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3 Ways to be a Wrap Star…

3 ways to be a wrap star

3 ways to be a wrap star

When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with going to the basement level of John Wanamaker’s to watch the professional-wrapping-paper-people wrap gifts. They made nice crisp edges, used double-sided tape so you couldn’t see visible tape, and they had an assortment of ribbons that I swooned over. “Wrap Artist” definitely topped my “Future Careers” list at that point, and ever since I always enjoy wrapping gifts in ways I hope will make the recipient smile. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wrap gifts as of lately…

First, some basics to have on hand for these three types of wrapping:

Patterned wrapping paper

Double-sided tape

X-acto knife and scissors

Regular tape


Cello wrap

White or brown craft paper

-Letter or number stencils

3 ways to be a wrap star

1. Confetti Clusters – Start by wrapping your package in plain craft paper as you normally would. Then, add small squares of double sided tape all over the box. Bunch up a cluster of confetti and press them onto the double sided tape (bunching helps to make it more 3D). Finally, shake off any excess confetti that didn’t stick to the tape.

3 ways to be a wrap star

2. Cut Outs – Fully wrap your gift in a patterned paper of your choice. Then, cut another sheet of solid color paper in the same size as the first and roughly wrap the package again to get the creasing of the box’s edge onto the paper so you know where to add your cut-outs, but do not tape this sheet to the box yet. Take the second sheet off, and on the area of the paper where the top face of the box would be, use a stencil to trace a word, letter, or go free hand and use x-acto knife to cut out a shape of choice. Once you’ve created your cut-out message or shape, wrap box with this newly cut sheet and tape to seal as usual.

3 ways to be a wrap star

3. Fun-Filled Double Wrap – Start by wrapping your box in plain white wrapping paper. Then, add a few strips of double sided tape on the box where you want some confetti and other decorative paper cut-outs to stay in place. Then wrap the box again in cello, taping the bottom of the box, but leaving both sides open. Carefully slide in more of the confetti and cut-outs under the cello wrap. The confetti will stay loose within the cello wrap. Finally, finish wrapping the rest of cello as usual, sealing all sides of the box.

And there you have it…a few ways to make your gift amuse and delight before they even open the package!

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester, crafting by Julia Wester & Jess Hong}


  1. Great ideas, I love the one with the cut out “YAY”. I´m a big fan of nice papers and new wrapping ideas so thanks for this post.


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