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Oh Joy for Target / Baby Boy Apparel

Oh Joy for Target / Baby Boy Apparel

One of the things I hear most from moms of boys is that there aren't as many cool options for dressing them as there are for girls. Being a mom of girls, I haven't had to through that challenge. But I know when I've been on the hunt for baby boy gifts in the past, it can be hard to find a lot outside of typical blue and khaki with standard stripes and plaids. Which is why when we designed the pieces for our Oh Joy for Target baby apparel collection, I wanted to make sure to offer more patterns, colors, and simply just fun mix-and-match items for boys, too! (Oh Joy isn't only for girls, anymore ;).


Here are a just a few of my favorites from playwear to sleepwear for the little guys in your life.

Oh Joy for Target / Baby Boy Apparel

Oh Joy for Target / Baby Boy Apparel

Look at those cuties! I can't even take it. I'm SO glad we got to add in some non-girl specific items in our newest collection for all those moms of boys (or those who want gender-neutral clothing) who have been asking for it over the last couple years! If there's anything else you're hoping for in future baby collections, please let me know that, too!

{Top photo: Ever via Cassidy, Bottom photos: Andy and Otto via Angie}


  1. Any chance you’ll start adding even more items for toddlers/pre-schoolers? I have twin 3.5 year old boys. And I LOVE your collection. We are Californians too so always loving the t-shirts and shorts.

  2. This is so true ! It was so hard to find something colorful for my boy ! And still is actually. Now that he is 3, I find it even more difficult not to find teenager clothes for him… I’m on the hunt for anything cool and not too pricey in Paris…

  3. So cute! Wish these were around a year ago for my baby boy. He’s 20 months and wears 3/Toddler size so these won’t work. Drats. But will definitely keep these in mind if there’s anyone I know that will be having a boy.
    P.S.: it’s “there,” not “their” in the use of your article 🙂

  4. typo! thank you – fixed now!
    and the pieces do run big (if he’s average or below average size) but sounds like he’s already beyond that if he’s in a 3T!

  5. We are having a boy in two weeks and I am having such a hard time finding baby boy clothes that aren’t too ‘old man-ish’ or ‘boys will be boys’. I love your line. It keeps baby boys young and nurtures that child-fun-innocence in them! Thank you for the beautiful colors and the whimsical patterns!!!

  6. So true. It’s all sports, dogs, or big vehicles. Oh, and the occasional dinosaur. It was awesome to finally be excited to buy pieces for my little dude! Only problem is I want to buy them all in every size! Hope the ohjoy! baby clothes line continues for years!
    And I would love an adult line as well. I want to coordinate with my stylish little guy!

  7. It is when they get to 8 years old the choice for boys gets really boring. There is a massive gap in the market for older boys. There are a couple of Scandinavian brands that go up to that age but it can be pricey. Plus I am so sick of kids clothes that are just adverts for films. As a 40 year old this did not exist when i was a child. We need Target in the UK.


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