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how to add family photos to your home…



For years I've only shared family photos digitally and never took the time to print and frame them to actually enjoy with my own family. In a day and age when we rarely print photos anymore, it is a treasure to see your favorite faces on your wall daily. But it can be overwhelming to even know where to start—what photos would you frame and how would you arrange them into a gallery wall? Today, we've partnered with Framebridge to show you three different ways to add family photos and memories to your home…

how to add family photos to your home

1. Yearly Photo — If space is at a premium, a simple (and inexpensive) way to add family photos to your home is to simply add one each year as your family grows. If the only time a year you take a special family photo is around the holidays, then frame your year-end family photo and keep adding to the wall as you go.

how to add family photos to your home

To keep the gallery wall area consistent, choose the same mat and frame color so that it's easy to add to over time. I chose gold frames for this set to put in the family room, and it's so fun to see our family grow and change over the years. Framebridge has over 40 styles you can pick from and a ton of gold options. It's fun to be able to preview them online before making a decision.


In this example, even though there was a mix of vertical and horizontal photos, we kept them all the same width so they could be spaced apart evenly to create vertical rows in this small area of wall space. By putting this in an area that we see everyday, it's fun for the kids to see how they've changed over time, too!

how to add family photos to your home

2. Everyday Photos and Drawings — If you prefer capturing more casual moments, mix some of your favorite iPhone and Instagram photos with your kids' drawings. I love that you can send original artwork into Framebridge (using their prepaid packaging) to have matted and framed however you want. And then photos can simply be uploaded to the site to be framed.

how to add family photos to your home

Because this set of images (from our designer, Angie's, family) combines both photos and artwork, we chose to have them framed in white in the same square size (these are 11" square) and hung them in a very simple grid. That way the full set of photos cohesively works together even if the images inside are eclectic. For a few of the art prints, Framebridge applied a treatment called float mounting. Instead of layering a mat board over the piece they "float" your art above the mat to add sophistication and drama. Prices are based on the size, and range from $39-$159, which is much less expensive than traditional custom framing.

Since this version relies on a straight grid, start by measuring the full width of your focal area (in this case the credenza underneath the photos) and make sure you can fit four rows across and three rows down within that space. Once you have your general plan and placement mapped out, start by hanging the top row spaced apart evenly and then work your way down.

how to add family photos to your home

3. Special Occasion Photos — If you have a chance to take a family photo session with a professional photographer (which I highly recommend doing once a year if you can), don't limit the photos to your Instagram feed…display them to enjoy daily.

how to add family photos to your home

The dining room is one of my favorite places to hang family photos because it's where you sit down at the start or end of your day and everyone gets to chat about their day. Since there were so many frame styles to choose from, we wanted to create a more eclectic gallery wall for our Creative Producer, Julia, that mixes some of our favorite neutrals using white, gold, and silver frames.


This version allows for more flexibility and a less structured way of hanging the pieces. To hang a gallery wall with prints in various sizes and orientations, start by measuring the full width of your wall (in this case a dark navy wall). Start by drawing a vertical line down the center of your focal area and hang your middle prints vertically spaced evenly apart. Then work your way out and hang and add as you go. I like to make sure the placement of the different colored frames are spaced and evenly spread out within the whole set.

Finally, some overall tips for hanging any gallery wall from the gallery wall experts at Framebridge:

  • First and foremost—don’t stress! Gallery walls don’t have to be absolutely perfect, and they usually look better and more natural if they aren’t.

  • Start by holding your lowest piece of art against the wall to find the perfect spot. Estimate and mark the correct nail/hook placement for your piece, and then hammer the nail so the hook is where you want the wire to hit.

  • Repeat the hanging process with the frames to the left and right of the first, then with those above. Try to keep all frames 2 – 3 inches apart from one another so placement looks purposeful.

  • Wait until you’ve hung all the frames in your arrangement, take a step back, and then straighten and level everything. Use a few pieces of sticky tac on the back of the frames to guarantee they stay put.

  • Find another piece you’d like to incorporate? No problem! We recommend building your wall out and up from your original arrangement, keeping the same 2 – 3-inch spacing between each frame.

  • And if you'd like design help for a total custom wall, you check out Framebridge's gallery wall service!

I hope this will inspire you to hang up all those family photo you've been admiring on your phone!

P.S. Framebridge is offering Oh Joy readers 15% on your first Framebridge purchase with code: OHJOY15 valid through 12/31/2016.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Framebridge.

{Photos by Casey Brodleystyling by Julia Wester}


  1. if you take the glass out of the frames it makes it a hundred times easier to light and shoot 😉 (guessing you already knew this and were maybe just crunched for time for this one) BUT, love love love the square frames, looks amazing!! and, i’m happy to see the return of family pictures on peoples walls!!

  2. Thanks Kiki 😉
    Yes, we are aware of that tip…thank you. These pieces came framed and mounted (they are not ones that can be opened and resealed).

  3. The gifs are extremely annoying. I get one at the start to make the post appear fun but all the way thru is annoying and just using up data.

  4. What sizes are the landscape and portrait gold frames for the yearly photos? The proportions are fantastic!


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