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how to stick with it…

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

Currently, I'm in the middle of trying to instill new habits and hobbies in my house—teaching my littlest to use the potty, showing my oldest that sticking to a new hobby (like tennis) takes patience, and I'm really trying to get better at making more recipes at home. It can be so easy to just let any new teaching moment pass by, but consistency is key. So, along with my friends at BAND-AID Brand, I wanted to share a few tips I've learned that might help you to stick with it through challenges big and small…

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

Potty Training. Oh boy. My first kid was so easy to potty train and did great being trained early. This one is a little different and has been very anti-potty. But we are slowly making progress. When she uses the potty, we make a HUGE deal of it, cheer and clap and tell her how proud we are. She gets one jelly bean as a reward and then a sticker on her progress chart. For us, the consistency of taking her often and showing her how she has progressed has helped to show her that she's on her way to diaper-free big kid land.

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

Tennis Lessons. When I was little, I took piano lessons and never loved it. I didn't enjoy taking lessons, and five years later, I quit. But, of course, now I regret that I don't know how to play the piano. My 5-year-old started taking tennis lessons last year when she was four. She picked up on it and enjoyed it more than I expected. She takes lessons just once a week for 30 minutes which is a good short lesson for a child of this age. But sometimes she gets frustrated with new strokes or coordination that she isn't as strong at. In a moment of her frustration, it could be so easy to say, "Hey, we can just stop taking lessons!" But grit—sticking to things—is something that everyone needs to learn. I want my kids to learn how to stick to something even when it's not easy.

So every week after her lesson, we review how she did and what she's getting better at and what she can still improve upon. When she makes progress on a certain stroke or something new she's been learning, I'll surprise her with a egg filled with some small toys. While she's not getting a prize every time, the idea is that when she makes big progress or landmarks in her lessons, she gets a little something to celebrate.

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

Cooking More. Time is always so precious and in my busy, working mom life, I have accepted the fact that I cannot make homemade meals from scratch very often. However, I love making food when I can, and I love including my kids in the process of making something so that they have a better understanding of how things get made from start to finish. Since I am a very visual person, to encourage and remind myself about this goal, I'll tape up photos of recipes I want to make in my kitchen. It's like my Pinterest board come to life right in front of me so I can't forget about it!

How to Stick With It / Oh Joy

So for me, sticking with it is about ways that you can encourage practice and repetition. For the kids, small and consistent rewards, and for me, visuals act as reminders and encouragement. And, as always, I keep my Oh Joy! First Aid Kit on hand filled with essentials ready to #SaveTheDay so I can continue to #StickWithIt in any situation.

{Photos by Lily GlassProp styling by Julia Wester, Assistant styling by Jess Hong}


  1. I definitely agree that sticking to something that’s hard to do is very difficult, but we can’t improve without facing the difficulties sometimes. Great post! 🙂

  2. What an inspiring post for my current situation! My current stick with it is exclusive breastpumping! I’m setting small goals for myself with my lil babe being three weeks old. My goal is to make it to the next month and then hopefully the next month after that. It’s tough for sure but it’s the only way I will be able to get breastmilk for her and that’s what keeps me going. 🙂

  3. I love that Ruby plays tennis! I started playing when I was in first grade, and I’ve been playing on and off ever since (I’m 28 now). It’s a fun sport that has a big muscle memory component (or so I’ve found), plus my Poppy played until he was in his late 80s. It was something we loved together. I also teach tennis to kids now, which I love. I’m not sure if Ruby plays in a group class, but I’ve found that does make a difference. The kids like playing games in addition to drilling with other kids, plus it takes the pressure off of being the only one in a private lesson. I took private lessons before my senior year of high school, and they were never my favorite. I missed the games we could play in a class, and I missed having other people with me. I still participate in group drills as an adult once a week! It’s my favorite thing about Monday nights. 🙂 The other thing that has always allowed me to stay inspired as a player is to watch the pros on TV or in person. I’ve always been visual, so it’s always been helpful to see what improvement, proper placement, and excellent strikes look like in person. And, how can you not be inspired when you see Serena or Venus play? Go Ruby, GO! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 There are a lot of habits that I’m trying to bring into my life as well as having plans of things I wan to bring into my life when my new routine is all settled down. You’re right, consistency is key. The only way to stick at something it to regularly do it and intertwine it with your routine until it just becomes normal.
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Chloe @

  5. Hi Carly!
    Thanks so much for that – so great to know! Ruby used to do a group class but sometimes it would be so many kids that within the span of 30 mins, she would only get to hit the ball for 5 mins.
    But you’re right in that it’s much more fun with a group! And I’m trying to get her to see more tennis in real life too. But since she’s so little, I’m trying not to make it too intense for her 😉

  6. Love this. I wish I stuck with several things myself. Like learning a foreign language and playing the guitar. I always say I’d try again but it never happens. Good for Yall!


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