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what to do with a triptych…

what to do with a triptych

what to do with a triptych

Triptychs are an often overlooked option for artwork because people don't have enough space for three large pieces or they feel like they're locked into only one way to display them. So today, we wanted to show you different ways to use a triptyph in your home and to demonstrate, we're using my friend, Gray Malin's Central Park triptych. Here are three ways to hang a piece like this…

1. The traditional way (shown above). This is how most people would hang a triptych. Place all three side-by-side with a bit of space between each as they are intended. However, what happens if you move or your space isn't big enough for three continuous pieces of art side-by-side like this? Well…

Shown above: Target rug, Gray Malin Central Park triptych, Virginia Johnson pillow, Arro Home pillow, Arro Home pillow, Anthropologie pillow, Pom Pom at Home throw blanket, Gray Malin park tray.

what to do with a triptych

2. Two pieces in a corner. This option is perfect for a smaller seating area or reading nook. Take advantage of a fun corner in your room and use two of the three pieces to draw interest without taking up too much wall space.

Shown here: Gray Malin Central Park triptych, Target geo burst, Marais shoes, Target giraffe figurine, Arro Home pillow.

what to do with a triptych

3. The solo piece. Then take the third piece and place in an entryway or other side wall that could use a little love.

Shown here: Boden coat, Blu Dot coat rack, Gray Malin Central Park triptych, Target bookshelf, Target geo burst, Target canister, Target elephant figurine, Schoolhouse Electric planter, Target rug.

And there you have it…some alternative ways to hang a triptych!

Gray Malin tray

Gray Malin tray

If you love Gray's work as much as I do, his new trays are like a piece of art on your table! I love how this one matches the prints above! ;)

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}


  1. Nice tips! We are considering buying the rug you’ve displayed in this post, but are wondering if it sheds a lot. What had your experience been with it? Thanks!

  2. Totally random, but hoping you’ll see this – what is the name of that plant you have in a pot on the floor? 3rd pic from the top. Really love how it blends!

  3. Hi! Was wondering where the couch is from? I pretty sure I looked everywhere throughout the post and couldn’t find it. (but then maybe I missed it).


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