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from this to that: placemat to purse!

We love taking one thing and transforming it into something you might not expect! Today, we're taking a simple rope placemat and turning it into a chic summer purse! Here's how…

You'll need:
– embroidery needle
– hot glue gun
from this to that: placemat to purse
Here's how:

1. Lay 2 placemats on top of each other.

2. Use embroidery needle to sew placemats together with monofilament, leaving enough space on one side for the top opening.

3. Cut rope to about 18”. Feed the rope through one of the placemats in two spots (about 4” apart) and tape the two ends together so that you now have a complete loop.

4. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the end of the (pink) parachute cord in the loop of rope.

5. Wrap the parachute cord around the rope until you reach the other end, and finish with another dab of hot glue. Repeat for the handle on the other side.

from this to that: placemat to purse

And you have a super chic, lightweight purse for the summer that's perfect for a few essentials! 

Items shown: Pehr Designs table runner, Ikea placemat, Hawkins New York plate, Julie Peach napkin,Target flatware, Eames hang it all, HatAttack hat (past season), vintage pins, vintage tropical scarf, vintage striped scarf, Studio DIY! taco clutch, Perverse sunglasses, Gaia purse, J.Crew jacket (similar).

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}



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