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color adventures: oh joy decorates in pink and green!



As our final ode to pink and green in this month's Color Adventures, here's a living room styled in two of my favorite colors. Now, before you say, "Joy, this living room is crazy! I could never have that!", please hear me out. Color is fun, color makes (most) people happy. And living rooms are so easy to change around and accessorize every year or so when you want to freshen it up. So, let's indulge in this full-on pink and green living room, and let me tell you how to make it come together!

A Pink and Green Living Room!

1. Start with the couch. The couch is always the base for me in any room. You could go bold (like this pink couch) or keep your couch neutral and build color around it. Since we're going bold for this story, we're starting with this pink one from Joybird.

A Pink and Green Living Room!

2. Hang art. Next, add wall art that serves as the focal point above the couch. We chose pieces that have various shades of pink and green to work with the color story and tie in the couch.

A Pink and Green Living Room!

3. Add plants for texture. We added in plants in a couple of areas for a natural dose of texture (and green!) to the room.

A Pink and Green Living Room!

4. Add smaller furniture and accessories. A side chair or pouf adds extra seating and offers an opportunity to add more color or a neutral, if you need it.

A Pink and Green Living Room!

5. Finally, accessorize with pillows! Pillows can take something up an extra notch or tone it down based on the colors, patterns, and textures you choose. We upped the pink and green factor by bringing in pillows in a few shades of pink (a lighter pink, a bubblegum pink to tie back into the couch, and pops of bright magenta). Green came in with shades of turquoise, mint, and a medium kelly green. To introduce a shade of a color, we usually try to have at least two areas where you see that color repeat to tie it all together.

A Pink and Green Living Room!

What do you guys think? Would you do this color combo in your home?

Items shown: Joybird pink sofa, Urban Outfitters pillow, Target bookshelf, Target giraffe figurine, Lisa McLean abstract print, Target elephant figurine, Urban Outfitters gold planter, Target wooden box, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Calais Le Coq Motel print, Arro Home pink pillow, Arro Home round pillow (past season), Arro Home eye pillow, Virginia Johnson colorblock pillow, Anthropologie striped pillow (old), Jonna Saarinen tray, Oh Joy! for Target cloud pillow, Pom Pom at Home throw blanket, Target turquoise chair, Target rug, vintage coffee table, white pouf from Serena & Lily, and Modernica ceramic & wood planter.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}


  1. Hi!
    Yes, it’s true. Usually fun colors are custom and not something that gets made on a lower price mass scale.
    I’ve always had couches from anywhere from 4-10 years so they are def. investment pieces!

  2. I was super curious about that coffee table – hello mid century with storage! Is this piece still available to buy? or is it older? Thanks!

  3. Hi! I came here after seeing your pic on Joybird’s instagram. I just went to Joybird to find the pink fabric (not saying I’d buy, but a pink chair is a dream), and I don’t see it on the site. Am I missing something?What’s the story? I can also try asking Joybird, of course. Thought I’d start here. Thanks!

  4. Never mind. Joybird is explaining to people’s questions on instagram that it’s custom and you have to call them to get this fabric.

  5. Hi Kielly,
    It’s not on their website currently but its available for special order. If youre interested you can call them at 1-888-282-0842. They can make it happen.


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