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a mobile for any room…

a mobile for any room

a mobile for any room

Mobiles are a whimsical piece of decor that I've always loved and wished were used in more rooms of a home besides just the nursery. So we came up with a version that's neutral and easy to make!

a mobile for any room

You'll need:

– white card stock

clear fishing line

gold hoop

cotton yarn

– tape

circle cutter and/or scissors

a mobile for any room

Here's how:

1. Cut out approximately 36 circles using a circle cutter (you can also do this by hand but a circle cutter is fast and easy!). We used a 2" circle cutter but you can go bigger or smaller depending on the look you want.

2. Cut 12 strands of fishing line two feet long in length. These are the pieces that will hang from the gold wire frame. Place 2-4 circles on each strand space out however you'd like, then use clear tape to attach each paper circle to the fishing line. You won't see the tape once the piece is completed. The key here is not to have the shapes in the same exact spot on each strand so that there is movement and whimsy to the piece.

3. Prep your base by taking a long strand of yarn across the diameter of the gold hoop, loop it around at each end, then bring it to a point and tie with a simple knot. Repeat on the other side of the hoop so that the yarn makes a cross in the center, then tie both ends together with a loop at top that you'll use to hang the mobile.

4. Now, take each strand of fishing line with shapes attached and tie the top of each strand to the gold hoop so they are spaced apart evenly (roughly 3 strands per quarter section). Once tied, trim to the knot so there is no excess and add a dab of glue for extra enforcement.

a mobile for any room

You could also do other shapes (like hearts) but the key here is repetition and if you keep it in white, it feels less nursery and more like a piece that could go anywhere!

{Photos by Mary Costa, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Julia Wester & Jess Hong.}


  1. It looks adorable! To make it even more fun, i would go ahead and pain the circles or shapes and maybe mix and match them too.

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