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what should we do for our 10 year anniversary?



In September, Bob and I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (and 20 years together in total)! We had been planning to have a big party with all the people in our lives we love. But then it felt like it would become a very big party and would…cost as much as a wedding.

Since we are saving up for a house, we are thinking maybe instead a short weekend getaway without the kids would be some nice time together. We have actually not both (at the same time) been away from the kids. So that could be a fun option although we would probably just look at photos of them the whole time. 😉

Or maybe a really fancy dinner? A hot air balloon ride or some other kind of "experience"? What have you guys done in the past to celebrate big anniversaries?


  1. we don’t have kids but have started a yearly anniversary tradition of going out for an extravagant dinner! Usually somewhere we’ve never been or have been wanting to go that has a tasting menu. It’s indulgent and we don’t feel as guilty about splurging since it’s all about both of us!

  2. our 10 year is coming up this year and we are taking the 15 month old to Greece. The kid flys free and Google flights is a great way to find inexpensive get aways. If you’re flexible and up for an adventure, there are lots of good deals to be found!

  3. You should definitely get away! We have a 3 year old and a 2 month old, and before the baby was born we went away for 2 nights without the older one. It was nice to eat at a relaxed pace, sleep in, go exploring, and even just sit in bed and watch movies and eat chips.
    Maybe Vegas for something short and sweet? You could stay at a nice hotel, hang out by the pool, watch shows, eat nice dinners, shop, or do nothing at all. Lots of options available.

  4. I’ve been on a hot air balloon ride with my husband and it was a blast. Go go to Temecula, do a hot air balloon and have a wine tasting 🙂

  5. Since it’s your first time away from the kids come to Napa Valley! (far, but not too far in case of emergency) You can go all the way and stay at Meadowood and dinner at French Laundry.

  6. Happy ten years! Going away for a weekend is what you should do! Celebrate your years together and enjoy uninterrupted time. It’s truly the best thing you can do for your marriage and your family.
    Santa Barbara or even a fun hotel in LA would be great!
    Have fun!

  7. Weekend away. For sure. Mexico isn’t far away… We did our first trip away for kids to Punta Mita. It was heavenly.

  8. Congrats on 10 years Joy! For our 10-year, Nick and I splurged on a family trip to Maui last year. Then we took one night off to go to a fancy dinner without the kids. It was nice bc we got to hang with the kids, without the kids, and also everyone enjoyed Maui! 🙂

  9. Congrats on 10 (and 20!) For our 10th my husband surprised me with a gift certificate for 11stories – I think she calls it the Love Story? (our book might still be on her site as an example?) Amazing amazing experience, we got to tell our story, reminisce about how we fell in love, and then we got this beautiful book to keep. It was surprisingly fun and romantic, although a trip sounds pretty nice too!

  10. My husband and I did a hot air balloon ride on Lake Tahoe. You ferry out in the middle of the lake and the balloon takes off and lands on the ferry! We stayed at Squaw Valley Inn and splurged on the chef’s tasting menu at the Plumpjack. Fall is a great time of year to visit!

  11. Weekend getaway definitely. For our 10th we went to Le Bernadin and stayed at the Standard Hotel. They next day we walked around the city and it was a perfect way to celebrate us!

  12. Getaway, for sure. That’s what we’re doing for our 10th (which was in May but we are going to Hawaii in October). Even if we end up talking about the kids the whole time – which often happens – it is still so great to be alone together!

  13. i live in napa and your response is what i was going to say! i would add that the solage resort in calistoga is wonderful and relaxing. that was our first getaway (one night away from 2 kids) for valentines – to the solage..and it felt amazing.

  14. come back and see the place you got married in, see all your hometown friends and all the people that comprised your wedding.. also, come eat some han dynasty with us! …,. just saying.. 😉

  15. Congrats!
    I say.. Have a big party but do it on the cheap! We did that for our 10th, still in residency so couldn’t break out the big bucks. But we did a bounce house for the kids, cotton candy, hot dog machine with fancy toppings and good booze. It was a blast!

  16. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and I highly recommend you both have time together. You don’t necessarily have to go faraway. A nice dinner and maybe some dancing. If you don’t like to dance, be adventurous and maybe take salsa dance lessons. Make it about both of you! Happy anniversary!

  17. my husband and I went to NYC for 2weeks …we live in Sydney, Australia so this was our first trip without our kids who were happy to spend time with their grandparents. What an awesome time we had! we still talk about it and cant wait to take our boys next time!

  18. Weekend away for sure! Napa, San Francisco, Palm Springs…Some place close enough that you feel cool leaving the kids, but leaving them! We are at our thirty-first in September. our youngest is out of college this December and we will truly be on our own. The solo trips while parenting have set a groundwork for the trips of the present.You have so much life ahead together and it takes lots of grooming to keep a lifetime partnership solid. It’s so worth it!

  19. Happy Anniversary! My significant other and I are planning an anniversary trip to Portland and Bend in Oregon. We’re going to do one night in Bend and two in Portland! We live in San Francisco and have heard such great things about Oregon!

  20. Hot air balloon in Temecula!! My husband just surprised me for my birthday with a sunrise adventure yesterday – it was amazing!!! we just drove down and back, but it’s a beautiful area to spend a weekend visiting wineries. – a quick view of the magic 🙂
    (we used Cali Dreamin’ and highly recommend – extremely experienced and highly focused on safety)

  21. Congratulations on your 10 years Anniversary! A weekend getaway without kids sounds great! Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Napa Valley are all great suggestions to choose from. But please do it! We just had our 10 year anniversary in June and did absolutely nothing coz of our work schedule, our kid’s school schedule etc. etc. …and are now regretting it! 🙁 Now we plan to do something next year!

  22. i recently went to scottsdale arizona for 2 days and really enjoyed it. I stayed at the firesky hotel and enjoyed every minute, it was not far from gorgeous hikes filled with catcus and saguaro.

  23. It’s our 10th this month, and we are going to Copenhagen for a long weekend in September. We’ve tried to take a couple nights away without kids for our anniversary most years, though is always a few weeks late since the end of August is a terrible time to get away! Friends are doing a ski weekend next winter for their 10th, but I don’t know the details yet re. what they’re hosting and whether kids are invited.

  24. for local places, check out or calamigos ranch has cute areas for lunch and hanging out. or they have malibu wine safaris. maybe drive up the coast. laguna beach is always nice for a getaway. we love carmel, bernardus lodge is amazing.

  25. I will go for anniversary getaway idea!
    Since you both are occupied with jobs and active kids, an anniversary trip sounds a really good idea. You guys deserve it!
    Happy anniversary for both of you! Keep rocking 😀


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