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a few fun things… pencil case pencil case

Lately, it's been very on-trend for adults to discover their child-like spirit with items meant to inspire us to just let go of our grown-up thinking (just for a second). Here are a few things for finding your inner youth we're loving lately…

Pencil Case by (shown above)— Why did we stop using pencil cases after the age of 17? They are awesome and so useful (And, are useful for things other than pencils)!

Flowers coloring book

Flowers coloring book by Brittany Jepsen — Brittany is one of my favorite DIY bloggers and her coloring book is nothing short of beautiful. I love the sophisticated florals with a touch of whimsy that makes coloring feel both meditative and fun!

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Sticker subscriptions by Pipsticks — every month you get a cool, assorted pack of stickers…I mean, my 3-12 year old self is loving this. And, my current self, too.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}


  1. I am in love with coloring book & have always been. There is something about coloring that is so meditative. Thanks for sharing her book.

  2. i love all 3 of these- that pencil case is the story of my life hahah. adorable!!! also, my sticker addiction has only grown from childhood to adulthood.

  3. thanks for the post and coloring book recommendation. been really wanting one. which set of colored pencils do you recommend? 🙂 and stickers! oh my. I used to collect them as a kid, and didn’t use many of them. 😉


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