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10 home decor gifts…

10 Home Decor Gifts!

10 Home Decor Gifts!

For that person who believes that the home is where the heart is, give them something special for their favorite place to be!

1. A Wolfum trivet for placing their culinary masterpieces out for dinner.

2. Entertain with cheese and crackers on this fun Bluebellgrey tray.

3. Get this apple shelf by RedHandGang to hold tiny knick knacks in a special corner.

4. Because showers can be fun, too, with a Dusen Dusen bath towel.

5. Keeping socks, scarves or other accessories in this Petite Pehr bin.

6. A Heirloom cocktail stirrers make a great set for that friend who likes to throw one back.

7. A Recreation Center bowl for keeping jewelry on the dresser.

8. This Leslie Weaver painting adds instant whimsy to any gallery wall.

9. A pineapple tumbler by W&P Design makes for a fun drink (with alcohol or not)!

10. Because you can never have too many pillows, this one by Orlando Soria pillow goes with anything.


  1. Thanks for the recos, i’ll be honest i didn’t like any of them in particular. There are so many bright and colorful options at this time of the year. None of these really stood out for me personally 🙁 But thank you for your suggestions.

  2. A tribute to Paris but no mention of what happened in your current state of California? You really do have a blog of flip flopping neon unnecessaries and child exploitation.

  3. Hey Jane,
    The sadness that I feel about this recent incident is something I cannot express in words and didn’t have anything to say. It’s not personal to California. I am sorry you don’t like me or my blog. Since you don’t want to leave your real email address, would you like to meet up to discuss your concerns since you’re local in LA?

  4. I love everything you do and thank you for all the creative ideas… I am currently stuck as to what to get for my my neighbors (little bright 3 & 4 years old girls) who have it all and are more interensted into outdoors and new creative things. They celebrate Hanukkah and I have no idea on what to get for them in these holidays. Immediately (for some reason) I thought you will be the only person to help me ☺️ Could you suggest few ideas? Thanks!

  5. My sister actually has a lot of pineapples in her home decor. I wonder if she would like the tumbler shaped like one on here. It’s kind of fun to have a repeating element or theme for decorations.

  6. To be honest, I love to decorate my own home and if some one going to gift me these kind of home decor items I really appreciate their gifting idea and truly thanks to him/her.
    Overall, I love the ideas listed here.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like the 2nd and 3rd gift, that is awesome. Keep sharing!! Looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? The designers at Vanity Decor can help you design your space.


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