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Oh Joy Bedroom / Photo by David Tsay

Oh Joy Bedroom / Photo by David Tsay

One of the things I'm hoping to work on this year is a refresh of our bedroom. A few years ago, our bedroom looked like this (shown above) and was featured in Better Homes & Gardens. But then we got a bigger bed (from a Queen to a King) and didn't have a bed frame for it. So when it arrived I figured we'd just keep the plastic on so it wouldn't get dusty on the ground. Now over a year later, it's still there covered in plastic and it's just become a part of the room I don't even notice it, sadly. Those lovely curtains shrunk in the wash so they just don't even cover the windows right. The wallpaper is peeling off in one area because Ruby thought it would be fun to peel off when she was going through her terrible 3's. It surely doesn't look like that beautiful photo (shot by David Tsay) above. My style is a bit more colorful now, and it just needs a facelift for sure.

Anyway, as I dream of a new project, here are a few bedroom photos that I've come across as inspiration…

HomeStyle Magazine

I have always wanted a headboard but haven't been able to commit to one I really love. So I like that this one is painted. It gives a focal point without the huge commitment.

HomeStyle magazine

This one is a bit too colorful for me overall, but I love the full wall of pattern working its way around the closet and door frame.

Nuevo Estilo

Here, I love how the color only comes from the bedding and everything else is surrounded in pure white.

Photo by Duncan Innes

Finally, I love the mix of neutral and color in this one. The colors come mostly from the accessories, but all the various textures going on add sophistication to the playful colors. It feels adult, yet fun.

I'll keep you guys posted as we progress and I (hopefully) get that plastic off my bed!

{Top to bottom, photos/credit by: David Tsay, Melanie Jenkins, Jim Tannock, Nuevo Estilo, and Duncan Innes.}


  1. the last bedroom looks totally your style! the mixing of patterns/colors with the highlighter-colored accessories seems very “oh joy” 🙂
    cannot wait to see what the finished product will be!!!

  2. OH my goodness-I was just talking to my husband about how I want to refresh my bedroom too! We have some fun things in our room, but it’s still got clutter and we are working on keeping it organized (laundry is everywhere…) The first picture and the last one are my favorites-good choices.

  3. Ah thank you for your honesty. We jumped from one child to three (twins) and our bedroom is usually a disaster. With one child I felt I could keep on top of things and our bedroom was our sanctuary. Now it is where we crash in the evenings and often times end up with all five of us in the bed. We just got new linen sheets so my goal is to start putting it back together. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  4. The original photo is one beautiful bedroom! I love the clean lines and the light colors. However; as I went through the post I started to fall for the colorful add-on’s like the patterned wallpaper or the bright comforters. I think this has inspired me to tackle my own bedroom in 2016!

  5. I have been so stuck thinking I could only have white sheets to feel fresh and clean but some of these inspirational shots are are really starting a fire in me. thank you! so exciting to love where you wake up and go to dream.

  6. since we move every 2-3 years, this is a perpetual problem at our place. if i don’t get to it nearly immediately (and i rarely do between everything that’s going on) temporary fixes have a way of becoming permanent installations around here. looking forward to seeing what you do next!


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