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favorite posts of 2015…

Oh Joy Favorite Posts of 2015

Oh Joy Favorite Posts of 2015

As we head into the end of the year and about to go on a little blog break, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from this year in case you're looking for some inspiration or reading material during the holidays…

Oh Joy Band-Aids

Behind the Scenes of…

Making Oh Joy Band-Aids

The Oh Joy Book cover

Oh Joy book parties!

Oh Joy Band-Aid launch party

Framing Vintage

Tips on how to…

Pick outfits for Family Photos

Frame vintage pieces

Create a Photo Studio at Home

Make the mornings easier

Archiving Your Digital Memories

Declutter your house

Choose a rug

Find success

Oh Joy Dressing the Babe

Motherhood and Life with Two Kids…

Sharing a room

Why I'll miss being pregnant

Not doing it all

Career Day with Kim West

Career Day with…

Claire Vivier

Sweet Laurel Bakery

Kim West

How to Use a Flower Frog

Make some cool stuff…

A Housewarming Welcome Kit

Floral arrangements with a flower frog

Sidewalk chalk

Beach marker

10 Years of Oh Joy

And, 10 years of Oh Joy!


  1. Joy a big thanks to you and your team for giving us such great posts this year. Each one was fun and different. Wish you all a very Happy Holidays and here’s hoping that the blog continues to grow, be a creative and a fun space for all.


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