetest + most fun looking party yet! I did have my go at spice girls-themed birthday parties when I was younger, but none of them were as cute as this one! Have so much fun! Can’t wait to see the party photos 🙂

  5. I love this idea! Do you think this would also suit a boy? I have boy/girl twins and I am always struggling to find themes that aren’t too feminine or masculine and I am not a fan of character themes.


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