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love to love ya…

Floral Friendship Bracelet

Floral Friendship Bracelet

Hey friends, sorry for my light posts this week. My whole family has been knocked out by the flu and I've been home taking care of sick (and sad) kids and husband for much of the week. With Valentine's Day approaching, here are some last-minute ideas from Oh Joy posts past if you need a little inspiration or quickie treat or craft to make!

1. Floral Friendship Bracelets (see above)


2. Pop-Up Love Letter (see video here)

Funfetti Biscotti

3. Valentine's Funfetti Biscotti

Pie Crust Conversation Hearts

4. And, some Edible Valentines!

Wishing you a great weekend with your favorite loves! I'll be here hoping we're germ-free soon ;/



  1. I hope your kids are feeling better! Those biscottis are adorable and I want to go back to my 9th birthday party and serve them. Knowing that can never happen, I will probably just serve them this year – thanks for the posts!!

  2. Lovely cute ideas with a lot of love wrapped up in them! Another idea is gifting a typographical print of your beau’s favourite artist’s lyrics, or a song that means the world to both of you

  3. I love your list of the gift ideas for Bloggers! Would love the treadmill, and the Dragon Naturally Speaking program! Used to have a exercise ball until one of our boys put a nail through it!
    Love those Pg.’s…gorgeous!so other center visit the gifts


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