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a pom-pom tree topper…

a pom pom tree topper

a pom pom tree topper

Christmas tree trimming season is in full swing, so this week, we're giving you a bunch of fun ways to decorate your tree for the holiday season! Today, we're starting with a fun twist on the tree topper…one full of fluffy and colorful pom-poms! See how…

a pom pom tree topper

You'll need:

– yarn

pom-pom maker

– scissors

a pom pom tree topper

Here's how:

1. Make pom-poms in various sizes. (To make a multi-colored pom-pom, color block and overlap the yarn on each side).

2. Tie the pom-poms to one long piece of string like you're assembling a necklace concentrating most of the poms at the ends leaving the middle emptier.

3. Repeat with another strand of string attaching poms to them at the ends. Having at least two strands will give you four sections that hang down when tied onto the tree. Add more strands if you want more poms.

4. To attach to the top of your tree, simply wrap the middle section (without poms) around the top branch. Wrap around a couple of times to secure and let the pom-poms trail down the top of the tree as you wish!

a pom pom tree topper

Props used: Target tree skirt, Target wrapping paper, Oh Joy! For Target bowl, CB2 bar cart, W&P shaker, Oh Joy! For Target shaker, Target reindeer figurines, Oh Joy! For Target vases, Target garland, Arro Home blanket, Target chair.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.}


  1. So you know it wasn’t spoonflower but tu can’t answer the other questions above asking you were you purchased- kind of ridiculous and obvious you don’t want to share

  2. Hi Jen!
    That post was created over 3 years ago, and we used wrapping paper we had in our office! Unfortunately, we don’t remember the brand. We share every single source when possible as you will see at the bottom of every post. We think it was purchased at Urbanic in Venice but the exact brand who makes it isn’t on the paper itself. In more recent posts, we have been linking to every single item when we have the brand name available.


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