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behind the scenes / making an oh joy for target product…

Oh Joy for Target

Oh Joy for Target

When creating an Oh Joy for Target collection, it often takes a year or more to take a product from an idea to the final piece you see in stores. I love sharing how things happen behind the scenes, so today, I'm sharing a little into the process of designing and making the products! We filmed this video over the course of a year so you could see all the steps in real life as they happened. Enjoy!

{Video by Jenner Brown, top photo by Target}


  1. I might have just gone bankrupt buying all your #ohjoyfortarget stuff. It’s so freaking cute! Everyday I get a box from target. Received the adorable ottoman yesterday!! Thanks for this awesome behind the scenes video.

  2. I had so many things in my arms at Target, then I realized I came in there for bathroom rugs and tissue. I had to put it back, but I will be going back for those pillows and figures when I buy my new coffee table.

  3. We just love the baby line you created for target. It is so fun and whimsical! I also can’t wait to but the side tables and artwork. They will look great on our studio.
    Keep up the great work and let us know if you will be designing any new baby mochassin patterns.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed reading “behind the scenes” of how something gets made, so I loved what you showed in the video! It’s great to know you and your team put in so much hard work and planning to develop these beautiful products (nothing just magically appears). 😉 These videos/articles are great reminders that projects takes patience and dedication! Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. I find it so interesting to grasp a tiny bit of the joyful amount of work you have to put into making a collection come to life. I’m so bummed I live in Paris and we don’t have Target here. I know they ship worldwide but honestly the shipping costs are totally prohibitive for me. :-/

  6. I loved the behind the scenes, it’s so interesting–I’m also super glad the cute little mouse had a redo on its tail-haha

  7. haha! yes, that was a small sample of how some of our first round samples look and we have to refine to make sure it looks more like our original drawings! ;P

  8. Literally my dream to just shadow you through the whole process! I work for Target (in CA) and always get so giddy when I see your planograms come in and get to plan for your street dates (one of my favorite things!!). Keep those designs coming! Love it!!


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