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creative storage solutions…

5 Creative Storage Solutions

5 Creative Storage Solutions

We always love to share design ideas for your home here at Oh Joy. But I find that design tips don't always solve storage issues. So this year, one of my goals is to share more practical solutions for you and for your home (on top of our beautiful styling ideas)!

Storage is one of the biggest struggles for me as a person who collects a lot of stuff. Often I want to take advantage of buying things in bulk, but I don't have a big pantry area or a ton of storage areas at home. So, today, we've partnered with Boxed (one of our favorite ways to shop online) to come up with creative solutions to store bulk items at home so that you can make the most of the cost-savings of getting items in big quantities!

5 Creative Storage Solutions

1) Use a magazine holder to hold and dispense canned drinks. We all have our favorite drink that we like to buy by the case. Since they take up lots of valuable shelf space, try putting them in magazine holders on top of the fridge. It holds canned drinks perfectly and makes use of an often unused space in your kitchen. And, if you don't want to see the cans, you can hide them simply by turning the magazine holders around.

5 Creative Storage Solutions

5 Creative Storage Solutions

2) Separate pantry items into smaller containers. When buying pantry staples (like pasta, rice, coffee, or snacks) in bulk, separate snacks into baggies for individual servings and loose pantry items into canisters to keep them fresh and ready to access. By putting the snacks into individual baggies, they are ready to grab and go for little snackers or for packing lunch. Glass canisters keep coffee, pasta, and rice fresh and divided into smaller containers for easier access than one large container.

5 Creative Storage Solutions

3) Use cubes or bins near the toilet in every bathroom to hold extra toilet paper. Toilet paper is one of those things that everyone needs a lot of. We're all about dividing things up into where they belong so divvy up the case of TP into decorative bins that can be kept in each bathroom of the house and easy to access when a refill is needed.

5 Creative Storage Solutions

4) Use a hanging shoe holder to hold diapers and wipes. For an easily accessible and often overlooked storage opportunity, use a hanging shoe holder for things other than shoes. In this case, they hold extra diapers and wipes perfectly. And if you have a baby, those items are some of the most used in your house! 

5 Creative Storage Solutions

5) Keep a kit of cleaning supplies in every room that you use them.  Since cleaning supplies often come in twos or threes, you can store them in each room they'll be used. Group together a cleaning essentials kit like—cleaning wipes, scrubbing solution, glass cleaner, and paper towels in every bathroom or the kitchen (for example). If you put each set in a little caddy, it makes it easy to have your cleaning kit ready on cleaning days!

I hope that helps give you more ways to store items like this in your home! If you haven't heard of it, you can order bulk items online or on your phone through or the Boxed app. It's like the cost-savings of a bulk retail store but with the convenience of getting them delivered to your door - and no membership fees!

P.S. Boxed is offering a special discount for Oh Joy! readers.  Simply enter OHJOY through 2/11/17 to receive 20% off and free shipping!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Boxed. All words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong. Props shown: Kitchen: Jonna Saarinen board, Bankers Box magazine organizer, Contact paperArro Home pot holder, Ikea basket; Snacks: Leah Reena Goren tray, Jonna Saarinen tray, Oh Joy! for Target bowls, Oh Joy! for Target vase; Bathroom: Pehr Designs basket, Eric Trine toilet paper roll, Eric Trine towel rack, Oh Joy! for Target table, Eric Trine plant stand; Back of Door: Shoe organizerContact paper; Dining Table: Target rug, Sunbeam Vintage chairs, Perch magnetic wall planter.}


  1. This post is gorgeous – so quirky yet stylish at the same time!
    Will be using the cleaning supply list for sure, always forgetting something and having to walk up and down the stairs a million times!

  2. I love how you styled everything! And the magazine holder idea is really smart. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips and tricks!
    Fariha | Blog

  3. I love the soda cans in the magazine holders! I did the separate easy to grab snack thing in college and it made my life so much easier! If I was late for class I could still sneak in something that got me through the next few hours. It was an honest lifesaver.


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