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advent calendar ornaments…

advent calendar ornaments

advent calendar ornaments

advent calendar ornaments

I love the surprise and delight of advent calendars and unwrapping a new surprise every day leading up to Christmas. This year, we made advent calendar ornaments to double as decorative pieces for the tree as well as a series of surprises for the holiday. See how…

advent calendar ornaments

You'll need:

clear ornaments

– acrylic paint

number stickers

gold cord

advent calendar ornaments

Here's how:

1. Mix in a tiny bit of water to your acrylic paint.

2. Add one color to each side of the ornament.

3. Close ornament and shake to spread paint around. Open the ornament and let dry for 30 minutes.

4. Fill with goodies, stick on the gold number, and add string to hang on your tree!

advent calendar ornaments

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong. Top Image: Alexis Mattox Design x The House That Lars Built Seed wrapping paper; Middle Image: Print by Kristi Kohut; Bottom Image: Alexis Mattox Design x The House That Lars Built flower wrapping paper}


  1. I always want to know where you got that amazing color stripe print/painting in the background! Can you share a source, please?

  2. What a lovely idea!!! I am a little late for this year buried just ordered clear ornaments on Amazon to make it next year. Thank you for posting this project!!


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